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  1. Smuma


    Goofy.Wafield Hero text:After Goofys brother got killed by kerrigan in the campagin,he grew angry and sweard to kill all AoS developers with his imbaness! Strenghts hero ---->Dps,Carry 39+6 Str basic hp~250 hp 37+4 Agi basic weapon damage 65;armore 3;basic weapon speed 1,8 24+3 Int basic range 5,5 Heroic Passive: Morale Goofy.Warfield gets +2% time per allied hero in a unit-range of 10 (this passive makes him very strong in team figths and let him be a carry hero) Ability 1: "Thats all?" When Goofy have less than 50% hp,he will get 7/12/19/25 % lifesteel Ability 2 (passive): Bayonet Whenever Goofy gets attacked in a range of 3 he will strike the unit with the lowest health points (priozises heros) with (75% weapon damage) pysical damage. If Goofy kills this unit he will get +4/9/13/17 % weapon speed, if he kills a creep the bonus will stay 6 seconds,if he kills a hero the stacks will stay. All stacks are loosed upon death. Bayonet strike cd is 2 seconds . Ability 3:Roaaar! Goofy runs in the targets direction and all allied creeps will instantly attack the target for 2/4/6/9 seconds .If Goofy hits his target dealing 100+25% strenghts and both get stunned for 3 seconds. Bayonet is still working if stunned by Roaaar! Ability 3:Super-Laser-Shotgun Goofy is swiching his weapon for 40 seconds to the Super-Laser-Shotgun and gets +25/30/45%weapon speed and is dealing 50/85/120 additional true damage;instead of Bayonet,Goofy uses his Shotgun dealing 85% AGI true damage;his range until his ulti is activated is decreased to 1,25,Bayonets range is decreased to 1,25 as well. EDIT: This shouldt be the portrait
  2. Smuma

    [Hero] Technic.Herium

    Would't be very very very OP if a player would't play with some expirience with AoS
  3. Lol i dont know who game your playing.... Max level on the 'e' ability is 4 Not 5
  4. Smuma

    How do you counter Tosh?

    This guid should't come into the Character guides i think aaaaaand get a shrapnel
  5. Smuma

    Drafting guide by Shablagoo

    Hey first of all a great guide but shouldn't this come into the Aeon of stroms Lobby? Tell me if im wrong
  6. Smuma

    new items coming?

    Especialy IMBrews
  7. Smuma

    new items coming?

    Especialy IMBrews
  8. Smuma

    -Shadow.Geminus v1.106- pub build

    In my opinion a bad guide :/. You often took a bad grammer or words like coz ,u or ppls , yeah peopleS. Even the content was bad. talent tree(like doom said) isn't good either.I would't make tons of offense maybe 5-0-1 or even 6-0-0 (if its wrong im a nap shadow). 25% time is much better than 60+15% mana and health regeneration! as shadow you will have enaught leecgh for healeing you to full health points with attack 1 neutral spot and haste is very good in early game when the noobs with their caster heros come out and get killed because they can't run away from you( yes noobs we are talking about pubs). I also disagree with SHM and Pyre as first items after Duran's.Pyre is a item wich can be uselles or can be heavy nike shap. in drafts nobody care about hero composiotion, everyone is taking the hero he likes. Imagine a random team pick without looking at the other team 5 INT or DPS heros i really wouldn't buy pyre if the strongest guy got 1k hp... whats about s Nova wich is fed by your noob mates you have to build somthing against her,like cloack or executioner's. Thats all bout the content. PS: your calculation of the damage was very confusing and i think the most people didn't read it PPS: heath points massive leech with darwins. You don't need Defender for survifing Cypruses ulti wtf
  9. Smuma

    How do you counter Tosh?

    first dont you know the easy lane wich has 2 creep spots? second dont you know the hard lane wich has 1 save creep spot? third dont you know the middle lane wich has 2 save creep spots ? anyway if you are going to a lane lets say bot, only kill the firebat and his bros or the thor and his bros or even the 2 firebat and the tank and their bros? its fking easy to get spectres even in pubs: every idiot is autoattacking and dont even know whats denieing... why do you think tosh e deal that fking much dmg in a big area...maybe for gettng spectres ??
  10. Smuma

    Jakk.Summers Penis minefield

    How do you like a "BOOM" or a OOPS maybe a SORRY or HEHEwouldt be nice as well
  11. Smuma

    Draft Pick or Free Pick

    maybe im eu and your na? dude think more please
  12. Smuma

    Draft Pick or Free Pick

    dude two things for you. first i play pubs only with friends and second i never play freepick in inhouses + if i play pubs i only make troll builds like dps gara or masamune brine beside... residente cant you see that everyone is against you? you cant play you are only the forum queen (IMO)
  13. Smuma

    Draft Pick or Free Pick

    i never play freepick because it sucks
  14. Smuma

    In memorian to our friend Jackson

    build him as "slowdowner" that is my full item build :nitogenretrofid: :smallhadroincollider: :darkstealtitan: now it really depends on hero conclusion way 1 way 2 or :gravityedge: depends again :/ (get edge if your opponents have some spell resist otherwise argus) way 3 (for better players) walk or teleport near him slow him meeeega down,ulti,magnetic link,and optic beam activeate yamato and free kill.You also can make your team fed if you have cd then walk near the enemie and he will get lots of slowdown(nitogen because of superheated your w and darksteal if he attacks you=seems like 0,01 movespeed and your mates can have fun)
  15. Smuma

    Micro.Gravitus overpowered.

    AND WHAT HAPPENS IF MICRO GETS TASER?? that means shc throw silence stun slime. if you are at a tower then...byebye