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  1. pchacker

    Who is this guy?

    http://www.aeonofstorms.com/index.php?/user/7341-nedpoofewof/ Clearly this guy must be an alien of some sort, who names themselves ned poof e wof? Anyone know who he is? sorry for my fail troll
  2. pchacker

    3 word never-ending story revived

    What is megusta?
  3. pchacker

    3 word never-ending story revived

    toilets and buckets.
  4. pchacker

    aos still active??

    Thanks, are you by any chance "trisha" or is this someone elses g.i.r.l? Edit: that ninja move, wasn't me?
  5. pchacker

    Looking for good psychological thriller movies

    Nah I haven't I have only just sort of "gotten into" this movie genre, I usually go for sci fi, but after seeing the old school psycho movie I wanted to watch more of this type. Thanks for the suggestions though will keep me busy over a few nights at least lol.
  6. pchacker

    Is it okay to hate a certain race?

    Wow, #biggestrollof2015 ##'sareso2014
  7. pchacker

    Fox news.

    If someone did this on the main channel one news in New Zealand they would probably be fired.
  8. pchacker

    Nerf shade for good already

    nice reverse psychology harry :-) And where is supermana, we all know he is the true shadow player.
  9. pchacker

    [Perks] Primal Kerrigan Skin

    lol i went into this thread just to see if you would mention the blue mandrake thing, glad to see you didn't disappoint me.
  10. pchacker

    Resources stalling the game.

    ^^ was just about to say that. 'unless necessary' lol since when is it ever necessary.
  11. pchacker

    Im still banned from ih

    They came They saw They ripped mumble a new one They left.
  12. pchacker

    New headset?

    Dude stop cheaping out on your headphones, what the op really needs are these. http://www.computerl...sp?partid=21751