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  1. Syrus

    AOS Tournament Super Duper Special Edition

    I agreed to sub for apaches team. Drex asked me earlier today and i told him i was subbing for apache.
  2. Syrus

    SC 2 Sound

    You guys need to cool your jets @adamanddresden
  3. Syrus

    SC 2 Sound

    did you try "ctrl + s" ?
  4. Syrus

    New Rating System

    i know i just miss that scrub
  5. Syrus

    New Rating System

    Where is Sphynx when you need him ↑
  6. Syrus

    Aeon of Storms In-house League 2016

    cow op? hard nerf?
  7. Syrus

    Tosh Spectre Health/Resist

    Spectres are okay where they are at i think. Maybe just an increase in spell resist. As for the ulti i liked yaldi's idea (without the immunity) maybe just instantly spawn the 4 spectres, but keep the movespeed and remove the true damage nonsense alltogether. Just be careful about making tosh too op. the heros already pretty strong the thing that makes him weak is his late game because of the ulti.
  8. Syrus

    Tosh Spectre Health/Resist

    This is excatly what i was gonna suggest just have him gain additional damage, and not just change his damage all together. We would just have to watch his early game may need a nerf at level one or something. Still on vacation ill be home on Saturday.
  9. Syrus

    Change loadingscreen

    that was fast strider
  10. Syrus

    Thoughts on removing omnislash?

    Seems legit
  11. Syrus

    Hi everyone, its Daf!

    I don't think you want what you think you want I've been known to end peoples careers in AoS in 1v1's just ask revision
  12. Syrus

    Hi everyone, its Daf!

    IM NOT BM WTF!!!!
  13. Syrus

    2015 Aeon of Storms Christmas Special

    Draft Mode too many bug fixes atm to even worry about they will probably just get banned out regardless in tourney