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  1. Fisher

    Aeon of Storms IH games.

    I'm sick and off work - any games about to commence?
  2. Fisher

    Aeon of Storms IH games.

    Did you manage to get any games going?
  3. Fisher

    Changelog v2.19-2.24

    Been off a while and just caught up on changelogs. Regarding huntress: I'm fairly sure that he already was on 3 strikes to proc his E prior to this update, just that the text always said 4. I haven't tested him yet but the E sounds like a nerf to him in general - can anyone comment on this? Unlike the other agi heroes he's slightly harder to play as he doesn't have an easy escape. @ Summers, the hero was already the easiest countered hero in the game.. just revert it back to the older version which was more fun to play and where you could go AA late game to prevent becoming useless once people starts buying radar kits. I don't think the hero is viable against good opponents.
  4. Fisher

    AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    Some interesting updates you have.. Can you please make an example of what 100 agility gives now compared to before.
  5. Fisher

    Aeon of Storms BETA-Test Games

    Anyone particular to contact for these type of games?
  6. Fisher

    Changelog v2.11

    Looking good! Can you elaborate on the Stukov change, is this fix a nerf or a buff and how was the calculation looking prior to the adjustment?
  7. Fisher

    Fc dat sht dat important and i know da wae

    Nah the lad is clearly from "USA, Washington D.C. ( definetly not in Russia)" Maybe he should take over the balancing of this game?
  8. Fisher

    Fc dat sht dat important and i know da wae

    "Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience"
  9. Fisher

    Old Faces

    If you guys announced that you'd play you'd probably attract enough old people to get some proper games running. The game is still fun, it sadly just lack players. The question is whenever or not the old crew would be able to deal with the current pubs...?
  10. Fisher

    Just Thought on Op Heroes

    Fire worm: As pointed out previously the boss can be killed by a lot of heroes early on. However melee heroes that picks up a hunters hatchet as first item are the once that excels when it comes down to the fire worm. Assuming you have some idea of what you are doing and aren't completely smashed in the laning phase you'll have enough money for the hatchet around lvl 5-7. But as the boss only buffs 1 player is this really a big issue? If it is I'd suggest throwing down a ward or two around the boss. 60 / 120 minerals sounds like a fair investment to me when it comes to shutting down enemy jungle, not to mention you'll have an excellent chance to kill 2 birds with one stone ( enemy toon + boss when he attempts it). Balance suggestion, the lvl 1 fire worm dies to quick for people to react, so increase it's hp and decrease it's damage and people who actually warded might have a fair chance to prevent it. Jakk is a retard toon, designed for noobs to kill other noobs. Anyone who isn't mentally challenged won't run around careless on places where Jakk has been seen the last 5-10 minutes. Really the guy becomes utterly useless when someone invests into an Elixir. Jakk is by far the cheapest hero in the game to shut down, not to mention you are likely to get the money back you spent on the elixir by killing his mines. Balance suggestion: Revert back to the old Jakk who was more fun to play as and against + wasn't useless as soon as someone picked up an elixir. Tassadar: Barely played, and even less frequent by anyone good, yet strong. Balance suggestion: Don't allow the clone to be more than X units away from the real Tassadar. Having 2 heroes to farm with / splittpushing 2 lanes at the same time is just stupid and the reason he snowballs so heavy that his clone single handedly shaps on people. Penthos, Early game hero with really easy snowballing potential. Perhaps super heated mantle is to strong in general, nevertheless it's the only item this toon needs to become an early game monster, wrecking anything he swings by. Karak, the only reason this toon doesn't get more complains is because he's barely played due to being a support. Anyway let's just put it this way: if any burst / dps was half as broken as this flober the few remaining people would have uninstalled starcraft by now. Balance suggestion: Remove from game Corona, Not sure whenever or not it was intended but the toon does to much damage without items allowing it to spend money on things that makes it easy build up stacks / dodge enemies while still diminishing out insane amounts of damage. Balance suggestion: Decrease base damage and increase scaling.
  11. Fisher

    2 soul engines

    The item excels if you put a good player vs a bad one, pretty much cause he will dominate last hits even with the disadvantage of less damage and the bad player won't try to interrupt him from getting stacks up. Is this a problem in pub ( which seems to be what op is trying to claim) I wouldn't know, simply because I never see this. Maybe once every 5 games you'll find one player having 2 soul engines. Compare this with: Phantom menace I see 2-5 in each game... Certain heroes ( that you see in every game, 1 or 2 of them).
  12. Fisher


    Yaldi can I join your team? Best Heroes Approximate KD's 3-5 ratio Grunty, Nova, Shadow, Rancor, Zeratul, and Tiger. 2-3 ratio Cyprus, Micro, Erekul, Boros 1 ratio Drake Others, will be GOOD before we reach Winterbreak. Please PM on private, my inbox has room.
  13. Don't bother with him unless you are up against a bunch of melee heroes. Meanwhile play darpa or hydralisk.
  14. Fisher


    - Used to have a trap you could escape with two strikes. - Had a close relation with a previously mentioned hero until he was reworked. - Has a dps skill but is usually played as support.