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    What Do You Think This Should Do?

    What about getting additional item slot?
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    What Do You Think This Should Do?

    -30% timescale everything around enemies, allies, towers, neutrals etc also question - does timescale affect gold gaining per minute? natural one and one from items
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    Russian Calculation

    I will just write you a calculations and you will understand why Int starscream - newmeta (Russia is not responsible for the game bugs like toxi's slows for the work that you slept as a result of what you have read this article and slept on these boring numbers) int the end of game we have start + lvlbonus + ihanstacks + argus + gravity + lockbox + rune + curas + yamato + intboutle + 3statbonus intellegence 29 + 6*17 + 5*10 + 100 + 65 + 65 + 56 + 75 + 51 + 18 + 18 = 629 our ult lvl 3 do 50 +30% int dmg *3 (3 drones) spell dmg per sec 10 sec it means in 10 sec we do (50+629*0.3)*3*10=7161 dmg from ult + 20% from yamato + 17.5% from argus =7161*1.2*1.175=10097 dmg in 8 !!!! seconds casue of timescale if out enemies have like 60% spell resist (bit tanky) then we reduce it to about 55 (sry for about ,i didnt see a formule) so it means we will deal 10097*0,7*(1-0,55)+10097*0,3 = 6139 damage in 8 sec and ofc have 8% bonus spd from talent = 6630 damage in 8 sec = 829 dps but we have rune so will think that our target have like 3.5k hp then our rune will deal dmg whitch we can calculate on full we have startHP + startSTRHP + lvlHP + ihanHP + strBoutle + yamato str + 110 talent hp + stat bonus 603 + (36 + 5*17 + 15 + 25 + 18 + 12)*8 + 110 + 60*5 = 2541 (really we have 2661 idk where i mis 120) so first 3500-2500 = 1k dmg we will deal with double rune dmg rune will work twice with 8% whitch is about 280 so then + 140 every second (dont forget yamato + agrus + talent bonus = 52%) it means we have (829 + 280)*2 + (829+140)*2 = 829*4 + 140*6*(0.3+1-0.55)*1.52=4273 so from ult we can kill 2 heroes who have 60% spell resist and 4000 hp (ofc if will use it right) and lockbox will help us to do it but look ult cd is 50sec , we have 12%(talent) + 15%(yamato) + 10%(int boutle)=37% cdreuction ult need 50*(1-0,37) = 31.5 sec to cd but dont forget that yamato worsk when we ult whitch is 8*1.2=9.6 sec 31.5-9.6=21.9 sec cd after ult ends finally lets check it on drake witch have 73% spell resist and 5556 hp curas will reduce his spell resistup to 69% (muahhaha) then our ult deals (50+629*0.3)*3*10*1.08*1.175*1.2=10904 dmg 10904*(0.3 +1-0.69)=6651 dmg + (140+280)/2*0.52*8*(0.3+1-0,69)=1556 (runes moderate dmg) (140+280)/2 cause rune wil work half of the time so ult will deal 6641+1556=8197 dmg to drake but there are more number casue drake have regen (about 65) + nano whitch heals him for 300+(5556*0.15)/2 (curas) = 1133/2=556hp ofc dont forget ult wch is 7% maxhp*5 sec = 5556*0.35*0.5=972 it means drake have summarise 7094 hp we have 8197 dmg rly enougth to kill full drake loook you lose 50 mana and just kill tank with 5556 hp 73% spell resist,organic and nano ofc you need bit practice to understand how too manage ult but TWO BUTTON DRAKE KILL 7094/(1-0.73)= 26274 26274/8 = 3284 DPS that much spell dmg needed to kill dat drake and ult do it from one skill 26274 cyprys cry and i dont wanna tell you how will you famr theeese items cause i do it so you can too GL new meta PS I have 3 at English PPS Dont forget that playing Int everything is coool PPPS And ofc most important: Playing Support increases your IQ (\/)___(0_0)___(\/)
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    how to fix tetra

    ths one not exist anymore cant join
  5. AceSpade

    Russian Calculation

    actually its not because taiser have some real cast time while ss flies to fast to be caught with it
  6. AceSpade

    Changelog v2.28-2.29

    Omg no more dps vorpal, now its int worpal time (to me only)
  7. AceSpade

    AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    Oh , ok, I misunderstood how it is supposed to work. There s written "True Cloac" so I thought that it should be invisible even to scan its fine then what about it is too op - ye it is but nobody buys that actually idk why but there are few ppl buying support items when most of them are very powerfull I guess photo shouldn't be nerfed cause it gives just armor and resist that are really not needed to support so this item kinda balanced buy giving pretty weak stats (idea that almost ALL support items have resists makes armor and resist less costeffective to supports but that's fine)
  8. AceSpade

    AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    Nice item changes Interesting stuf - u nerfed Bio's zombies AOE resist Idea is that Bio was able to jungling but struggled cause there is an AOE in every camp so u used to microcontrol to let em dodge aoes and do damage now they die even harder Think about removing AOE dmg for some camps - that would really help bio, ling, unix junglers and wouldn't cange anything to others Also about photodeviator Have u checked if it gives true invis? cause looks like its not Or I just have to ask about mechanic - if for example I am Lurker or Toxi with ult on use photo on myself and dive in enemies should I stay invisible? Cause when I did that enemies saw me. But explanation says that they shouldn't cause Cloac fells only on AA (or smth like that)
  9. AceSpade

    AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    Mother, I was going to tell about it long time ago but forgot - photodeviator doesn't give cloac (I am not sure, but looks like no even simple cloac) check it out pls, cause I have some cool combos with this item, but need true cloac to work
  10. AceSpade

    Changelog v2.19-2.24

    it was half jk
  11. AceSpade

    Changelog v2.19-2.24

    Next patch going to be like 3.0?) and nerf tuchys (or play better)
  12. AceSpade

    Karax Slow

    ofc, lol support items are supposed to be bought there always should be 1-2 supports in team so tank and supports summary should get minimut like 3-4 items for team when I played with godlike tank/support + support pair (usually brine + egon) we got like 6-8 support items together 2 person can get ALL needed impact, cassia, eternal, silver soul, spell buffer, chilling, taiser/frozen, korhal, photodev all these are very usefull its funny seeing ppl don't know what to do with enemy lifesteal and don't buy rune or then play vs 5 mages and nobody buy sb pff nbdy even bying resist lol karax root not that dangerous ez debuff it if have at least one normal teammate
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    (Just for ppl who doesn't know - my in game nick is Fe11) Seeing a lot of troll in my face cause I am doing stupid stuff and main source of that shap is Govno so all the time he tells me some bad stuff on Russian and I don't give a flob to that but today I finally was kicked out of lobby like 15 times and missed good one so I have some questions too ppl to understand what am I doing wrong and am i 1. When I go to farm jungles what does team expect from me? I expecting that team understands that having jungler in team supposes less exchanges with kills cause when even u exchange 1 kill to 1 death its bad cause enemy and u growth while jungler falls behind (don't forget that mainly junglers are carrys so they should be above) also whats funny I guess nobody now can properly stay solo hard lane watch ppl cant even farm 30% creeps sometimes how they supposed to stay 1 v 2 without deaths so I don't understand what the flob ppl want from me jungler when they suck dick non stop 2. usually I am not that toxic and if I am telling something bad about player then it is usually constructive and includes some recommendations even if he didn't even ask am I getting that right that if I bore somebody they may just tell about it to me or just silence like all the normal ppl do (or do they?) 3. and the last question for ppl who play for win why u play so bad? I am noob and I have reason here I don't play for win I play for funny situations that happens in game if I wanna win - I will prepare, I will allways play thoughfull - don't miss any creeps (don't count last days plays at Phys Vorpal build - I wanted to farm as much as possible with my delay - It was achallenge - again not for win) and after answering that questions pls tell me am I that flobing boii? am I that stupid for being not interested in winning a game or farming at jungles or trying interesting (to me) builds and mechanics? and what would you suggest me to do with Govno (whos nick literally tells that he is shap in Russian) to be able to play again?
  14. What server you guys gonna play?
  15. AceSpade

    Russian Calculation

    12 0 ih)
  16. AceSpade

    Changelog v2.13-2.17

    Is that now more like Warwick's R?
  17. AceSpade

    AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    Dam I missed em (
  18. AceSpade

    An Open Letter to the Premades

    Idk, In my opinion there is simple idea: wanna win? - make your premade wanna cool game? - make ih wanna hf? - do whatever u want lul
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    AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    Good update coming
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    Where are the Dev's??

    What's the point of eeping game that I played on friend's tier 1 pc that give over 100 fps in every game on max and have 18 fps on lowest grapth at minute 50 (at minute 1 fps was 150+)
  21. U know, balance is complt sht. There are heroes that needs 2 iq to be usefull, There are heroes that are impossible to play AT ALL There are heroes that are fckng stupidly op and have all: mobility,dmg,sustain,fat,escapes and etc There are heroes that are forgotten and just dead and nbd play them. There are 3 things that fcked all balance (if there were one) 1. Global map rules changes. 2. Just items and abilitys changes (also big Mana rework) 3. Jungles jbflfgschech (will see what a flob happened in exapmles of narud, curadel, lurker, penthos) At 1st there were global changes but Some Devs forgot that these changes kills some heroes. 1. Map became bigger and to keep tempo of game all heroes became faster on 5-10% . . . but skills didn't. So NARUD dies and whut? eveone just runes away faster cause speed buff, and this is not only cause of narud Everyone runes faster so dive heroes like damn penthos became even better so there is no clue that Penthos - who is stupud hero that have everything and snowball as flob vs noobs is even shapter 2. There are less creeps on wave Srsly? all aoe became worser and don't forget that al aoe cost much more now so this is just impossible to farm at lane as aoe caster Also CURADEL .... why the flob his passive not changed? less creeps == harder to stack 120 creeps? wtf? are u braindead? do u even play a game? cura now is in top 3-5 worst heroes at lane 3. JUngles still piece of sheat there are 2 types of heroes: 1 cant jungle 2 can jungle there is also 3d type - can jungle if u are damn god of jungling (for expamle it is possible to jungle as yig but ... don't even ask how this shap possible) so heroes who cant jungle must be able to do smth in lane but u know, cura is in top 3-5 of shap so I may say it one of shaptiest hero in game nvm he is supper duper imba in late - nvm, later I l tell why Cura finally died so there no cura players at all) so what about ones who can jugnle ? they can do it so flobing ez and fast so they may just jungle every minute cause there are so flobing many resoucres so they just can farm 2-3 full items up to minute 30 and go rekt everybody penthos and khyrak just can abuse it (but for hwat? they are just imba vs noobs) u know penthos just to strong and op vs noobs and khyrak just stong and op vs noobs cause half ppl still don't know how to stop bleeding nice yea? Here we came to part 2 - items and abilitys changes Mana changes are so flobing stupid And most stupid they are on dear Curadel Q lvl one deals almost 2x time less dmg than cost mana? Are u damn kidding? That's just super stupid Why ROG's ult costs 300 damn mana whne u must use it 6 times on creeps = 1800 mana when he has just 500-600? Why the flob u rework RESOURCES like mana on damnt dusting so he is fine when Cura dead and why not touch pentos that is just stupid? Why u make mana important and keep Seed and immo and egon E's in game? ... braindead things Items... Gravity just gives insane speed - 12% why the hell it is so high? for hwat? Ofc it is good when casters can run away from divers like Pnethos but for flob sake did u forget that Penthos an get it too? So now again gravity just makes AOE heroes and Heroes who's skills that are flying during time like Cura W or narud W or Hunters R (that u flobing nerfed surprisingly after me playing Int huntres my thanks ), grunty rocket are shap ... that's stupid HEre we came to megapoint of disbalance in game JUNGLES uh so many time spent to discussing dat iwht you so I am bored I learned how to jungle and I can jungle on all heroes I wanna jungle so I don't give a flob to other players that cant jungle and just die in jungles, for me nvm idiots that cant stay sololane and die regularry cause they think that I should stay with em and calling having no me in lane in game where there are ton of passive income minerals items a reason they suck nvm ppl who don't help me to start jungling at lvl 1 by just dealing a little bit dmg to jugnles and run away not to steal exp or ppl who steals my crystals cause "they are important and I don't need cause I I am noob" when really they give me unreal impact in farming nvm for me ppl that don't have vision or don't control enemy moves and animals at water cause "wards are for idiots" or "cost so much" when in this reality ward cost as 3 crepps that they don't get cuase "ye me don't farm, that is not important, kills important" so I just will not tell you any problems of jungles that I know about 10-12 on these 4 examples we got there Penthos that good everywhere and have everything Narud that was nerfed to death and have no dmg now cause no ^1.2 scale Cura that is super op in lategame bug there is no lategame in games with Cura Lurker that can just afk fam in jungles u to minute 30 but only if you know all 3 bugs of his autoattack and can abuse them to farm cause you are Smart (barely 5% of players) and all these combines with damn lags, damn mainers of penthos,dustin,leo,summers that unstoppable now without conterpick and etc nice job your skills in balancing game are pathetic I am not exaggerate, iths just true cause game don't become better..
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    Fc dat sht dat important and i know da wae

    I adapted - I almost not playng the game And even when do - I do it for fun only cause that's only way to play .... Did you even read? I told that problem of jungles is too many reacource income you can be stable farmed without any risks and just come and rekt midgame that's stupid ye of not bad Q deals twice less dmg than energy cost nice claps oh lol, me fine, my lasthit is good enough having in mind my 300+ regular ping but tell me what the flob will you do on curadel vs smb same skill as you but in normal hero ah? no words if you stay lane vs some op laners or even conterpicks or even with jungler who gangs or roamer what will you do? ah? with upped ms for all heroes and didn't upped you stupidly slow W and no dmg/mana ? wil less creeps at wave that makes stcking impossible? did you even played kura for 5-10 games at least be4 telling that kura is fine (count games in last 2-4 mounths only)
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    Fc dat sht dat important and i know da wae

    Tank leo is interesting and funny build that abuse lags in game What about me playing lurker - lol me nobb wtf you want from me? When I play I do supred stupid shap and u tell me that you rembember game where I suck? srsly? lol I am talking about the balance in game I mean about having no one in game if u wanna tell me that I am idiot thx sherlock I don't even understand for what that argument was lol sounds like "me not right nvm what I tell cause I was 3 15 lurker" the fact is that lurker damn broken is real there are at least 3 bugs with his aa so whatever devs even didn't noticed it until smb tell em that's what the problem but not me having 3 15 lurker with warpshard
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    Old Faces

    Actually there are enough players so 3-4 games runes same time is common thing problem is with not organizing and gamebalance so for example if there would be any his theee defunetly would be autos or fbans need more regularer changes and statistics
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    Fc dat sht dat important and i know da wae

    Its not rage, its trolling, I play other games since this one sucks