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  1. We will most likely alter between servers to keep as fair as possible, and attempt to put same server teams when randomizing, against each other is possible depending on teams.
  2. So I am going to say this in most respectful way I can as most of the senior players in the current game are the ones commenting: The tournament format is not up for debate, I am happy to discuss outside this thread on improving certain rules, however the format will not change. Everyone has a right to their own opinion, and if the format does not work for you, no one will hold it against you if you do not join. To be honest it would probably be better as the tournament is geared to rather bringing people back to the game (including any new pub players) as people may have noticed the number of players are dwindling into oblivion and ultimately we need people who are willing to play outside their comfort zone and attempt to lead new players in particular to day1. And look, if this doesn't work then in the end of the day, we can always try something else, or alternatively, someone else can host a tournament more suitable to the requirements of the community. I am happy for anyone to message me personally to discuss the rationale and logic behind the format however this is how we will be proceeding. As I responded to Zeratul's post, I will be considering additional points for mini challenges to assist in the issue of people being in the same team as a team member who may have more points at day 3. Please can we keep on topic and only people who want to register please post in the thread accordingly. Thanks.
  3. If this does happen then it happens and the if Johns team with Zera wins the last tournament John would take first prize and it would align cause then John would have won each tournament. I might introduce opportunity point for perform key functions/roles as bonus point, but still debating this. Seeing what possible on the 1v1, not sure a 1v1 map is possible. If it does not happen, then we will work within the parameters on what the game allows. Regarding week 1, we will make a plan, if numbers don't align. The first week is just for new and old players to meet and play together. Yes you will know what hero your enemy is the ref will declare it.
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    Challenge to the AOS community golden oldies and new

    Please lock - Challenge has been met.
  5. Will sort that out down the line, thanks for the assist! So will Drex help?
  6. THE MASTERS TOURNAMENT To be held on the 30 April 2017, 5 May 2017 and 6 May 2017 Prizes: 1ST PLACE - $1000, plus skin on best hero in game and name banner highlighted gold Master 2ND PLACE - $350, on best hero in game and name banner highlighted gold Master runner-up 3RD PLACE - $150, on best hero in game and name banner highlighting Master second runner-up Each sub-tournament winning team/individuals will a receive a name banner highlighting “the title of the sub-tournament” winner Skins will be given to the players who perform best in the following roles, this will be decided by the Tournament moderating team: Mid Lane Solo Lane ADC Support Jungle The tournament is now open, if you would like to enter please post in this thread: - In-game name: NA and EU - Preferred role: (Please be specific) - Indication your allocation: Team/Individual - Specify which tournaments you would like to join: Gangsta's vs Rebels/1v1/The Masters - If in a team, captains to specify their team members and names (max 6 players) For example: - In-game name: EU: Masterchief ; NA: Masterchief - Preferred role: ADC - Indication your allocation: Team - Specify which tournaments you would like to join: All - Gangsta's vs Rebels/1v1/The Masters - Team: Just Clan: Masterchief © ; Diipadaapa, John, Soedenone, Whaletits, Drex (Sub) Registration will close on the 20 April 2017, therefore please ensure you are on the list The management team: - Whaletits - Atomik - Drex - Mother - JustSAfrican Referees (Over and above the management team) - Brew Streamers: - Diipadaapa - Soedenone Special thanks to Whaletits and Mother for the donations for the tournament. Sub Tournaments: 30 April 2017: Gangsta's vs Rebels EU server of the subtournament - 19h00 to 00h00 GMT +02H00 NA server of the subtournament - 00h00 to 05h00 GMT +02H00 - Format 5v5, Draft (Refer to normal draft mode rules) - Auto’s: TBC by 15 April 2017 - Rock/Paper/Scissors on who picks Protoss or Zerg side - All participants to the tournament will be divided randomly into two groups: Either Team Gansta’s or Team Rebels, Groups will be created on SC2 as per the title and players added to these groups accordingly for the day - The sub-tournament will follow typical inhouses rules - From the two groups, moderators with selected a new captain for each Inhouse to be held (Depending on how many participants are in each group at a time will depend on how many houses can be conducted at a time), and the captains will be able to select their team available players in the SC2 group - Note a player cannot be selected to play two inh's in a row unless: - There are no other players available to fill a inh in the making or; - If a player selected needs to be replaced - Moderators will assist in monitoring this fairly, to ensure all players have a turn to play and players play different opponents constantly. - For this sub-tournament: Point will be allocated to every player in the group who has the most amount of inh wins: 3 points/player 5 and 6 May 2017: The Masters: Mini 1v1 tournament: On the EU Server: 5 May 2017 18H00 to 19h30 GMT +02H00 On the NA Server: 6 May 2017 00H00 to 01h30 GMT +02H00 - 1v1, Draft - Rock/Paper/Scissors on who picks Protoss or Zerg side - Participants who have selected to join will be randomly allocated an opponent for each day (each day a participant will play 3 1v1 games) - Rules: - Auto’s: TBC by 15 April 2017 - Players will ban 3 heroes each - The moderator will count done of 30 seconds and each play will then send a message to the Moderator on their picked hero in this time frame, if overruns the play will need to random pick from the loading screen (viewed by the moderator) - The game is won when one of the players meet the following criteria: - Shutdown the opposite player champion - Destroy the opposite player cannon - Reach 100 creep kills - Players can return to base to shop/heal - Players cannot leave move passed the side bushes on mid - if this is done, they are disqualified (Note a player knocked back by an opponent passed this point is allowed to return to the mid via the river) - For this mini-tournament: Point allocation to the players with the most wins: - 1st - 5 points - 2nd - 3 points - 3rd - 1 points On the EU Server: 5 and 6 May 2017 19H30 to 00h00 GMT +02H00 On the NA Server: 5 and 6 May 2017 01H30 to 05h00 GMT +02H00 - Format 5v5, Draft (Refer to normal draft mode rules) - Auto’s: TBC by 15 April 2017 - Teams to be preselected and defined prior to closing date of tournament applications - Teams to consist of: - 1 Captain - Team name: Be nice - Total of 6 team members in a team, 5 core 1 sub’s - Teams to nominate roles based on when issuing application - Mid Laner - Solo Laner - Support - ADC - Jungler - Teams will be randomized into a knock-out format and B03 will be held - <Detailed schedule per day to follow> - Point allocation per team member: - 1st - 20 points - 2nd - 15 points - 3rd - 10 points - 4th - 5 points The best roles voted by the Moderators will be allocated the following points: - Mid Laner - 3 points - Solo Laner - 3 points - Support - 3 points - ADC - 3 points - Jungler - 3 points May the best man win!
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    Who is overall best player in aos?

    The MVP strikes again!
  8. KinGofDaBerG

    Who is overall best player in aos?

    Well very soon this will be truely decided....
  9. KinGofDaBerG

    Challenge to the AOS community golden oldies and new

    So far doing very well, the group is at 98 players, inh's are very regular. Still excited for the new hero and what's is exciting is people are looking at the right things with the update. Got to say, I might have to stick this one through and make the tournament. So to give it some hype, the high level planning so far on it the tournament: It will be held over 3 weekends, each weekend will have a unique challenge associated to it. Annnndddd at the end of it there will be only grand champion player :) Enjoy :)
  10. KinGofDaBerG

    Starting a Serie on YouTube: How to Play DPS

    Nice video dude!
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    Challenge to the AOS community golden oldies and new

    Oh god not Shablagoo... if there ever was a rager ;)
  12. So I've been back for a couple of weeks currently, prior to this I had been playing LOL very casually however from playing AOS a couple of glaring issues are evident: I am going to try summarize these as best as I can: Lack of a pub scene on EU - the core EU group really should be attempting to fix this, as the EU scene is really becoming very isolated I would suggest that If there are 15 strong players playing inn that potentially a 4v4 should be created and opened to pub, if new player joins they should be explained the game rather then bm-ed into oblivion. NA pubs tend to be much better at this. Talents, they really do need an update to bring something new and fresh to the game and at least please reinstate flash oh my flob! Game length, I have thought about it and I do believe it is because creeps do not push, therefore if you don't manage creep flow, it doesn't really matter in this game. I do believe it this is one of the reasons why games of AOS always are plus an hour Dedicated roles - in particular to jungle and items that support this. Supports don't truely shine in this game, which is sad because they have such value. WTF is up with last hitting in particular with heroes who are ranged, that pew pew moves far too slowly through the air. It really does make particular heroes like grungy monsters in lane. Again these are purely my opinion so don't rage and let's have a meaningful discussion... So DISCUSS...
  13. KinGofDaBerG

    Challenge to the AOS community golden oldies and new

    That was OP, Drex what a champ!