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  1. Fisher

    Changelog v2.38-2.43

    Wasn't aware armour penetration was such an issue.
  2. Fisher

    [Database] Rob.Boswell

    Is this live?
  3. Fisher

    What Do You Think This Should Do?

    1) When consuming this item you take your own life to retrieve an allied of your choice.
  4. Bet Hanedog is thrilled to test this
  5. Fisher

    AoS 2019: The Storm Rages On...

    Will he have any of the skills in the wiki? If yes - spoiler please 😄
  6. Fisher

    AoS 2019: The Storm Rages On...

    Ready to do some testing!
  7. Fisher

    AoS 2019: The Storm Rages On...

    When does the beta testing for Viler starts 🙂
  8. Fisher

    Play on EU server whilst NA is down?

    nvm - proper servers are up again.
  9. Anyone on EU playing? I went to create a game there since the NA servers are down.
  10. Fisher

    Jackson.Roullette - Silence woman.

    I don't think this hero need any kind of buffs- whoever said Roulette is weak needs to explain themselves. In most cases you'll be able to warp in - ulti and then silence everyone. Rarely do people react quick enough to stun you, and to be fair not a lot of heroes have an instant stun to do so. Even if you suggested buff gets implemented people will still rush warp shard - Said buff will just allow you to catch people even easier using that item. Not going with that item severely reduces your chances to pull of a enemy team ultimate hitting 3+ people. That being said giving him further utility will make a big positive impact on a hero that is already very strong and viable in just about any team comp there is, and with that in mind I'll say no unless there's an appropriate nerf to trade for it.
  11. Fisher

    Get online

    Better bounce off work and get the games going.
  12. Fisher

    If you build it, they will come

    NEED 1
  13. Fisher

    If you build it, they will come

    again today dream?
  14. Fisher

    AoS 7 Beta Changelog