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  1. Cronos

    AoS Official Tournament

    I am finding this thread compelling. I hope the turnout is high. Any word on who is Steaming/Shoutcasting?
  2. Cronos


    It is still early and a lot more testing build-wise is to be done towards countering new items/mechanics. It is obvious that INT Hero damage can become very strong, which is fine since most of said casters have major drawbacks such as Low Resist/Armor/HP. Countering said casters has always been about disabling/CC/Burst before they disable/CC/Burst you.
  3. Energy Leech or Mana Leech is a mechanic that has been avoided in AoS and considered controversial. The reason this is so is because it inhibits the players without Mana Leech from actually playing their heroes. Let me elaborate. A caster hero that relies solely on spell-cast ect. such as Dustin.Brawler, Virgil.Nerazim, Egon.Stetman, would be rendered useless if Mana Leech was implemented as a common mechanic. Since these heroes do not have viable alternatives, Mana Leech would stop these players from being able to participate leading to an unfair advantage towards heroes that work well with Spell Leech versus those who do not. Players would then shy away from said heroes and thus discourage diversity in the game. If you would like a more detailed and well-worded explanation, try logging onto mumble and directly asking the developer, RNG.
  4. Cronos

    Suggest a Hero win $100! [VOTING TIME] [FINAL-ROUND]

    Eventually your's too.
  5. Cronos

    Suggest a Hero win $100! [VOTING TIME] [FINAL-ROUND]

    Thank you to everyone who voted for Ash.Khastiana. It was indeed a close race and each of the final heroes deserve to be praised. I would like to thank Aellectris especially for providing me some insight on balances and ideas for the Heroic Passive. I do, however, have full intellectual ownership over the suggestion - so... sorry Aellectris, there is no spilt pot. On another note, some of the functions for the actual hero may or may not be possible to implement into AoS. The good news - however - is that I have already talked to RNG about the heroes design philosophy, its role, and how it would integrate into the pre-existing AoS universe. For the most part, things are looking promising. Once again thanks so much for everything. I put quite a bit of effort into this.
  6. Cronos

    Suggest a Hero win $100! [VOTING TIME] [FINAL-ROUND]

    Yes I agree with you - they all look like fun heroes to play and I wouldn't have a problem either way (including Pally's). Lately it seems though that people have been voting out of spite - rather than thoroughly looking through and choosing the right choice (for the sake of drama and a close race). Don't get me wrong but your hero is well done - it is just Interesting enough that people want another AA carry rather than a caster/tank support. Either that or a Zergling is in high demand. AND Even is Ash doesn't win, she will always be IMMORTAL. ^ ^ GG good luck addy
  7. Cronos

    Suggest a Hero win $100! [VOTING TIME] [FINAL-ROUND]

    "Ash.Cash" needs more support! Help her out guys! :D We don't need more AA carries in this game!!!!! (i'm jking!) But seriously...who doesn't want to blow up an entire team?!
  8. Cronos

    Short-Term Fix to NA AoS Lag

    As far as we know it only takes effect when someone drops during the loading screen.
  9. Hello everyone! Cronos here. I would like to bring attention to a recent work-around for the unprecedented lag everyone has been dealing with on the NA Servers. Recently, an anonymous person noticed that if a person is dropped during the loading screen of the game the game is completely lag-free. The only bad news is that each game will have to have a dropped player in order to by-pass the lag. After several test, it does indeed work. That being said players will have to opt in as a "designated dropper" until more light is shed on the issue. This will mean that someone in the game lobby will not play and will have to either log-out and "leash" the lag for everyone else. This is why I am bringing attention to the community. There is already a spot implemented as a spectator which does indeed work the same so 5v5's still work perfectly well. I will be updating this thread constantly as I find out more information on the matter.
  10. The Scale of Damage this skill can net is superior on its own and I use the mechanic of damage amp as inspiration from a WoW raid boss, who has a massive nuke that nearly wipes everyone but has to cooldown and is vulnerable... I find it unique and also an incentive for the enemies to focus the tank. This hero might not be the best if it engages on a team who... doesnt follow up or even better as a continuation of an engage and not necessarily a true initiator but a follow-up nuker.
  11. Cronos

    Suggest a Hero win $100! [VOTING TIME] [FINAL-ROUND]

    GG. Disruptor is making a come-back because everyone loves an underdog. Hurray! :)
  12. First off Tasty, Thank you for reading in-depth and providing me with constructive criticism. I will try to address each issue you have. I think you are not understanding the scaling on energy consumption. Let's apply numbers. 500 mana with 25 starting INT would work out like this: FORMULA Base Toggle + Mana per Second + 10% of INT = Mana. (25) + [(25*x) + (25*0.1)] = 500 475/25 + 2.5 = 475/27.5 =17.27 Seconds up time if you have full mana... I do not see the problem here. What you seemed to mis-interperate is that the mana consumption is not based off a percentage of mana but of INT and the INT:MANA ratio is 1:7 so you are really only consuming 1/7*0.1 extra mana. Not really noticeable but enough to keep you from infinite casting this skill. The debuff is applied to provide emphasis for enemies to focus down Ash, despite being a tank. It makes teams have to think in or before a teamfight. Should we switch focus on the crippled Ash? or continue chasing that AA carry? Nice I see you are understanding how a balanced hero functions. Decisions are part of the game and that is where the skill/experience comes in. Having a hero that does it all simply by following up a cheesy combo is what I am trying to avoid with Khastiana. It was choice by design to make her function the way she does. Btw, have you ever thought of maybe Initiating with Q > Pop R > then W + E to block pathing or pin a weak target or even escape? There is plenty of synergy. IT would be OP for her to have no draw back of initiating with severe damage reduction > popping an ultimate who's Damage output theoretically would be the second highest in the game (Toxi's would still net more damage) and have no drawbacks on doing so. If you say the ultimate is underwhelming I beg you to differ. Currently you can get Mana-pools exceeding 5000 mana. 55% of that of which is consumed is converted directly into damage. So, Theoretically you could nuke 2750 damage off the bat to units in melee range up to 2 units away; 2200 to units within a 4 unit range; 1650 to units 6 range (Cyprus Ultimates damage at level 3 (Including his INT scaling at the same level); 1100 at range 8; 550 at 10 and Zero beyond. I do not see the problem here. Combine this heroes initiation with that of Jackson or Drake or any other initiation and this hero has effectively cleaved the entire enemy team for massive damage. Risky? Sure. Rewarding? No doubt. Another reason why I made both damage amps stack is that I really want the user playing Khastiana to understand that the ultimate is not to be taken lightly and should not be used unless you can ensure killing your enemy. Another note. You claim that there is no CC for this ultimate? Well consider adding a nitrogen retrofit. Problem solved. Another note. The upcoming patch with over 25+ new items have mechanics that could possibly make this hero extremely broken. Items such as Small Hadron Colider, which not only increases HP and Timescale but allows you to Blink and Stun Identical to Khastiana's Q. So you could theoretically SHC Blink in > Ult > Q out. GG. OH yea and the new Gaurdian Steel takes a percentage of damage in and converts it directly to mana. Wonder how that would play out with your shield up. The Q is fine imo, the only concern I have for this hero is that CD's might be too long but in the new patch there are quite a few powerful CD reducing items. I want her to focus on STR/INT>MANA>CDR>HP As for escapes? Well she does have her Q which would also work well with nitrogen. You would want a warpshard at some point which would also cover things, You're W can mitigate quite a bit of damage and ward off enemies till you get to a safe place or even your E to push them away from you or even outright kill them. Remember, as a tank/caster/support you still rely on a team, AA carries usually take down the Tanks/Casters so I am fine with shadow being a problem for Ash. There will always be heroes who can counter this one, if not she would be broken. Last but not least I might just change the Radius for her Phase Shift from 2 to 4 Since it is on quite a long cooldown, As well as possibly shortening the Cast time for her ultimate from 1 second to .75 seconds. So that you can indeed seg-way into your ultimate if you successfully get your Phase Shift off.
  13. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to look into this hero suggestion. It really means a lot to me. I am very thankful for your support and I hope that you guys enjoy this hero or any of the other well-thought suggestions if they ever become implemented into Aeon of Storms. Sincerely, Cronos.
  14. Cronos

    Things you miss from SotIS

    Shock Beacon. Basically the beta to Marine-King.
  15. Cronos

    Boros - Dont worry hes not OP

    No, just simply distracting the community once again from the prevalent plague that is shadow's utility/skill kit for an AA hyper-carry. What truly makes Boros such an issue is his entire kit combined: Agility Hero meaning innate Armor Scaling. Damage-Aversion mechanics: Spellstorm for Spell Damage Immunity/ Omnislash for pure Invulnerability. Relatively Short Cool-downs: Guaranteed Omnislash per Team Fight. Great Physical/Spell Leech Potential, Phenomenal Sustain. Spam-able Low-Risk initiation mechanic. Can easily turn a 5v5 into a 5v4. Multiple Damage Mechanics - Incorporates both Physical and Spell Damage. Not item dependent: Very strong when even when behind. Greatest pluck potential with Warp-shard or Impact Dial. Tricky to master Bola, but once mastered, poses too much advantage against the enemy team. Bola can be used to Save teammates. Farms extremely well Snow-balls decently if feed. However, it does have some innate flaws: No true escape until Warpshard. Melee-Ranged Auto-Attack. Relatively mana-hungry early game. (Fixes itself late game) Bola can interfere with Teammates? (can be good/bad) Relies on hugging onto enemies to deal damage. Everything is about positioning. Situationally Squishy Vulnerable without Spell-storm. Can't really think of any others. So this is an issue with too many pros not enough cons as I am sure there is more of each. Clearly the hero is unbalanced as I am sure many of the pros by definition out-weigh the cons.