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  1. Sciifighter

    List of 2.0.4 bugs!

    Yap, we noticed it yesterday too. Also cains ulti is really buggy now. It was like 50% of the tine that it didnt deal any dmg to someone. Situation 1, rancor with 50 hp left, i got sight everything. I fire 5 rockets, launch them, mumbel+ me like what the hell?! He didnt took any dmg... Same situation a bit later, i start groupfight, fighting mogloo, hes down to sth like 190 health thou i got a lot of rockets(enough to kill 50% of his life) he didnt took any dmg. Also at levi it happend. 15 secs of ult=no dmg to levi...
  2. Sciifighter

    Amount of assists?

    Exactly this. Any proper reason for that? I think assists are a really important factor of the game, so they should be shown^^
  3. Sciifighter

    Amount of assists?

    Lol i dont mean that obvisiously. There i just can see the actual amount. I wanna see my total amount like at the start. U can ser ur kills and death played games, won and lost, but not ur assists tere o.O
  4. Sciifighter

    Amount of assists?

    Well idk if right topic... Correct me if im wrong, but isnt it ur only possibility to see ur assists at the end of a game? Well u know, i play more tank/int supporters, so it would be really nice to see the assists u ever done... Just kills is more for the agi heros actually?
  5. Sciifighter

    AAAAnd It's gone. WTF?

    No. Its up to 7 now lol
  6. Sciifighter

    Amusing lol/SC2 Comparison

    I started playing again after 5 days of no aos xD to much guys asked me to play... But i wont tell them that i got used to ghe new ui... Pssssst dont tell it anyone
  7. Sciifighter

    Heart of the Swarm: Beta v2.0

    Well na suck, but we all know that, so playing masters still doesnt tell anything about knowing the game. Lol @ ur logic o.O Na really sucks... :P
  8. Sciifighter

    New User Interface Showcase!

    U know nothing
  9. Sciifighter

    Feedback on UI changes

    [Rage mode on] flob u flobing devs[rage mode off] Ur game is total shap now. No one will really play it anymore. Everyone i played today with and against are hating u for that sobbern shap u produced.
  10. Sciifighter

    Amusing lol/SC2 Comparison

    +1 for quitting aos...
  11. Sciifighter

    New User Interface Showcase!

    Agree with alot of things, but with the new changes its like everything is bugged. U cant use grid-hotkeys anymore right, also ah flob i give a flob about aos now lol. flobing shapty flob
  12. Sciifighter

    Changelog v1.70 - v1.73

    Gor gods sake u shouldnt have done it. U should have sinply sad, its shap that i dont build. Really u are loosing a shap tone of players. Cya bad ui-design sucks hard.
  13. Sciifighter

    New User Interface Showcase!

    Really this sucks. We played now a game as team, and 2 of them will quit now... Its really sad. Too muh buggs and bad degsin! Its flobbing shap :(
  14. Sciifighter

    Minimap & UI Changes

    Ur not getting used to it if u have to switch. Its also total nonsense, like everyone pronnounced and voted. Its out of the actual actinf field, bc u never are in the bottom right to do anything. So why do there one of the importants shap ever evolved?! Just bc u want a bad idea to get into the game. Ah and if u want to come with the argument: u havent played the beta, have u vbla bla bla; i had played it and the minimap on the right is stubbotn shap
  15. Sciifighter

    Incoming Features

    No pervert. Who wont see a girl that is just killing a tone of guys with a thought in a bikini? Who doesnt wanna sleep with her? ;)