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    Music, Animation, Climbing, and Powerlifting.
  1. Dllifer

    Diablo III

    ^.^ Everytime I play diablo 3, I remember AOS, because the elite monster does this stupid arcane sentry @.@
  2. Dllifer

    Diablo III

    Hehe, we played together today. :3 Was fun. ^.^ Your DH was awesome.
  3. Dllifer

    My favorite Diablo 3 Bad guy

    Ya, we play on american serves. So look me up. hahaha, ^,^ well, diablo is hard at the second part, and belial needs some luck to not get hit. ^.^
  4. Dllifer

    My favorite Diablo 3 Bad guy

    Note: The music will be up when the video is done with processing, otherwise, enjoy the scenery instead. Here, I am using my wizard to go against my favorite Diablo 3 boss - Belial. It is just a short clip. :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ks75qCPpobA
  5. Dllifer

    BHM on darpa

    COA helps in banking. In most games, I ask my team if they are getting COA; so I do not have to buy it. Else, I buy the item to help the team. :3
  6. Dllifer

    Aeon of new users

    Simply give new players time to adapt. I remember the times where i didn't play well in the first few hours for my first few tries of sotis.
  7. Dllifer


    i think you should put a more concrete scenario which makes this a solution to an existing problem in game; so it will gain more attention. :3 what i mean is put an example, like this is my team vs this team, with details. :3
  8. Dllifer


    A nice idea. ;3 hmmm 50 per teleport to tower? while tele port scrolls remain 100? hmmm I'm tempted. I'd like this. It would be helpful in the beginning.
  9. Dllifer

    The Lag Is Fixed Thread

    I didn't feel lag that much today when I visited NA. My idea is it is based on a person's resolution. And reducing it, for me, reduces or eliminates the lag problem. BUt sometimes, I still feel the lag where instead of FASTER speed gameplay, the game slows down to NORMAL. That change in speed happened twice yesterday. Not only was it weird, but it was annoying as hell because my zera would hit a neutral creep in a very very slow manner. If this is blizzard's thing, may be it has something to do with an increased computer requirement. T.t
  10. Dllifer

    BHM on darpa

    Experiment. :3 Did you try INT TIME SCALE darpa?
  11. Dllifer

    Rancor... Nova... Range... D:

    You may always build a crit rancor - dps style. He is strong. I like building him non int like. :3
  12. Dllifer

    quicktime player

    This :3
  13. Dllifer

    Dllifer's Replays

    http://youtu.be/gRnGZoks-Vg The video is up, I'll be encoding a background music for such. :3 Sneak preview of Rancor and micro. I'm a little tired; so I didn't really feel like derping with the other team; so I ended up harassing the other team in this and in the previous game(made them quit). So, don't mind my hero. :3 The highlights goes to my rancor and micro team mates, a 2 man demolition team. They were doing really good, and we were having fun ganking up and down and all around the map. :3 http://www.sendspace.com/file/46lt9p I'll be uploading the sneak preview video when I'm done. Observations: i. if you are unix, and you plan to sap your opponent, get taser; so he can't plannar you. Or at least cast that stun thing while using yamato reactor for faster cd. ii. if you are boros, take advantage of the crit bug, because it is true damage. Here the boros didn't do so; so i survived his ultimate. iii. if you are ray nor, abuse your silence and ultimate, because it will cheap the life of your enemy hero. And ks if you can. Here, my lane partner was very conservative; so he died a lot, but he did get some awesome kills. iv. play smart, but be aggressive; so the other team will experience fear. Else, they will make you afraid if they get the tempo going. keep the pressure. v. keep playing. ^.^ P.s. For my fellow mac users. How do you make a screen shot?
  14. Dllifer

    Dllifer's Replays

    Hehe. :3 It is to express a change. :3
  15. Dllifer

    Dllifer's Replays

    haaha, yey i just did,