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  1. Strydus

    Changelog v1.332

    Yeah seems to be most consumable items (except wards & flare) and doesn't matter which slot or if your inventory is full. http://www.aeonofstorms.com/index.php?/topic/7522-rancors-passive/
  2. Strydus

    Changelog v1.332

    Yay I no longer have to fear getting rekt by Alarak! Love the patch! Thanks Adam! One small thing I noticed while playing Rancor is his heroic passive (50% refund on consumables) is not working with elixirs, is that intentional?
  3. Strydus

    New Rating System

    Any developments in this space? Even having a history of how often players choose a particular hero would be nice. Perhaps throw in different weighting for Tanks and Support heroes as well?
  4. Alternative idea, instead of adding him to the ban list... Would it be possible to stop him from selecting Shadow and let him earn it by good behaviour?
  5. Try this link -> The troll loveyourself was the shadow, the other loveyourself playing boros was actually good and helped his team mates.
  6. I don't think Adam is lying, I've just witnessed two loveyourself's in game. I can't figure out how to upload this properly on the forum so I've uploaded a copy here ->
  7. Looks fantastic! Can't wait to lay siege to the new bases! :D
  8. Strydus


    Just joined a game with GoodShoks, will let you know if he lives up to his name