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  1. croc

    New LOL Champrion Vel'Koz

    (Insert pun) Eye see what you did there! HAHAHAHAhHahahahHahHah
  2. He hasn't seemed to be doing it for the past few weeks. Maybe he stopped with the forum maybe he got banned idk.
  3. Idk, but Skydie always friended me then I de-friended him. Practically every time I went on there was a notification of skydie being my friend...
  4. croc

    Nerf new players

    And suddenly, proxy singed is born.
  5. croc


    Click at your own risk: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/attachment.php?attachmentid=682986&d=1368363717
  6. croc

    SPELL Damage OMG

    Supermana and soed 1v1 spelling contest...go!
  7. croc

    What's the difference

    You got him good!
  8. croc


    If Viron is back and even slightly like the old viron, this game will be trash. flob that hero.
  9. croc

    Who Remembers Me?

    But I am not your friend. Rawr, you will never add me for long!
  10. croc

    Who Remembers Me?

    Who respects you (not being mean just curious)
  11. croc

    Dox is not a Fox

    Is Caaarl also that person from Africa you hired to level up your LoL smurf account while you had the xp boost, then fired?
  12. croc

    hello im diipadaapa!

    Actually, he got the third letter spot on.
  13. croc


    It's okay, I'm confused also.
  14. croc


    This is a chat about general chat. Chat about the chat, general stuff about the general chat, chat about the topics and uses in general chat but don't be too general because then we won't have a good chat about chat.
  15. croc


    That's the way you look at it but you are supposed to blame ELO hell conviently ignoring the fact that the other team has a higher chance of getting trolls and baddies if you, as you claim, are not one.