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  1. Snow

    Heroes that are to strong

    Maybe for dustin's missle's instead of the range he tele's like 9 units firing off missles in a 6 unit range. This way he can't turtle as hard, and has to risk his life to kill.
  2. Snow

    Can We Buff Tychus

    the thing is, despite all the theory on how good he is, I have yet to see anyone do well with him. No one EVER chooses him besides myself, atleast as far as I see. I think he is the least played hero. The only reason I ever choose him is to try and do well with him. You can say he is good, but chance is you guys never use him and truth is no one else does either, atleast in pubs. I think changing him around a bit to make him more of a viable choice is a good idea.
  3. Snow

    Can We Buff Tychus

    I don't really know how he used to be, and with good team play he is 'alright' but it would be cool if smog grenade 'rooted' the players hit. And his ult maybe created an arena with like a diameter of 15 so like people couldn't run away or something (this ult being on top of his current ult). Or make him more like how he used to be.
  4. Snow

    Can We Buff Tychus

    Tychus seems a little underpowered, mainly his ability to get separated from his team, and get kited. He's really strong if he can just duke it out, but people run away and he can't catch up easily. Idk he feels up
  5. Snow

    Stun Batton Nerf

    Can we make stun batton stun every 3 seconds in continuous battle? Fast attck speed plus stun batton just blows
  6. Snow

    Question or Suggestion... YOU CHOOSE!

    Blizzard hired professional Science Fiction writers to write the campaign. They have money that surpasses logic. Although they weren't the first rts.
  7. Snow

    Question or Suggestion... YOU CHOOSE!

    In all honesty there is something about AoS that I prefer over LoL. I'm not sure what it is, but I think that there is no wrong in "borrowing" other's ideas and add it into your own. It does not sacrifice the uniqueness of your idea to borrow.. After all you are who you are because of your parents, the culture, etc., but you are still you? Still unique, no? All I'm saying that is that I feel like we could take somethings from other successes. We don't have to copy everything. Anyways I don't plan on going over to LoL.
  8. Snow

    [Dustin Brawler] The Untouchable

    how about Parralax?
  9. Snow


    I take back all of what I said... Just remembered Kitty. I feel like the E ability should stun/slow/*knock airborne*
  10. Snow

    Question or Suggestion... YOU CHOOSE!

    I played Dota for a little (disliked it) and I see LoL have some of their heroes. Like literally named the same and shibbles. Is it really copyright? Even if it were it would be awfully hard to prove if we changed the names/look and played with the abilities a little. I would really like to see Zed or Ahri. http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Zed/Ability_Details and http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Ahri/Ability_Details ofc Zed's ult would not be a debuff but rather a prolonged magic attack. (so parralx couldnt counter him hard) Everyone should post their favorite hero from Lol (or Dota/Hon/?) that they would like to see incorporated into AoS. And maybe someone cool should come along and put together some AoS friendly suggestions. And maybe Ecko or Ekco would be feeling cool and maybe put the hero/heroes in.
  11. So I was playing LoL today, and I admit it, I enjoyed it. Mostly b/c of no rq and straight 5v5, but I do also enjoy the heroes. I was wondering if, possibly, that we could just straight copy some of their heroes? I mean, why not? Anyways that's my Sequestrigestion for today.
  12. Snow

    erekul op

    I completely disagree with this, besides the fact every hero can last hit creeps, erekul can AoE last hit creeps moreover Erek is one of the best ks heroes out there... so yeah..
  13. Snow

    Do you have HotS?

    yeah and most people do in AoS, atleast in my friend base there is only one without it and he said he's waiting for AoS to incorporate it
  14. Snow

    Changelog v1.90 - 1.93

    I think all of us are missing something very important. Erekul has now become the most powerful hero yet. With Shrink Ray and a standard int whore build he can do massive spell dmg all while making someone do 0% physical dmg. Yay....
  15. I somehow got everything changed into Korean on my SC2. And I just wanted to say that everything is in Korean... Everything even item descriptions. Although I don't recommend changing it even if you speak it because you can't change it back, I tried the fix for it on B-Net and I also was able to change the drop down selection back to english but my entire StarCraft still remains in Korean.