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  1. AlexAverskiy

    Inhouse Replays

    short video IH (EU)
  2. AlexAverskiy

    AoS 2016 Terrain Preview & Feedback Thread

    wow) map looks great) cool)
  3. AlexAverskiy

    Aeon of Storms In-house League 2016

    Alina best Kerrigan i ever seen XD triple kill in mid, can u explane this?
  4. AlexAverskiy

    Aeon of Storms In-house League 2016

    But EU always was bests) MAX for example) But it was long time ago) so, maby it was not bests players like Max's , mb long time ago many good players was not op, bc Aeon just started, it was long time ago and many players was noobs ofc, and someone was op ofc, but now we have more op players. I think many op players in past, not so op today like new players. Progress is being made.
  5. AlexAverskiy

    2015 Aeon of Storms Christmas Special

    guys, inv me in some team, wanna play)
  6. AlexAverskiy

    2015 Aeon of Storms Christmas Special

    I want to play to)
  7. AlexAverskiy

    Aeon of Storms

  8. AlexAverskiy

    Aeon of Storms (Baby's got a temper)

    PFFFFFF, lol, dude, i fart on u XD
  9. AlexAverskiy

    AtomiK Sound Board

    I heard that in mumble :D Especially - why this game so ez ?
  10. AlexAverskiy

    Aversky has a bad day

    cool BM ;D I like this sometimes))
  11. AlexAverskiy

    AOS Tournament 1.0 Streams

    Very good qualitative video
  12. AlexAverskiy

    Misc Trash Posts

    This Jamos Alex first started BM after pub. I only said in end of game - "weres your team alex?" (Its BM?) After this he started BM, he said - U not god, spoiled boy and somethin like that.... WTF, i dont say what im god, weres this? show me. its his sick fantasy. So why i must be good with him after this 100% envy? No, ty, i dont want respect guys, who dont respect me. I dont have problems with 90% players, im respect many players, they respect me. All ok, all happy. Omg even HUCCI (I said what he scrub) play with me inh, and he happy when he killing me and he jokin, and im jokin and all ok, no BM, all funny. But I dont like what some players like Jamos Alex teachin me what i must to do, for respect. Omg i dont need his respect, and I dont need respect by Zeratul or somethin like they. I have enough respect in this game, and i have many op friends. And we always friendly play against each other, and never BM. If we BM its for funny and all understand this.