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  1. Highlife

    Changelog v1.280-1.281

    Khalis Relic isn't granting Int stacks on ability use. It should also be noted that the Warp Shard nerf applies to spell damage as well. This is a pretty significant nerf to Jackson. There's no reason to take that item over Impact Dial now.
  2. Highlife

    Under-utilized Items

    I would like to add Sunflare to this list.
  3. Highlife

    Rework Huntress' W

    Huntress is not meant to be in the thick of the team fight. Huntress is best played hawking the fight and picking off people and then using R on anyone running from the team fight low on health. Huntress can deal a shap load of damage but is also very squishy and susceptible to stuns or slows. It requires good map awareness and positioning.
  4. Highlife

    Changelog v1.249

    I max E, then W, with 1 level in Q just for the escape. Q does good damage but it's harder to land so I level the more reliable W first.
  5. Highlife

    Changelog v1.249

    I think Huntress has decent escape with Q and W. Your Q will push anyone that is chasing you away and the W lets you run like a scalded a$$ ape. If by escape you mean a blink then yes he does not have THAT quick of an escape.
  6. I typically always buy Ihan Crystal when playing INT casters. IMO it's an awesome item for the following reasons: 1. It allows you to keep a constant presence in lane. This means you're getting more xp and more creep kills. This allows you to justify the cost of the item as well as get a level or two on your opponent. Sure pots are cheaper but you have to port back which takes time. 2. The stacks are permanent even after you sell the item. You also get half your money back so in reality you're only paying 1475 for all these benefits. 3. It can punish greedy players. I can't tell you how many times I've been low on life and someone get's greedy, goes for the kill, and I just pop Ihan heal and they end up dying.
  7. Highlife

    Buff unix

    Unix is hardly UP. He can be one of the best tank/supports in the game. I'll agree that his ULT is sometimes unreliable but it has one of the longest disables (if not the longest) in the entire game. I think people get frustrated when they try and play Unix as a caster carry but that's not what he's best suited for. He's best used as a aura mule/crazy regening/disabling hero.
  8. Highlife

    Current balance state

    The only one I really disagree with is Unix. He is not UP. If you're playing him as pure INT then yes you're going to have a hard time but that's the wrong way to play him (IMO). You put Organic and some other regen/tank items on him and combined with his Q makes him one of the best tanks/supports in the game. His ULT is best used to lock someone down while your carry kills them. I don't even care about the damage it does, it's the perma stun that I like. This all assumes you have a competent team that takes advantage of your ULT. And yes, Immortal is about as useful as a poopy flavored lolly pop.
  9. Highlife


    I would like to play but need an invite to a team...
  10. Highlife

    Changelog v1.246-1.247

    I like the new hero Psionic.Turraneth. Seems like a high skill cap hero that can be lethal if played well especially if equipped with a warp shard.
  11. Highlife

    Changelog v1.241-1.243

    - Most Talents now work on an Upgrade based system instead of behavior. This means there is more headroom for other behaviors, and also that certain mechanics are now possible (see Tass). Can anyone provide an example of this? I don't quite understand what this change means.
  12. Highlife

    Beta Changelogs

    I'm saddened by the continual nerfs to Jackson (mostly cuz he's my favorite). People fail against him when all they need to do is buy paralax which hard counters him. That or any kind of stun or pull. So because of players' refusal to adapt with items the hero is penalized. Why is Jackson getting nerfed when heroes like Maar are OP? Maar's damage output is redonk right now. Also Immo is still a top tier crap hero. Other than all my complaints thanks for the hard work and continued updates Whale!
  13. Highlife

    Changelog v1.238-v1.239

    To be clear this seems to apply to all uniques since I just tested it and Khali blades +30% crit damage does not proc during his ult. He actually does less damage with his ult than simply AA with full wpn speed and Khali blade unique...at least for AD boros.
  14. Highlife

    Broken Drake build/hack?

    The more incredible thing is how in Great Odin's Raven did you manage to play 2 hours without the lag destroying everyone. Usually it only takes 1 hour before Lag says, "ok I'm done trolling, now it's time to try hard and kill everyone."
  15. Highlife

    ~Aeon of Storms Christmas Special~

    Unfortunately I am traveling for Christmas vacation tomorrow so I won't be able to partake in the tourny. Good luck to all but mostly team Cafe!!!