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  1. Gambit

    Where are the Dev's??

    This.... feels.... so.. strange. I'd like to thank everyone too! So sad there isn't a game more like this out there.
  2. Gambit

    Changelog v1.348-1.351

    Sweet thx.
  3. Gambit

    Changelog v1.348-1.351

    It is funny but having our ability to have fair, enjoyable gameplay in pubs ruined to some degree for long lengths of time is discouraging(yes I know this patch just came out). I know the game exists at all because of devs hard work. So... dido on the few IH test games, to at least catch the big stuff(like virgil ridic move speed) before pub players get thrown to the wolves.
  4. Gambit

    Changelog v1.348-1.351

    Mid did seem to have good feel and play to it. Things felt to be good size, shape, and brush positions. There was gank opportunity, but not too much.
  5. Gambit

    Changelog v1.348-1.351

    did he get over nurfed? before that last patch I wasn't having a ton of trouble with him. But in pubs you don't know as well.
  6. Gambit

    Changelog v1.348-1.351

    I don't want to discourage our devs... but the game was getting so good.... would it have been better to work one issue at a time, top priority down? Were making big changes to heros that were well understood and fairly balanced, before fixing problems like tass? Now new op/up problems and glitches are created.(I think so anyways havent played much yet). Our devs are few, far between, and don't have all the time in the world. Are we too careless about what "can of worms" we open and when?
  7. Gambit

    Changelog v1.347

    Such cool work guys! Do the rocks ever come back once destroyed? Interesting game play could develop over time. Maybe make a few stops wearing down the rocks, then surprise! Finish them off and take it.(does the rock hp come back like creep health out of engagement?) Wear them down too much at wrong time and other team could notice and grab boss.
  8. Gambit


    Hey Adam, i have another idea for a potentially efficient way to nurf tass. Consider entirely removing the move speed from his E. If everything else stays the same, he would still have huge farming/pushing strength, awesome team support(saving a dying ally by swapping his clone?), dps to keep up with other carries. If it's balanced, it's cool you can't tell which is the clone till he buys a ts. However, the player would have to put MUCH more care into his decisions. I mean, sheeeesh. 50% move speed. In the time it takes to set up a propper gank, tass has killed practically 2 towers. People complain(including me) about the tankiness and not drawing tower aggro of the clone. Wouldn't those problems be solved too, if the move speed was nurfed? Would turn clone not drawing tower aggro into a cool strength. Like it was done on purpose, but can't run you down so well as now so=balanced. Someone suggested "just don't stand by enemy creep" to avoid being insta killed with out warning when he ults on you. That suggestion, may actually make sense, if Tass doesn't have 50% move speed on tap.
  9. Gambit


    -----i accidentally closed my browers and thought I lost what I was typing-------------
  10. Gambit

    Viking flight mode

    ? haha.
  11. Gambit

    Viking flight mode

    I feel bad about bringing this up again... Last time I played was a few days ago, intel vorp with atom/saber/cerebro.(2k hp). There was an intel starscream on other team with a lockbox(ya know. Ult.(his auto drones is his ult right?) lockbox himself, while his drones kill you). At one point I was full HP, just to the west of my(zerg) base. Starscream appeared on my west side in the neutral creep area. I knew with his lockbox and drones I would not stand a chance with out allies, so I ran East to the West wall of my base, surged through the wall, and ran for the nearest tower. Starscream was able to make it to the wall, fly over the wall, chase me into my own base while his drones killed me, fly back to the west wall, fly over the wall, and out of my base. The time he can spend over impassable terrain still feels like a "glitch" to me. It feels wrong when he hovers out of sight, and dificult to target, over mountains for more than a few seconds. It would feel so much better, if flight mode lasted long enough to cross a chunk of impassable terrain. Or to start to fly over, change your mind, and fly back. That would still offer HUGE strategic options, offensive and defensive. The flying over to one side, engaging, and flying back over again just feels wrong on a hero that does so well with his strengths other than that mobility(seems like he's a strong hero, right?). I can play starscream some if devs care if my noobishness does such and trys to make a specific suggestion to "fix" the "problem". But peeerty pleaaase consider this one of the top ten things that pushes some players away from playing.(it's not a super common issue. But I feel a big one, when it comes up.) It's not even always a "op" issue. Feels like it belongs in a different top-down game. I can BARLEY find a game I have so much fun with. If at all. So. That's why I keep bugging lol. Thx Adam Whale Jessika SCV and all others past and present working on the game for free. Played a few games with Whale the other day randomly in pubs. I didn't play great. Oh well. LOL. I get depressed(not clinical)a bit sometimes and play extra bad. I got to stop trying to make kerrigan good in pubs right now sheesh give up Gambit. The other dps are holding all the cards. Just stop. Stuns, mobilty, burst damage. ahhah Thx for reading
  12. Gambit

    Dat Boros

    Sorry. DPS, pull, debuff imune, spell damage immune, all damage immune. That combination of abilities.(at least with omni, salsa better. It's plenty strong with out immunity during it.) Also, when we were all maxing out(early feed no longer the issue), it still seemed way to strong. I realize boros has some really cool jobs he can fill, I have a feeling he just needs small nurf and/or change
  13. Gambit

    Dat Boros

    intel boro just got half the kills on his team (50) (and ten deaths) and made the game take 1:22 minutes, game time. The dps heros and his enemy creeps he can fight all at once was really amazing. If we targeted him, he would spell omni and team would kill us as we try to scatter. If we target his team, well you can guess. We would get him down to low hp, his deubuff imunity from spell storm would stop our anti healing items, and his hp would flood back. The worst of it is, you can't just go play against him(I was karigan). His cd's were so fast, and with full item build I can't ward. If I push, he just waits on high ground till I'm close enough, and I'm HELPLESS. We almost won a bunch of times, we got there center tower disarmed long before they won, but "that boros" just wouldn't die with out taking half team with him. There team had an egon too, was pretty cool. REALLY strong. So...bottom line... As I've said before boros just holds too many cards. THE WORST was not being able to gank him safely, with our creeps, 3 v 1, because his assuras guise was sooo strong with debuff imunity from spell storm.(at least his hp would go through the roof, maybe the anti healing was working but the aoe on spell storm in the creeps was still massive?) To be fair, he was very good with his bola from the beginning. And we did have a boro too, obviously not as good as the one on other team. We also didn't have a tank... that's probably half the problem. But they didn't really have a good tank either. Just a queen that was not tanking very well, lol.
  14. Gambit

    Changelog 1.341-1.344

    I'm a noob who likes being able to run somewhere safe, and even I tend to agree with Destroyer. As much as I hate to disagree with Jessika. If Tower dps goes up, might that push us back toward games taking way too long? However, I am eternally grateful, that tower damage stacks somehow now, as I was REALLY getting tired of tanks being able to ignore a tower for soooooo long. I'm guessing the experience idea is a good one. Us noobs may not be overwhelmed by paying attention to range creep denying at least.
  15. Gambit

    How to play Vorpal?

    Seems you can counter a shadow with this build and no dst or kuras or cauterizer. You just have to make sure you see him coming. Yesterday a good shadow(one who wore everyones stats down but mine) was diving on me with shinobi and a tazer was so scary got me a couple times.