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  1. Apache

    Changelog v2.25-2.27

    The new map is horrible. Please try again?
  2. Quote

    Added Feature

    Death Penalty - Every death has a 5% chance of destroying one item within inventory. (stacks up to 15% for consecutive deaths)


    Is this a joke or actually a feature now?

    1. AceSpade


      yes it is,but don't tell ppl,they rage about it too much it is funny


  3. Apache

    Broken Artanis

    I suggest having your support / tank get a lockbox. Lockbox his target once he uses W.
  4. Here I was thinking there is no way Europeans could come up with a team name worse than I Scream Ice Cream (ISIC).
  5. Looking for team: - In-game name: Apache - Preferred role: DPS / Jungle - Team/Individual: looking for team (NA ONLY)
  6. Apache

    Lord Zyron

    Ah so you haven't seen me play LZ. Someone get this man a replay and fast.
  7. Tournament is held on NA east server?
  8. Remove shinobi's cloak / ms active and repurpose the item. Remove all these ms items built for DPS and repurpose them. Remove haste. The true problem is that since these DPS heroes already have an ability for escape they can obtain these items and not be punished for being out of position and (splitpushing). Keep the support items that add move speed, they are the ones that should utilize this tool.
  9. We are about half way to your end of February date. An update with how things are coming along?
  10. Apache

    What region has the better players? EU or NA?

    As team captain I take full responsibility for not not submitting player handles. My team did provide me with some. Adam, SCV or whoever else is currently capable of doing so... please remove all existing "Tournament Winner" badges from existing players and I will provide the updated player handles. Thanks
  11. Apache

    What region has the better players? EU or NA?

    In my honest opinion, I would say team Super is worth about 1 tower kill vs NA teams.
  12. Apache

    Queen Rework

    So I am to accept defeat by enemy team's queen pick unless I have destroyer on my team.
  13. It is because I am saving my OP drafts for the upcoming tournament. Also getting all of the feeding out of my system now.
  14. Apache

    Queen Rework

    If you make her banelings target an area you don't remove her combo. This combo would still be highly effective. You Q over the area you R at. It is no different than playing vorpal. What it does prevent is the enemy spending the next 10 seconds running backwards just to dodge one spell.. Instead they have a choice to make an attempt at dodging the damage and continue their aggression. It is not meant to be a nerf, only a dynamic change to require some skill to play the hero.