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  1. How does one find a game around here?

    alex left aos like 1.5 years ago cause sucking dicks godlike just came from army and now we play with him a bit, but I don't lik playing aos now cuase of lags (not cause disbalance, low average lvl of players and 4-5 more other troubles)
  2. How does one find a game around here?

    We dooont need new heroes, we need balaaaaaaaaaaance
  3. How does one find a game around here?

    Make balance fixes pleas No changes for long time. Also u nerfed narud - hero that is pretty stupid to play in world of lag
  4. Just Thought on Op Heroes

    Actually that's the main point of playing around it - place wards. When last time u saw smb placing wards? ppl think that it is too expensive and doesn't cost it (when have no normal farm ) summers is not op or even good, just players to bad (and I hate damn lag)
  5. Weekly Inhouses

    Lets play today?
  6. Weekly Inhouses

    pleas guyyyys lets do it earlier PLEEAS must get up at 1 am London time
  7. Kura , Psionic and Corona left
  8. Who plays the best Rory in pubs?

    Right - dps rory)
  9. Weekly Inhouses

    Cant do anything about that cause 19.30 at London is already Monday here so I can play up to 22.00 (3 am) and then gtg Would be great if games were at saturday
  10. Weekly Inhouses

    Count me in ( unfortunately cant play more than 2-3 hours)
  11. Who plays the best Rory in pubs?

    I am very surprised that when rory is that popular - nobody knows about mechs that conter him like lockboxing his turret and e.t.c
  12. dead stukov cool, chat is not AOS Ramp.tga
  13. Also idk why you didn't ask about that but there is picture of getting boss AOS Worm.tga