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  1. fatman

    NA Inhouse

    So I have taken a break from not only Aos but Starcraft all together to play League. After coming back I noticed that the dying NA inhouse scene that I had left behind seemed more desolate than usual. How come no one plays inhouse anymore? In the Aos chat room there is only like 10 people compared to the 20-30 before. I try to organize one but no one wants to play. Anyone wanna IH?
  2. fatman

    Beta Changelog!

    -Movespeed increased when closer to target -Phantom Menace is viable again Well time to start playing Leo again And that Balrog buff, he's already my pubstomp champ so hopefully this doesn't induce a huge swell of Balrog players.
  3. fatman

    Quick question

    So I have been wondering on champions such as cow or that one corrupter hero, who have global ults, when you should use Yamato if you know your ult will have a longer travel time then the active. For example, as cow if you cross map ult, should you pop Yamato and then cast, and have it wear off as your ult is in transit; or ult then Yamato so it is active as your projectile hits, in order to gain the 20% spell damage.
  4. fatman

    LOL ranked 5's

    Only started playing about 2 months ago, but im nearing gold.
  5. fatman

    Beta Changelog!

    RIP tank Unix.
  6. fatman

    Beta Changelog!

    Maybe buff Durans buckler next patch? I mean who actually buys it anyway. If I am playing a tank champion I would just buy goggles first, which is cheaper also.
  7. fatman

    Beta Changelog!

    Remember when Drake's passive gave +6 STR? Those were the days.
  8. I remember playing with you in pubs when you did this. You never died, it was actually pretty funny to watch 5 people wail on you and you would just regenerate all your HP.
  9. fatman

    Changelog v1.259-1.261

    About a dps vergil, I was thinking that on how the new Huntress hero has both Wep dmg and INT on all her abilities, why not make vergil's Q and R scale with both Wep dmg and INT? It seems like it would make him more viable in DPS while not hurting the people that still like to build him as a caster.
  10. fatman

    Kuradel desperately needs a buff

    I feel that even if you aren't near creeps so you get the 1.5x damage, the Q is still very hard to hit, as it has such a low AoE. For the next patch I think either the AoE of the Q be increased, or the delay time be decreased. And make the 1.5x only apply to heroes
  11. fatman

    Beta Changelogs

    Literally the only reason people get warp shard is if they are going squishy burst caster and need to get out of danger quickly. Now the only hero who will get it now is Jackson. And whats up with all these cow nerfs?
  12. fatman

    Changelog v1.258

    Gonna buff MK's ult next patch?
  13. fatman

    Immortal: Thorns damage is a thing.

    E saber does a lot more damage than you think. Late game we'll say I have around 4k energy. 5% of 4000 is 200. 175% of that is around 350 damage per attack, which is more damage than you Cerebro proc. Sure it is physical, but next to Khali's it gives the most energy out of any item in the game.
  14. fatman

    Immortal: Thorns damage is a thing.

    To be honest, I have tried out the powerstrike items and I don't really like them on Immortal. Sure atom offers a slow, but you don't really need it on Immortal that much. Energy saber offers a lot more damage on every auto attack, and it gives more energy. Frozen cuirass is pretty good on him, but I don't have room for it in my build. I already stated why I don't get Argus. And I never said to get duran's pendant. By the basic INT and energy items I mean the +9 INT item and the +200 energy one. Also, the reason I get Dark steel over some other HP item is because it gives a nice armor amount (with shields on you have around 67% phys damage reduction). The unique goes very well with your shields, as the reflect damage is insane. If you don't want to get DST chilling or korhol are very good choices as well. I don't need a spell resist item that much because Immortal can usually survive attacks from burst casters like cyp, using both your W and Khali's, as well as the 20% spell resistance from shields.
  15. fatman

    On Ling and MK

    Keep the idea of MK's ult, it is one of the most fun to use abilities in the game. I would suggest adding some sort of scaling besides the creep's base health. Maybe like bio's minions where it scales off your max hp. As for ling I think he needs a completely new passive. His current one is arguably the worst in the game.