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  1. CapricorN

    Changelog v1.102 - 1.105

    I like Cow buff, one of my favourite chars :) Even though i don't play any more...
  2. CapricorN

    BHM almost always stronger than Star Fury

    And what would be your suggestions? Nerf BHM or buff Star fury? Or maybe rework completly?
  3. CapricorN

    Is stabilizer actually a good item?

    Imo balancer is rather bad item to buy. No utility, not so good stats and too big recipe cost.
  4. @EasyD You keep kinetic in late game? Why? Get sunflare gun, it so good for grunty with good WD, leech, powerful active and nice int, which will boost your rocket damage(100% int scaling) and must solve all you mana problems(also don't forget ihan in mid game for stats)
  5. CapricorN

    AA drake

    Marty don't proc starfury
  6. CapricorN

    Tank Initiator Zeratul

    Tank zera without SHM? Just stay near enemies with cloak and damage them.
  7. CapricorN


    That passive made him not so stelth... Enemies could see where you and could target you with AoE o pull. No more stelth ganks...
  8. CapricorN

    Tosh's Ult make him not leach.

    Buy hive simbiosis and leech from nearby heroes/creeps.
  9. CapricorN


    Unix is ok. Yes, he is rather strong at start but after mid game he can't do anything but pushing. So many counters for him... So many heroes have stuns/silences/blinks. And you can get tasser, stun baton and SHC to make him cry and rage. The problem is, that pubers don't know how to counter him, they just rage OP!NERF. Unix is ok, don't touch him.
  10. CapricorN

    Entaro.Tassadar - Bugs or Intended?

    2. Yes, clone doesn't benefit from talents. I think it is bug.
  11. CapricorN

    Changelog v1.70 - v1.73

    Nice change for haste, now it is usfull for casters. Small nerf for darpa is nice too. But why buffing nova's ult damage? It is used for utility, nor for damage. Or do you want int nova be viable?lol... Like pyre nerf, very good. I recall in 4.0 we had same pyre(6% current health). Haven't tried new GUI, but i am sure i will need to get used to it... Oh big thanks for bug fixes, especially cloak bug.
  12. Consumables and Miscellaneous links don't work for my phone. Will try on a computer tomorrow. Edit: on computer it work properly, but not on phone. Strange....
  13. Not bad guide. I have some suggestions: you can have both dominion standard and CoA. It ups your minions AS a lot(= more damage)+ it ups AS for creeps(more pushing power) and help your whole team with nice AS(your carries could be on AS cap in midgame). You suggest galactic defender? Why? Just buy 1 more organic for permanent 1150HP(if i not mistaken). For late game items, i suggest buying hive symbiosis. It is amazing item on bio. You get 50 agi(7 armor as i can recall) and fantastic unique - 10% leech of nearby allies. So you are unkillble when late game so many creeps + your minions doing physical damage. If i have problems with carries, i also usually buy shadowmourne. Don't forget to buy ihan mid game(NOT early game as your first item). Olympic torch is also very good for bio, because bio rarely die. For starting item you must get sustainer(+ Hp/Mana potion). It support your lane partner and also heal creeps = help in pushing.
  14. Use silver soul on brine. It also very helpful for your team.
  15. CapricorN

    Toximancer.Vespus [1.64]

    @Itsthatguy FoE only slows MS, not AS