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    Enough is Enough

    actually if you look to the left under my name you will see exactly where im from.

    Enough is Enough

    lol flobing idiot. I love when ppl have nothing good to say, they resort to attacking someones grammar and spelling. Knowing better english dont automatically generate more cash flow....fukin americans. Its called hard work btw

    Enough is Enough

    I could careless about the bugs and balancing and what not to be honest with you..I enjoy the game as it is. I just hate the fact that one simple thing can be done which is to put basic objectives and tips on load screen. We have been asking this for a while.."them being a couple of guys with a huge project" don't cut it. As the information for the tournies is constantly being changed...and not rly needed...bc the ppl who wanna play in them would already know about it without seeing it on the load screen. This one change that would take very little time but make a huge diff in how new ppl play the game.

    Enough is Enough

    You know whats funny is that i tried my hardest when i was writing that post to not make it seem like that. I Can never force someone to do anything they dont want to. EKCO an RED are they OWN MEN!! and do what they wann do WHEN THEY WANNA DO IT!!!. This is their game, and they are BOSSES. I swear to you it was always in the back of my head. im like "im not special, and it dont matter if i leave or not" that was not my intentions. i just meant to give an even eaiser and more light hearted response. Rather then just saying i quit!!!! like most others. im just in simple peaceful protest that i wont come back until i see changes being made....not to what i want, rather what most of the community seems to be asking for and yes ill admit...im one of them, so what? i also know i dont have much of an impact of the community since im not that good rly to be honest and i dont rly IH. but still. I LOVE THIS GAME

    Enough is Enough

    Greetings and salutations fellow friends of Aos. B4 i say anything else i would like to say this. I LOVED SOTIS and LOVE AOS! I also have MUCH love and respect for RED, ECKO and WRATH ofcourse. I have thought about making this post a while back...about a month ago, but then i kept saying to myself "nah, just give it another week or two, A lot of ppl metioned it already and they will change it soon". reason I thought this is bc we all obviously know that you guys arnt of the big gaming companies that dont rly listen to their players. we are a small community (aos) within a small community (sc2) of gaming. we have bound together and made this game what it is (mostly the dev's anyways) but " WE ARE THE FANS!" (again i thought about making this post a while back B4 ppl started quiting so its not like im jumping on the ( insert vehicle here) Anyways nothing changed comming week after week. I "pulled my last straw if you will" ....i dont even know if thats a saying or not lol...but now it is! lol. Thought i could put up with these new players, which i wont even refer too as noobs right now...bc any new person playing this game and comming into the forums..that word alone might discourage. I know its all fun and games..but some dudes cry like ****** so i dunno maybe we can stop calling other players flobing scrubs, n shap like that after they die a few times. Who knows they might stay in the game long enough to know what to do for the next one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we have to be more pateint as older players yes. ask anyone whos played with me, when a game starts i ask in (all chat) "if anyone is new i will help, ask me what you wanna know" even if they are on other team. What would RLY RLY go a long way is what previous players have mentioned and this is not new. I have read many thoughtful postes from other members asking for some very basic instructions to be posted on the loading screen. im not gonna go through and list them bc im sure others have bc i read it!! and im sure you guys can come up with a basic list which new players can read who havent played this type of game b4. it will make them survive longer and pick up basic rythem of gank or holding a tower and may other things... instead of them thinking they can just roam/skip around the map while whisteling the andy griffith theme song. I quit Again iv been meaning to do this for a while but thought id keep giving it a chance. Most members hear already know my story, how i work like a dog....prolly like most of us hard working dudes and gals do...but i have random work hours...i know RED AND ECKO do too when it comes to "TWERKING" the game if you will lol. they also do this all on thier own time which i respect and admire so much that they would never even know. simply bc i know i cant do what they do and im not as skilled. Although, small things such as mentioned above by not only me but a lot of the community shoul be addressed. I am gonna stick around and hold TRUE AND STONG!!! bc i know this game can become bigger on its own without sc2, and even if thats not true or not able to happen I LOVE THIS GAME AND WILL CONTINUTE to support with publicity and a lil $$ ya know? lol :P __---Plz dont give me ban or warning for this...which-eve dev is seeing this. i only mean the best. Thank you and good bye!!! its been good!! - Ps: i only made one request and it was for the people (THE PEOPLE OF AOS) we stand strong! amongst the top 3 arcade games! I like to see myself as all the other brothers who quit AOS, i feel their pain and frustration. I wanna be here to make a change though and not simply quit. BC i wanna come back and play very soon once this is fixed. When i read these (change logs) im like "alight cool....they did this-this-and this. but still didnt rly address the issue of ( insert here) Im willing to infuse 500-1000$ into the game. But i cant see it go to waste. -Again plz, id like not to get banned for this post nor a warning point. as it would show you're true intentions. a PM from ECKO would suffice as i may be a decent "donor" to the cause. Im not rly rly wealthy and cant afford everything i budget and live by my means...and also not a cheap dude..when i like something. i like to support the cause, i work hard and spend what ever i can (my means) i only bought sc2 HOTS was bc i thought i need it for the game lol....havvent played one ladder game ever!!! look at my profile..my friend showed my SOTIS and i bought sc2 just for that game alone...never once in my life played an actual sc2 match. Meh i know you guys/devs could careless but im out right up until you adress loading screen issue..then id have no prob playing the game...as long as i know you guys are trying. but at the moment seems like you are fixing things which arnt rly in priority. peace out till then friends. (yes you can relax my horrid boros bola skills are offline for the time being) Greetings And Salutations My Fellow Aos Friends.

    Aos facebook

    There like 3 ppl on that

    3 word never ending story

    Said boss warborn

    3 word never ending story

    Denied him the

    3 word never ending story

    He is also

    Cant seem to play after new patch

    This only happens to me when I leave my sc2 running in background over night, if I stay in the end game stats screen. I just shut down sc2 then start back up again and it works fine.

    Quality Pub Games

    Yea a decent pub game is hard to come by these days.


    I would not be an ideal candidate for joining you guys. I work weird hours and don't really know when I'd be able to play. Thx for invite tho.