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  1. IljaHi

    AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    Hey Guys, I did not play for a long time! Since yesterday I finally play and had fun! :-) I first saw new hero, I do not know if he is a strong hero? Well done! Who has to create new hero? Next hero Felix? :-)
  2. IljaHi

    Aeon of Storms on Instagram ?

    WTF Moments VIDEO StarCraft II 02.03.2017 - StarCraft II 01.14.2017 - StarCraft II 01.14.2017 - StarCraft II 01.14.2017 -
  3. IljaHi

    Aeon of Storms on Instagram ?

    long time still i played Mandrake! StarCraft II 09.17.2017 - StarCraft II 09.17.2017 - StarCraft II 09.17.2017 -
  4. IljaHi

    Aeon of Storms 7 Beta Testing has Begun!

    Hey Mother (Jessica) GREAT JOB! i like! nice new Hero Karax! I hope that sometime I play inhouse when 10 players are!
  5. Some change heroes and items and update date and load screen! nice image!
  6. IljaHi

    Changelog v1.367

    Next Changelog: Sarah Kerrigan: new skin and new portraits as nova! old skin :-alt [W] - Glaive Worm 33% less physical dmg >-25%
  7. IljaHi

    Changelog v1.367

    Mother, You do not understand? Theme? Health Capsule / Energy Capsule?
  8. IljaHi

    Changelog v1.367

    Next Changelog? Items: Health Capsule / Energy Capsule When I see link hero, little health or energy, I actually give capsule and give ..! Range???? Only near! Better range than "Enternal Drive" Hero: Lurker: If Lurker under ground and sight range AA!!!!! Bio: [E] - Aberrated Claymore 70/ 130/ 190/ 250 >>> 120 / 180 / 240 / 300 [W] - Cannibalize Cooldown: - 30 >> 15 seconds Ability: Target display! an example. Swann Rory! Strength Kerri: Q TBone: Q Vorpal: Q, E, R Cain: Q Khyrak: Q Agility Toxi Q Warfield Q, W Savange R Axiom Q Huntress R Zeratul Q Artanis Q Intelligence Raynor E R Cypris Q Null Q E Anthrax Q MAAR E*2 Kuradel W R Corona Q Psionic Q Jakk Summer: E (Energy Rifle)
  9. IljaHi


    now no more banned Murky! now more ban Arthas! You can still play Murky!!!!!
  10. I do not know if I have time! In-game name: HawKeYe - Preferred role: hmmm: TANK, Jungle, Pusher - Team: (I don't know) Heros of the Storm i play moster TANK and more Winrate than others!
  11. IljaHi


    I have PATIENCE and expect!!!!!!!!!!! You can always play MURKY and go to Diamond! Gold is easy! Platin is normal!
  12. IljaHi


    Aos dead ? NEVER! i like AOS! but I want to see new hero! When last time a new hero? 1 - 2 Years? Was Vindicator.Alarak??? Maps is wonderful! Thank you, MOTHER! Changelogs (Rework, Buff, etc) Thank you, Atomik! i like best new skin heroes! very beauty!!!!! I often play Heroes of the Storm and always online battlenet! now i am diamant!
  13. IljaHi

    Changelog v1.367

    #Cow Good! [W] - Anabolic Burst +100% Movement Speed for 0.75 seconds > 1,00 seconds [if Tbone is fully charged] +300% Movement Speed for 0.75 seconds >>> 1,50 or 2,00 seconds [Q] - Brownstone Fissure (+40%INT) > (+60%INT)
  14. IljaHi

    Changelog v1.358-1.364

    Atomik, Your favorite hero Aratnis! new skin BLACK ARTANIS or RED?
  15. IljaHi

    Changelog v1.356-1.357

    Beautiful screenshot, Queen! Good changes! Almost all heroes are beautiful visuals! I like its!