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  1. Lettow

    Gara Carry

    Heyyy Rakura! Awesome replay. Don't worry, you're still the Gara legend - just look at AwesomeClock's Aeon Wiki for proof (a truly authoritative site, see his biography on RedHydra for example). Are you going to be getting back into IHing?
  2. Lettow

    Lettow is in the house!

    I've had some questions about where I am so I wanted to post the answer. Studying for the bar exam to become a lawyer! The exam is at the end of this month so it's hard to commit a large chunk of time for IHing until the next couple weeks pass. Miss you everyone and can't wait to see you after the exam!
  3. Lettow

    Core Gaming

    Very cool video! Hat's off to Tizz and everyone else involved in the making of it. I really like having a community with fun forums designed just for the games I like to play. And in the future we could even have fun going to events like MLG together and watching the stars. It's too bad that e-sports aren't more popular in the US considering everything they have to offer. I think people like Husky have done a great job of increasingly popularizing them in the US, and I think that groups like Core also have the potential to add to the community by matching people up and introducing them to other games. For example, I really had no idea that the whole MOBA world existed until I started playing AoS and then heard Whale going on and on about League of Legends. And it wasn't until some of my friends started getting into LoL that I decided to give it a chance. Unfortunately it turns out LoL does not have Garamond Singsprocket - which is naturally a huge disappointment. Clearly AoS is just too good of a game and will never be able to be matched.
  4. Lettow

    The New AoS Wiki

    Haha, you're already up to 530 pages?!? Great work on the website, behind all the hilarious troll comments it's actually got a lot of information.
  5. Lettow

    Making of New Items

    In response to some people's concerns about Eternity and burst casters, I think a taser should help. For example a hero like Garamond has an ulti that is time based, so you could just spam any ability after he lockboxes you so that you'll be invulnerable right before the scvs can go off. But the invulnerability is only triggered by using an ability, so if you tase the person then they can't use an ability and can't trigger Eternity. I agree with Quid, the new items and update looks great!
  6. It's my dream to one day be in SLP. That remains my favorite clan name of all time.
  7. Thanks for pointing that out Quidditch. My family will probably be doing something together as well so I may have time trouble on Sunday. Fortunately everyone's been pretty awesome and flexible in the past so I'm sure we can figure out something that works for everyone.
  8. That's really unfair Psyght. Davidchan, Highdrater, and Quidditch are long-time AOS members who really invested a lot of time and energy getting the clan going, designing a website, and recruiting members. Every day they also work hard giving the other AOS members free advice and sharing lots of good times with everyone. The accusation that they just joined AOS because they are friends and wanted a really good tournament team is just plain wrong.
  9. Lettow

    Changelog v1.110 (KR)

    I totally agree with everyone else - awesome new loading screen!!!
  10. This thread could have been answered in just 1 post: Whaletits.
  11. Lettow


    Welcome to the forums SgtSlaughter!
  12. Lettow

    Nerf lockbox

    I don't know if I could hold my own as Gara without lockbox past the early game in a high tier game. Early game your scvs will do enough damage to kite away the opposing hero with good control, which will allow you to hold your lane fine. But once they get more health and damage you have to be able to put pressure on the opposing hero so they can't just free farm and set up ganks against you, which is usually done with lockbox. Gara isn't played very often in high tier matches, and without lockbox he would be a real rarity.
  13. Lettow

    Nerf lockbox

    Mr. Garamond is not nearly as good without lockbox, especially at higher levels of play. People are going to be very good at dodging your seeker missiles (honestly with the red dots at high levels there is really no excuse for getting hit by them very often), they are not going to wait around for you to surround them in scvs, and they will focus down your turrets. Gara is also very vulnerable in many situations, so lockbox helps him survive and save teammates. Even with lockbox though it doesn't remove the skill required to play him. Keeping out large numbers of scvs requires good micro with scv juggling, you need to make sure that your timings are all spot on, and you have to be really careful with your positioning.
  14. Lettow

    Nerf lockbox

    Could you be a little more clear as to what problems you're having with LB? Parallax can get you out of it, taser outranges it by 1 currently, and it forces squishy casters like Gara to get up close to use it. If you're having problems with getting lockboxed and then pulled or comboed, I strongly suggest just getting a parallax, and if that isn't enough, you can consider getting a dial or a small hedron collar to quickly get out of the pull. Also try and make sure that you're using good communication with your team. Again, please let me know what specific problems you're having so that we can figure out if something needs to be changed :)
  15. Lettow

    Garamond Special Tactics

    Garamond is a lot more than just a LB combo. He's a fantastic split pusher and using his turrets for zoning / amping damage, as well as his missiles for stuns during team fights, etc... are all great contributions to team fights. Just because the opposing team has a hero you can't kill (a maxed out drake or micro, for example), doesn't mean you're not going to be useful. Also, you made good suggestions Heim regarding targeting and taser and such. I completely agree!