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  1. Being able to use Unix at full potential, when it's ulti and marines made it feel like a unique micro-centric hero with full deny capabilities, before it became the watered down hero with a Bane ult.
  2. Marche

    Greatest team of all time

    Also positioning and decision making, less so on the latter (as defined as mechanic, though still a pertinent skill).
  3. Marche


    I would like to play on the non-murica team.
  4. Marche

    Greatest team of all time

    Not sure who helped you understand that or come even close to that conclusion, but there's a reason that those 5 guys could come back and wipe the floor with the community and it was not egon/drake pickings. Fact of the matter is the mechanics AoS thinks that it teaches vs what gets used on a regular basis in other competitive games is laughable. I'm sure if you looked around you can find the replays from that tournament. It's not hard to see that picking Egon/Drake doesn't win a game. I'm not sure what it is you do understand Quid, but I know it's not hard to imagine that Egon/Drake doesn't win you the draft, all three lanes, nor does it ensure you will out farm your opponents. I don't think picking Egon/Drake assures you change the Meta of the game, or cause a community upset. Really all picking Egon/Drake proved was that a handful of mediocre AVERAGE SKILL NICE GUYS DOTA PLAYERS were able to come back to this game, develop a strategy that was more efficient than anything the inhouse community had come up with in at least 6 months, and use that to beat the pants off anyone that thought they knew better. To top it all off, instead of learning some humility and learning from this experience, it became the general mindset to chalk up this victory to luck or cheese builds, or basically anything aside from admitting that it was completely embarrassing for the community that spends all its time playing this game to get absolutely man-handled by a few people who were playing the game for less than a collective week. Also best team of all time: Dastarz Impious Livingstrong DoxtheFox Kathycakes. There it is.
  5. I'd be interested to know the details, what about the back end of things is going to change? Is this truly only for the community? Will there be any in game alterations based off of this agreement?
  6. Marche

    Core Gaming LLC - Launches on TL

    Congrats, glad to see you're following through with everything. Best luck in the future!
  7. Marche

    Geneva UP

    Agreed, but you'd also have to actually PLAY to determine what's boring =PGeneva just works differently than most heroes in the meta, hopefully the upcoming large meta-shift will help alleviate some of these frustrations.
  8. Marche

    brine 0p

    First off you are totally wrong on what brine was designed off of. As for your argument on why he's strong Brine only retains his usefulness with mass CC and mobility. If anything were to be changed it would be the damage on his skills which as this point are negligible. He's simply a hero with a very low skill cap. This is dangerous for an initiator, but I think it makes him a great hero for players to learn with. I disagree that the hero needs to be altered. Honestly one of the few heroes in the game that is currently balanced. If something on Brine had to be altered, it would be to increase his mana costs or to remove damage from the pull. Changing cooldowns or skills changes the idea of the hero.
  9. Marche

    ESL game in

    I think it's a great idea! Not to mention the Spawning Party update makes this a pseudo free-to-play game! If you'd like help with this I'd be happy to assist.
  10. Marche


    Glad you finally made it to mumble!
  11. Marche

    why was it locked

    Hashtagging topic was obviously a troll. This thread is either indicative of misunderstanding of proper forum conduct, or also a troll.
  12. Marche

    knowledge is power

    Sounds legit, 10/10 would read and like again. On a more serious note Tanya not discussing inherent SC2 glitches that are not fixable does not make them a FEATURE, as it goes against the INTENDED purpose of the creator. Saying that just because it exists it should be meta is poor logic and only further proof that your thoughts on the validity of discussing glitches and bugs publicly is in very poor judgement.
  13. I miss the back in the day classic of Micro Toxi, that was just an insane lane.
  14. Marche

    Best build for roach with dmg?

    Pretty much the same but I opt for the CDR talent over the mana pool, seeing as you'll be using your Q 12% more often this way it's a huge DPS increase. 230 mana really only ends up being 1 extra skill and I find the CDR more cost effective. cdr is also nice late game for increased spamability. I also swap might for the spell damage, as all skills deal spell dmg. I tend to build my brine more late-game than early though. Also if I can afford it an Ihan goes rather nice with him.
  15. Marche

    Tosh Spectres

    Tosh can spread and deny fairly easily, also consider during the early phase denies not only bring back specters(as it counts as a kill) but it affords tosh additional stacked deny power. Certain heroes used to be able to but it has steadily been removed for 'balancing' purpose. Unix was the most notable as her deny was by far the most effective. Ekco claimed that denying with minions was too powerful lane dominance. It just so happens that Tosh has replaced Unix as the most efficient minion denier. By previous balance logic Tosh should not be able to deny with specters for this reason.