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  1. ginosaji


    My Dota name is Mid and/or feed. lol. We need a 5th. Where's Phailer at, he dead? Who wants to be our 5th?
  2. ginosaji

    Current issues plaguing AOS - Discussion

    Games have always been too long. Are the ramps to high ground still tiny? Base tower still do tons of damage?
  3. ginosaji


    IAOSI reunion? I'm sure i could get prodigy if u guys are in.
  4. Highdrater best AOS player.
  5. ginosaji

    Yaldi abusing modderator powers

    Nazi-Mod Yaldezee... Glad to know that someone has stepped up to the plate. We should probably throw him, bound and gagged, into a river. We'll know for sure then.
  6. ginosaji

    Looking for Pro Teacher

    No one can carry Soedenone.
  7. ginosaji

    The Trash Pile

    Thanks Wrath, this sounds like a pretrty good approach.
  8. ginosaji

    Evil Genuis DotA: Noob Americans?

    I am sad that the US is so bad at Dota 2. I mean, who am I supposed to look up to, some communists? LoL is like Dota 2, but with training wheels... And you have to pay.
  9. ginosaji


    There haven't been decent games on a consistant Yea, that's why I don't play anymore. There haven't been good Inhouses on a regular basis for over a year, maybe a year and a half. We all know how long it takes to get an IH going. I'm not willing to dedicate that time when 90% or more of those games turn out to be trash games.
  10. ginosaji

    [Voltron.Leo] A speedy killer

    I agree that it is a good option. It is good on him. The problem is there are better items. There are just very few situations that I would spend 4000 for Warp Shard. If I need more initiation I would usually just buy Shinobi. Lower CD to use it, great damage, cloak, some attack speed, and armor. The movespeed of Shinobi/yamato/haste (should you decide to get haste) is so good you don't need a blink. Even with just Shinobi/Yamato, you're so fast that they simply can't do anything. You mentioned the possibility of getting warp shard instead of parallax. I don't think this is viable. With TPI and Parallax you can dictate the terms of your initiation instead of sitting and waiting for the enemy team's entire set of CC to be down. Any good Rancor player will wait to use his snipe solely for when cat goes in. It's the same when you're playing as Rancor vs a cat, ling, or zera... any high damage/burst, low hp hero. You simply hide 10 units or so behind your team so the said burst hero can't get you first and wait til they engage. In games with one of those heroes in it, you simply must adopt this playstyle as a rancor. The same can be said for other CC.
  11. ginosaji

    [Voltron.Leo] A speedy killer

    Yea, you'd think it would be good on him... and it is in certain circumstances. It's hard to justify a second pure utility item on him in most situations I think (after parallax that is). The INT is ok since you're going to go INT build anyway, but it's pretty expensive in most situations. I usually won't get it unless super fed or desperate for initiation. I find Yamato able to do the job there in most cases. Edit: there are also alot of situations I find myself getting a tazer as well, so there's really a choice between 3 utility items, warp shard, parallax, tazer. You'd like them all, but you also need LR early to farm and have early teamfight presence. You need at least TPI shortly after that, then Parallax and usually Yamato after that.
  12. ginosaji

    [Voltron.Leo] A speedy killer

    I agree entirely, burst is almost always the real problem facing a cat, after the obvious primary counter of a stun/silence/sword breaker. I like Organic over other survivability items for a few reasons. First, more HP means more reflected damage should they be able to get that much off. The other major reason has to do with playstyle. I find that I've either enganged properly (judged positioning, skill timings, etc) and pretty much uinsta killed 2-3 enemy heroes or I've misjudged and the engagement fails. Once you're attacking with kitty you really don't need sustain if the rest of your team is anywhere near you. The enemy either runs from you or you kill them very shortly after you get into melee range. I also like going haste on cat. Combine that with Yamato and your DPS is retarded.
  13. ginosaji

    Help With Tass

    I always go 2-1-3 on Tass for talents, although I haven't laned with him much lately. Grab machete and 2 mana pots right off the bat and you'll be able to jungle better than any other hero out there with the life gain from machete combined with his shields.
  14. Toxi. Really easy abilities to get the hang of with two passives and two real skills. One is a non target aoe, the other is an easy to land skill shot. He's tanky and a ranhed hero which makes him a little more forgiving positionally. He also has a number of built in movement speed slows as well as his movement speed passive when he's low to help with positioning as well.
  15. ginosaji

    Why isn't kerrigan a strong pick?

    Kerrigen has extremely high late game damage potential survivability due to her glaves. Can have some of the highest physical damage out in the game if fully equipped.