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I am AtomiK, previously known as Adamantium. Currently I view AoS as my favorite game and I enjoy the mumble community for the most part which I have been apart of since 5.0 about 3 years ago (2011). On mumble and these forums I am your friendly neighborhood mod who also dabbles a bit in the developemnt of this game.


SC2 Name: Adamantium (Hopefully I can get a name change soon and change to my new OP name, AtomiK)


Region: NA


Favorite Heroes: Cain, Darpa, Penthos, Avenger


I like to eat. Period.

But I also play football and volleyball, and go the the gym! So I'm your not-so-typical black gamer lol.


That is all.

(Boy I love when people end a post like that)


imgur.com. You can use this site to upload images for posting on the forums by the way.