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  1. I understand that sword breaker needed fixing but I feel that putting unique-Forged Metal on Chilling Artifact and Darksteel Titan ,both crucial and important late game armor items, a redundancy that will severely weaken tanks. Its just my opinion but I feel it is too much as you don't see this kind of redundancy on any of the core late game items for dps or casters. I would like to know what other people think. =)
  2. Littleman


    most games these days are copies of other ones before them. even Dota isn't the original and was copied from a sc1 game so as it has is roots in sc I think we are ok..
  3. Littleman

    Grass is Broken

    honestly whenever someone went running into the bushes to escape before the change I would just do a quick hop in and out real fast because they all tried to same thing that midnight just mentioned. Doing that became useless because I came out of the bush at the exact moment they did. I like the changes other than I do find it easier for aa's to backdoor. question.... although, yes, there are counters to it, do novas and shadows need it any easier on them to backdoor? I mean its hard enough to counter without these complications.
  4. Littleman

    The game is not noob-friendly enough

    nothing about the game mechanics needs to be changed rather how accessible the information needed to learn. that is what I meant to say in my earlier post.
  5. Littleman

    The game is not noob-friendly enough

    I feel like most newer people are way to overwhelmed by everything going on in the game to bother adding to it all by reading the chat. I find even now when things get intense I miss things being said. Just a new perspective to look at. Maybe they aren't purposefully trying to be ignorant. Also the age of the players is unknown as many young people play starcraft also. It takes a certain maturity level for you to sacrifice your own wants for other people especially when they are yelling at you to quit. On that note I also disagree with the changes proposed.
  6. Littleman

    Super Launching B-Team

    haha I think that's my problem.....I am socially inept. I'm not interested in the tag or joining a clan but I wouldn't mind playing/having fun with you guys if your still interested.
  7. I think the most used site for people trying to learn a new game is youtube but I've noticed that AoS is really lacking in that department. The only quality videos up there are of tournaments and they are tedious to watch and created for an audience that already has an understanding of the mechanics and strategies to which most newer people are oblivious.
  8. Littleman

    The game is not noob-friendly enough

    Hmm, The first thing I do when I'm learning a new game is go to youtube. Instead of doing more guides on this site maybe it would be better to post guides on youtube. I would but I'm afraid of getting flamed because I'm not a tier 1 player, though honestly it doesn't take a tier 1 player to teach the basics. Thoughts anyone?