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  1. Adamantium

    Changelog v2.19

    General - ‘Alt2’ command minimum rating condition decreased from 1300 to 800. - For your action, whenever any player teleports using Transport or Space Gem, you and your team are alerted with a 'ping' on the minimap to their location. The Minimap 'Ping' is blue and last 2 seconds if they are allied, and it is red and lasts 1 second if they are enemies. Terrain - Retextured lanes. - Retextured river. - Recreated waterfall area adjacent to Levi. Neutrals - Cyclones now give 30 XP from 15. - Vultures now give 75 XP from 65. - Hellions now give 90 XP from 75. - Siege Tanks now give 115 XP from 100. - Thor gives 140 XP from 125. - Brax gives 165 XP from 150. (Note: When we increased the spawn time for creeps in 2.13, this indirectly caused Laners to receive an influx of XP as there were more creep waves coming in faster. These adjustments to the jungle XP are an attempted response to this change as to allow Junglers to keep up with Laners’ experience levels.) Talents - Bloodthirst now gives 4% Lifesteal and 4% Spell Leech instead of 6% Lifesteal. - Zeal now grants 0.15 MS and 40% Debuff Time Reduction for 3 seconds whenever you damage an enemy hero instead of 0.15 MS and 1.5 Health and Energy Regen for 3s. Items C-48 Gauss Cannon (3300; RESTORED!) Components: Shard of Ruin, Graviton Booster X2 +0.15 Movement Speed +30% Weapon Speed [Unique - Shard of Ruin 2] +15% Armor Penetration. [Active - Magnetic Shift] For the next 3.5 seconds, gain +66% Evasion, +6% Movement Speed, Slow Immunity, and have No Unit Collision. 25 second cooldown. Omniscience - Active cooldown increased to 140s from 100. - Added 'Omen Unique'; You gain +2 Sight radius if you have not taken damage in the last 8 seconds. Scavenger's Veil - 'Resourcefulness Unique' now refunds 33% of the cost of consumables from 40%. Shard of Ruin - Armor Penetration stat reduced to 10% from 15%. - Stat is now ’Shard of Ruin 1 Unique'. Sunflare Gun - 'Sun Burn' Active Spell Resistance Reduction debuff decreased from 20% to 15%. Tyde Pods - Now can be used on Allied Structures. - Charges reduced to 2 from 3. - Price increased to 140 from 110. Xenomorph Cleaver - Armor Penetration stat is now 'Shard of Ruin 2 Unique'. Overrides 'Shard of Ruin 1 Unique'. Yamato Reactor - Active now lasts 7 seconds from 8. Heroes Crackling - Added 'Alt2' skin. Q - If an enemy hero is hit, grants 20/30/40/50% Evasion for 4s instead of 15/25/35/45 Armor and Spell Armor for 3s. - Energy cost rescaled to 40/65/90/115 from 60/85/110/135. R - Cooldown rescaled to 90/75/60s from 100/80/60s. Cyprus Q, E - Updated sound and visuals. Dustin W - Spell damage rescaled to 40/80/120/160 (+50% INT) from 50/80/110/140 (+65% INT) E - Spell Damage Amplification per pulse rescaled to 5/7.5/10/12.5% from 12.5%; Max Spell Damage Amplification rescaled to 20/30/40/50% from 50%. Garamond E - Fix: Turret Laser Beam autoattack now visible again. Geneva E - Spell Damage Scaling reduced to 25% INT from 50%. R - Energy cost rescaled to 180/120/60 from 150/100/50. Huntress Q - Scaling Physical Damage increased to (+65% Weapon Damage) and (+65% INT) from +50% each. - Cooldown rescaled to 14/12/10/8s from 13/12/11/10s. - Energy cost rescaled to 50/70/90/110 from 50/75/100/125. E - Now also deals its Physical Damage in a 3u radius area around the target instead of only target. - Scaling Physical Damage decreased to (35% Weapon Damage) from (+75% Weapon Damage). - Stack count for bonus damage reduced to 3 from 4. R - Updated sound and visuals. Jim R - Updated sound and visuals. Null - Added 'Alt2' skin. Rancor - Added 'Alt2' skin. R - Cast range rescaled to 26/34/42u from 40u. Tychus HP - RnT Stacks now last 3s from 4. W - Cooldown rescaled to 22/20/18/16s from 18/16/14/12s. - Energy cost set to 100 from 70/80/90/100. R - Heal reduced to 100/150/200% Damage Mitigated (50/75/100% if reactivated early) from 150/300/450% Damage Mitigated (75/150/225% if reactivated early). - Secondary Armor and Spell Armor bonus that lasts up to 6 seconds increased to 50 from 40 (Initial 2 second bonus still 100). - Cooldown rescaled to 110/90/70s from 100s. - Energy cost set to 150/200/250 from 150/225/300. Yig E - Cooldown rescaled to 16s from 18/16/14/12s. - Armor and Spell Armor Buff duration increased to 6s from 5s. - Heal effect reworked; Sacrifices 20% Current Health, converting a percentage of the amount sacrificed into Health for the target, up to 800 Health. Current Health Converted: 55/70/85/100%. (Note: Effectively, this means Precious Fluids now costs 20% Current Health at all levels from 15/17.5/20/22.5%, and heals Target's for 11/14/17/20% Current Health from 15/17.5/20/22.5%.)
  2. Adamantium

    Changelog v2.13-2.17

    Yes, now there is more similarity. They both involve jumping in a target direction, latching on to the first hero hit, and CC'ing them while dealing damage + On hit effects. As Mother said, the effect once you hit is different in that it's a root and that it temporarily buffs other aspects of his kit
  3. Adamantium

    Changelog v2.13-2.17

    v2.15 Heroes Ravager Heroic - Reduced max stacks from 6 to 5. - Energy regen increased to .3% from 0.25% Max Energy and health regen increased to 4.5% from 4% STR. Q - Cast time from 0.15 to 0.25s. - Cooldown rescaled to 16/15/14/13 from 14. - Corrosion duration reduced to 2s from 2.5s. Max Health True Damage per Sec increased to 1.5% from 1%. - Increased AoE to 2.75 from 2.5. W - Abyss stack bonus gives +0.3 AoE from +0.25. - Now also increases range by +1 per stack. E - Rescaled Abyss stack bonus to 3/4/5/6% from 2/3/4/5% Weapon Damage Reduction. - Fixed bug that caused the "Great Orange Ball" model to sometimes appear on allied heroes. v2.13-2.14 General - Added Abysmal.Ravager - Added global sound alert for Hero Kills & Boss Kills. - Fixed assists not showing on the leaderboard. - Added ability to zoom out slightly more. Terrain - Mid Lane redesigned Neutral - All "Levi" buffs (Primal Blood/Primal Essence/Primal Wrath) now last 4 minutes from 5 minutes. - "Levi" buff mini-icon tooltips updated, now display remaining duration in real-time when you hover over them. - Brax Monolith true damage reduced from 20 per missile to 15. - Aeon base health increased to 5000 from 3500. - Aeon beam damage reduced from 70 to 50 (-40 damage total), AoE "Smash" damage reduced from 180 to 150. - Nydus Destroyer base health increased to 7500 from 5000. - Nydus Destroyer Attack Damage and AoE Damage reduced from 125 and 100 to 100 and 75 (-50 damage total). Target Current Health Scaling damage reduced from 15% to 10%. - Yagdra base health increased to 10000 from 9000. - Yagdra Attack Damage and AoE Damage reduced from 150 and 100 to 125 and 75 (-50 damage total). Target Current Health Scaling damage reduced from 20% to 15%. Structures - Sanctums now have +20/s Health Regeneration if they have not been attacked in the last 60 seconds. Creeps - Creep Wave spawn rate reduced from 35s to 28s. - Ranged creep base damage reduced to 50 from 60. Items Blue Gene - Price reduced from 3700 to 3600. Cauterizer - Fixed bug causing the item to increase healing on enemies, rather than reduce. Eye of Amon - Hunt 2 Unique replaced with Territorial 1 Unique; You gain +20% Weapon Speed and Movement Speed when you are within 12u of any Neutral Unit. This effect is disabled if you have been attacked by a Hero in the last 10 seconds. - Now also has Survivalist Unique; +5% Experience. Force of Entropy - Unique debuff lasts 3 seconds when used by Melee heroes, and 2 seconds when used by Ranged from 2.5s for both. Hunter's Hatchet - Reduced active cooldown to 6s from 30s. - Active can now also instantly destroy (Read: Deny) your own wards. However, you cannot destroy allied players' wards. - Active can now also instantly destroy any of Jakk's 3 wards/mines. Hunter's Knife - Hunt 2 Unique now only applies against Neutral Units from Enemy Non-heroic Units. - Knife Throw active now deals 100 + (20% Target Current Health) True Damage from 50 + (15% Target Current Health) True Damage. - Knife Throw active can now target Massive Neutral Units. Deals 50% Damage to Bosses. - Cooldown reduced to 25s from 30s. Lion's Bane - Territorial Unique renamed to Territorial 2, overrides new Eye of Amon Territorial 1 Unique. Lockbox - Active duration increased from 2.5 to 3s. - Cooldown increased to 60s from 45s. Naix Claw - Active Lifesteal bonus decreased to +100%, decaying at +20% / autoattack from +175%, decaying at +35% / autoattack. Phantom Menace - Added sound cue. Phase Cloak - Active cooldown increased from 40s to 60s. Sentry Ward - Price increased to 80 from 60. Spirit Containment Vessel (1700; NEW!) Components: Soul Engine, Hunter's Hatchet, Pulse Regenerator +200 Health +3 Energy Regen +0.15 MS +10% Cooldown [Unique - Hunt 3] Deal True Damage equal to 15% of your Spell Damage to Neutral Units. [Unique - Survivalist] +5% Experience [Unique - Harvest 2] Gains a charge every time you kill a unit, up to 15 charges. [Active - Reap] Consume all charges to Regenerate 20 Health and 10 Energy per charge. 30 second cooldown. Sunflare Gun - Active Energy cost increased from 50 to 100. Heroes Alarak HP - Damage scales with Target Current Health from Target Max Health. - Damage adjusted to 4-10% (4 + 0.33*Lvl) according to your level from 2-6%. - Heal from Damage Dealt reduced to 20% from 25+(25%) W - Energy cost reduced to 50 from 60. R - Energy cost rescaled from 175/200/225 to 150/200/250. Avenger W - Stacks decreased from 6 to 4 - %Damage per stack increased from 3/ 4/ 5/ 6 to 5/ 7/ 9/ 11 - Now also increases damage dealt from items. Balrog W - Energy cost set to 100 from 80/100/120/140. R - Energy cost rescaled to 175/250/325 from 200/275/325. Dehaka - Fixed turn-rate being unintentionally slow. W (Evolved) - Attribute steal duration reduced from 180s to 90s. R - Updated visuals. Egon Q - Cast range reduced to 6u from 7u. E - Spell Damage now scales with 20% Target Missing Energy from 40% INT. - Energy cost increased to 85/110/135/160 from 80/100/120/140. R - Cast range reduced to 8u from 9u. Jakk E - Spell damage rescaled to 100/200/300/400 from 175/250/325/400. - Energy cost increased to 125/150/175/200 from 110/135/160/185. Karax - MS reduced from 2.9 to 2.8. Khyrak R - Changed from Target Unit ability to Target Direction. Khyrak now pounces towards a targeted direction for 10u, latching onto the first enemy hero hit. - Now for 10s after being "Eviscerated", Open Wounds (Heroic) deals double damage and 'Rend' (W) deals true damage to enemies hit. - Updated sound and visuals. Leo R - Scaling Spell Damage reduced to 20% Weapon Damage from 25% Weapon Damage. - Energy cost rescaled to 150/200/250 from 100/150/200. Micro Q - Now Transient E - Passive Armor and Spell Armor gain per enemy hero in AoE removed. - Active now also grants 9/12/15/18 Armor and Spell Armor for duration; This bonus doubles when facing an enemy hero. - Active no longer grants 5/10/15/20% Physical Resistance (Note: This bonus was unlisted in the tooltip). - Duration increased to 5s from 4.5s. R - Passive now also grants 10/15/20% Physical Resistance. Queen R - Timmy's Health increased to 800/1300/1800 from 600/1200/1800. - Cooldown rescaled to 140/120/100 from 120. Ravager (Ranged Strength Hero; NEW!) - Added Alt Skin. Starscream E, R - Updated sound. Tychus W - Damage rescaled to 12/24/36/48 + (75% Weapon Damage) Physical Damage from 20/30/40/50 + (50% Weapon Damage) Physical Damage. - Energy cost rescaled to 70/80/90/100 from 100/125/150/175. Viron HP - Buff/Debuff duration increased to 3s from 2.5s. Q - Energy cost rescaled to 70/90/110/130 from 100/110/120/130. W - Energy cost rescaled to 60/80/100/120 from 90/100/110/120. E - Now grants 100/150/200/250 Health & Energy per sec from only Health. R - Energy cost rescaled to 175/250/325 from 200/275/350.
  4. Adamantium

    Changelog v2.11

    Lol, basically yeah.
  5. Adamantium

    Changelog v2.11

    I found the problem. Cauterizer is broken and results in people getting insane amounts of bonus healing from it instead of reducing. So just encourage your teammates not to buy it, until this is patched.
  6. Adamantium

    Zoom out?

    If heroes are half your screen size, then there's something pretty funky going on with your computer. Either way, some time ago the game used to allow you to zoom out a little further. I wouldn't mind adding another zoom level or two
  7. Adamantium

    Why I do not play aos anymore

    How so? Reasonable. You think wards are too important due to the current number of cliffs and bushes. I welcome criticism. I tend to be quite critical myself. I can agree that I preferred the vibrancy and lack of terrain consistency found in previous maps.
  8. Adamantium

    Why I do not play aos anymore

    What is the downside to having more jungle camps? I would argue that creeps were too weak before. But I'm willing to change my mind. I like the ability to make plays using bushes. What don't you like about having many bushes? What makes having many ramps frustrating?
  9. Adamantium

    Why I do not play aos anymore

    Interestingly enough, people also say it's a lol clone.
  10. Adamantium

    An Open Letter to the Premades

    I just pick pyro and walk through the enemy team 1v5
  11. Adamantium

    Whale ruined this game

    I wish RoA had a mid lane.
  12. Adamantium

    Fc dat sht dat important and i know da wae

    How exactly did you think devs worked? Did you think we constantly tried every hero and item combination just to find bugs or that we played the game to have fun?
  13. Adamantium

    Fc dat sht dat important and i know da wae

    Interesting read. The rage made me smile.