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  1. Henz

    Changelog v1.313-1.314

    the change of crackling's R is seriously annoying!
  2. Henz

    Changelog v1.237

    LoL poor Rog have been nerfed and nerfed. Honestly more & more ppl will leave this game cuz of such patches.
  3. Henz

    Changelog v1.232 [Week 15]

    you don't get what i mean or what, I knew well about his heroic passive and were just saying all about his Q. Ofc beside building him as tanky, he is just a squishy scrub for Intel build.
  4. Henz

    Changelog v1.232 [Week 15]

    I like the old Q of stukov was better than the new Q (sucks, weak, useless). He is now less picked as considered a squishy scrub but if for the fun, he is a good choice.
  5. Henz

    Changelog v1.227-1.231 [Week 11]

    I feel like LZ is useless now cuz most chars are able to escape from his ring by items like Gause cannon, Tele, etc and some unique abilities of char like shad, zera, crypus etc. Should consider those abilities or items be unable to escape from the ring.
  6. Henz

    Changelog v1.223-1.224 [Week 5]

    Agreed. Look what they have done to get heroes nerfed especially the Q Jump of Balrog. - Q Jump: Sorry but I have to say this is stupid change, Balrog is now not Balrog without the old jump (like frog) and looks weird with the new change. Balrog is unlike zera so please don't try to apply the same or change the own unique moves of heroes. I am fine if they get nerfed but the new jump. - Usually his Q slows the target, the new change makes his Q doesn't work on slowing the target. Also after using his Q, he doesn't block and con't to atk a target but turns around?!?
  7. Henz

    Changelog v1.220 [Week 2]

    This is true. His R seems now problem and cannot stack/eat creeps as the Dmg says 300/450/600 + 150% int although the life of creeps is around 300. This caused to use R on creeps hardly in a right timing. Please fix this! Also I don't know or maybe miss that when/does his R (level 3) get changed to 600+150%int instead of 700+150%int?
  8. Henz

    Penthos OP?

  9. Henz

    toxis speed

    nice one!
  10. some are bigger and some remain old way. But I like the thing is it's not much diff now to click on heroes such as shadow, rancor...
  11. Henz

    why so Long?

    It's been more longer now since new patch applied. Slow level-up!