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  1. Changelog v2.5-2.7

    no, mask used to give bonus spell dmg and Most important - REDUCE SPELL RESIST it means 1 mask gave all team some magic penetration why do you think now casters cant do really anything to tanks - cause rune is only one option (don't count casters like stukov w/ dmg scaling enemy hp)
  2. Changelog v2.5-2.7

    Ofc it should one shot it is very very hard to use skillshot that is ez to dodge on late stady of game, narud is supposed to rekt with poser scales, also less magic penetration in game so it is even harder (without old mask)
  3. Changelog v2.5-2.7

    Why the hell you changed naruuud!!!!! now on 300+ int it is like 30-50% less dmg(
  4. URGENT! Advice needed regarding computer for AOS!

    that's what I am talking about : I can play ultra sc2 with stable fps but when I play aos at middle settings - I drop sometimes to low fps for 1-2 sec for no reason it is strange that happens on both servers so it isn't internet connection
  5. URGENT! Advice needed regarding computer for AOS!

    All that I can say to you - I bought my laptop less than 1 year ago for $2000 , I got core I-7-6820, Geforce 980 16GB GDDR5 and I still drop to 10 fps sometimes on mid graph lul SC2 is ez playable at ultra so I guess we will never have 60 fps without drops at AEON))
  6. My Final Suggestion

    yes I spent 3-4 hours learning how to clear as fast as possible and as ez as possible and I found some features nvm, don't do like me jungles will be changed soon, there will be new items but all I want to say - jungling is possible now but very hard
  7. As I know there will be new rank system later (I know they worked on it) but now it is t=exactly the same one
  8. My Final Suggestion

    It is supposed to have lot knowledge about jungles, knw all numbers and timings I them)
  9. My Final Suggestion

    ah and flob you for telling this cause its what you do lol I don't mind playing in shap I just, I just wanna know why you don't mind of me play in shap I am crazy man with psychological illness I can do and tell whatever I want funny there is that you cannot tell me if I am right or wrong about your game cause you don't know you game nvm, I shut up
  10. My Final Suggestion

    its not smurf - it is my friends acc cause I am not home and I don't remember password, I will come home in a week and will use my Fe11 acc
  11. My Final Suggestion

    What about lag - I have not bad pc that gives me stable 55-60 fps in overwatch at high , in AOS on low graph at minute 40 I usually have no more than 35 and sometimes there are drops to 1 Also when you tell that reading changes and playing after changes is too different I can only laugh cause you changed things in game that were fine and things that you don't know ok you play queen ere summers - you change them ok you changed some heroes that were to strong for what you change starfury, dehaka, huntres, balrog? you even never play them when I asked you for the reason for changing scales or rog ult you told like "int doesn't fit to him" srsly? why alarak has int scale on Q then? why huntres has 50% int scale on Q 50% int scale on W and 100% int scale on ult? vergil, artanis are agi why you use different logic in 1 game? I don't understand that When I had problems with balance in my game - I just left everything and played it one week. 6-7 hours per day. I did it cause I considered that project needs changes. A after I finished - I knew what was wrong and I fixed it. I am not asking you to play every day for hours, no. I am just asking you to play. As much as possible. Never try to change something cause of "idea" or "suggestion". Change it after you played it much enough to understand what is wrong.
  12. AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    There is bug Veil doesn't give money back when autoconsume
  13. Complex effects = interesting gameplay

    I don't know why don't you understand so I will use simple sentences to explain because there is probability that our misunderstanding is result of my knowledge in Eng language This topic is created to discuss how the skills of the player associated with his performance on different heroes my point is that depending on the character of the differences between a strong player , an average player and a weak player can be huge, but can be negligible and I am trying to give examples (list) to prove it and I am ready discuss it but nothing else I don't wanna to discuss someone's preference in heroes or to condemn the game or how other players play Theme of topic is not relative It means that it is possible to come to a fairly reasonable conclusion it is only my goal ofc I could just try to get some statistics and use it to prove everything but this is not interesting (and will not work cause there are no lot enough games) only this in you messages is satisfying this thread and I bet with this statement You are right there are at least 3 things that differ good player and bad player: 1.Positioning (Macro) 2.W (Micro) 3. R in good times (Micro) 4.Micro plays with AA and Q using Macro is always the same to some heroes so in Model that we will use Average player and Good player both know how to move on map, how to control map and e.t.c so point 1 is pointless 2. It is not true that Average Ere player don't use W This is easy to use and easy to understand how to use skill all you do - click at enemy when he is in range and usually there are 1-2 ADK so every Normal player understands that they should be used on them 3. R in good times is important when you have enough dmg in team you know that you should use R for initiation if you are not - you should use it on carry in fight there always can be some exceptions and this may give some impact in fight but this will be max 1.5 sec disable vs dmg or 1.5 sec disable vs tank difference (you can compare it to Tosh misses One W in enemy dps - it is usually not a lot) you can feel this only if the teams are very close to each other (I mean game is very very balanced) it is not about pubs cause the are usually one sided 4. This is the most Huge difference between these 2 types of players and this I Give you simple example (I will change nicks) surPtab plays cain at mid vs oPnios cain , their macro is bit different (talents and start items) but this is not very important but their micro is very important so player 1 has much less missclicks , always trying to catch player 2 on unsave moves to get dmg exchange advantage he forces enemy to go to base and lose some farm or keep farming but be in danger of dying his Micro skills gives him huge advantage but after really one sided MID fight (other lanes had exact same number of minerals (+-1000 for all team) game balance moved to team number one but not a lot and they had very lot work to do to win the game (mid was like 0 4 in 20 minutes) but this is fight between 2 players in mirror matchup with very different lvl of play ofc first one has more but it doesn't make that much sense when you cannot completely use your advantage (that's why cain is not in list) it is disappearing so we back to point 4 (for erequl) ofc good player will win his lane vs not good one and mb he will have like 2000 more minerals and it is huge but what it will give him? ere almost has no any scales and that allows to play erequl 1-2 items behind enemies and feel fine Result: in fight you can only have bit more hp, one more good stun and that's all that's not a lot watch at poor and good narud or maar or psionic and you will see sooooooooo huge difference so you cant even compare it to difference between players on ere that's why I don't add ere in list