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  1. Is it actually taking 0 bandwidth though? Blizz downloads like to lie.
  2. Mine says 0 the entire time and then it finishes all of a sudden.
  3. Dresden

    AOS Tournament Super Duper Special Edition

    Then there were a couple of us outside of the curve
  4. Dresden

    AOS Tournament Super Duper Special Edition

    Corona is strong and getting picked, gosh i didn't see that coming -_-
  5. Dresden


    So many things that it would take a while to type them all.
  6. Dresden

    Suggestions for future AoS Heroes

    Micro, rancor, unix. Rancor and unix would be almost perfect utility heroes but aos items make it too easy for them to be burst assassins. Micro tanky utility. You bring up geneva when rory is the original utility sup, For shame You just hate him cuz he can kill 3-4 heroes in a 1v5 :D
  7. Dresden

    AOS Tournament Super Duper Special Edition

    If dan is going to play i guess i should too.
  8. Dresden

    Bio needs a re-work

    old ult that kills almost anything?
  9. Dresden


    lol^ This happens to me a lot after reading updated patch notes.
  10. Dresden


    That's exactly what i wrote, yep good reading skillz. I am trying to get a good middle ground here, i never said make it impossible to bd, i actaully suggested to make it easier than what it is now. Plz actually read a post before you comment on it. There's some actual negativity for ya.
  11. Dresden


    Which made backdooring way too easy, just need to nerf bd resist some so it becomes possible to bd without it becoming easy. Can we change when bd resist kicks in? As soon as the last creep at the tower dies bd resist turns on right? That makes defending just a simple task of killing creeps. Maybe change it so that if there are no allied lane creeps in front of your tower (anywhere in the lane) you do not have bd resist. This way you can still get the tower even after cow blows up all of the lane creeps.
  12. Dresden

    Changelog v1.334-v1.338

    yep 50%
  13. Dresden

    Alternate AoS Idealog

    The whiskey breath idea is cool, it encourages tanky support rory and you could base heavy spell damage comps around him.
  14. Dresden

    Alternate AoS Idealog

    Not sold on the lz or raynor changes either. Lz passive should help against spell burst in some way. I got nothing for raynor.