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  1. I am done playing, was a nice time tho. Better watch your community and beware of victims who claim they do everything better. Well, sad personalities exist everywhere :D

  2. JustZerO

    Quick question about Cooldown reduction

    read my last post, right above yours
  3. JustZerO

    Quick question about Cooldown reduction

    i will check this right away. back in 15 minutes, let's see ;-) EDIT: Just checked it: CD-Reduction does NOT affect CDs on items. However, Timescale/Time bonus effects DO affect item cooldowns, for example the active from Yamato Reactor or Shadows Ulti.
  4. JustZerO

    Quick question about Cooldown reduction

    I am pretty sure it does affect items
  5. JustZerO

    Looking for Moderators! [Closed]

    i think you are way too active as a poster to be a moderator. mods should act in the background, smooth and silently.
  6. maybe exchange players? GuZ: "i want JustZerO and you get Machukembo and Sniper" African: "lol you need to offer me at least half of your whole team to get ZerO, scrub!" GuZ: "Oh well, then I give you Machukembo and you offer me a Double Cheeseburger with extra large Coke, deal!"
  7. This thread shows what we Germans invented the word Kindergarten for
  8. JustZerO

    [Hero] Cache.Distributor

    as far as i see it, his heroic passive would cause him to heal forever.
  9. and btw, i did not really report you :D
  10. JustZerO

    All Current In-Game Commands

    there is another comand: -e (shows the average amount of XP you gained)
  11. JustZerO

    [Event]: Clan Wars

    i was like: omg, now he really is losing the grip :D btw, clan name: RIP or something weird like: aos (Animals of shap)
  12. I want to apply for the Dark Clan. Oh wait, i am already in Just Clan. Can I be the first player to play for 2 Clans? I can't rename myself yet, but i could be something like JustDark or whatever. Just Clan's 1st team is fixed as far as i know, and there is no 2nd team anymore, because there are so many players who are too lazy to follow any order. But if i play in a clan, i want to play for a team, and not be a substitute.