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  1. doxthefox

    Red Hydra's Profile

    i'd like to highlight the upbringings of AoS's greatest contributor. The great RED HYDRA!!! http://aeonofstorms....m/wiki/RedHydra
  2. doxthefox

    Hi My name is DOXthefox

    Blackamantium? Is it not possible that i just had a lot to say in my short stay. =D
  3. doxthefox

    Awesomeclock for MVP

    Where's the love for the great Awesomeclock! He's the real MVP! Awesome for MVP!! MVP MVP MVP!!!
  4. doxthefox

    Hi My name is DOXthefox

    I'm new to the community. Can someone please explain to me how this game works. Thanks.
  5. doxthefox

    New LOL Champion

    Shouldn't you guys be trying to make it on some pro NA team so you can make some real money like the rest of good euro players? Too soon?
  6. doxthefox

    New LOL Champion

    LoL of legends? Are they called LED lights too? Pretty good debates.
  7. doxthefox

    Dota, LoL, Aeon of storms, ROA...

    I haven't played any of these games, but they all suck. -DOX 2014
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  9. doxthefox


    approximate =/= exact, but let's stray from the time period arguments as that wasn't the point of the post. I was just curious to hear how the great Red Hydra has addressed issues that have been pointed out repeatedly for 2 years... approximately! =)
  10. doxthefox


    I haven't read a post in months nor do I care to. I haven't played a serious IH in two years but I want to play a game.... with you! The people that play this game. Here are the issues from approximately two years ago. 1. Gold generated from the farm in lane is too low 2. Since the gold generated from the farm in lane is low, denials are worth less, so what's the point? 2. The bushes do not work as intended. 3. Jungle creep are worth more than the creep in lane. 4. Agil heroes can farm the jungle with ease as their base damage/lifesteal is too strong. 5. There is no counterplay for farming neutrals because they are too close to towers. 6. Lockbox warp shard and tazer killed the skillcap. 7. Ganking is worth more than farming a lane. 8. The final turrets are too hard to destroy and thus make the game a turtlefest in a way that everyone has max items. 9. Gold income items net more gold than actually farming. 10. No character suggested has ever been implemented in the game from the forums. 11. Red Hydra doesn't read posts with more than 10 points and won't even notice this statement unless someone points it out to him. 12. Minion producing units such as unix/mk infested terrans/marinescan soak up the damage from Levi (forgot new name), which make it easy for them to get. 13. Mana cost is non-existent late game. 14. Wards last too long. 15. Early game sustain with lifesteal puts casters at a disadvantage because mana regen is nonexistent early. So the question is. How many of these issues have been resolved over the last 2 years and which ones. =)
  11. doxthefox

    Red <3

    I'm so sorry that I offended you Mr. Red. This was not my intent as I truly respect all the great things that you have done for this community. You are the best moderator on this site. Actually this is quite the understatement, you are probably the best in the history of the internet. You have caused this community to greatly flourish with your balancing and positive reinforcement on mumble. Your colorful commentary and logic is without fail. Anyone else who dares challenges you should feel horrible about themselves because they will never achieve the greatness that you have though you shouldn't let these people get to you because they simply are too ignorant to understand your level of intellect. You are a truly the best ever. I offer you my sincerest apologies once again. As a token of my love for all you have done I present to you this montage of other great red characters.
  12. doxthefox

    Red =/= Zero

    Why change your name to Red then put a picture up of our sacred hero Zero. As a fan of the great Megaman X for SNES I'm appalled by your choice of such an iconic hero. That is all. User was warned for this post.
  13. doxthefox

    The Good Ol' Days

    I remember when everyone left after this patch.
  14. doxthefox

    Greatest team of all time

    Sooooo.... who's the worst team of all time? I can't fill all five slots you know.
  15. doxthefox

    The New AoS Wiki

    Awesomeclock is off the block, looking for some girl to ride his sock. Dipped from Sotis, now he’s Chipz Ahoy. It's alright, you still Adamantium, and he's going HAM on them, the black phantom's in. All you see is guys getting split, wondering who turned the Lightzoff. Five minutes later, bot lane shows up late like he’s running with the police. Only in AoS, that’s L-L-Ludacris! Word is Malfroy got the community on lock, but Soede’s back on the block, and he’s brought his pack, but he’s on the oldest mac. They say all he sees is black and white, but he’s still looking bright and he's ready to fight. We got guys yelling about Yesterday, trying to bola back a day. Some more guys preparing for Tomorrow, no rest but someone’s gotta ask, who’s ready for Today?