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  1. General feedback

    I guess this is why more people are playing LoL.....
  2. AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    wtf viron nerfed in speed?!?!?!?
  3. Yig WTF?

    just play with me and syrus zera.....We play with my brother and his friend they pretty OP
  4. Yig WTF?

    That to
  5. Yig WTF?

    Just play LoL with the rest of us bra.... ACCOUNT SUSPENDED!
  6. Yig WTF?

    Not a Jessica hero so nerf, duh bra
  7. Viron

    YESSSSSSSSS buffff the vironnnnnnnnnnn OOOOORRRR you could just decrease the amount of this health gain ability but 150 each level but double the amount when used on viron, sooo lvl 4 health gain maxed out on 1000 on other hero but 2000 on viron! buff tank ability along with ult damage BOOOM win win
  8. Viron

  9. Viron

    wowwww hitting rancor with three full spins late game and it only does half damage is some CRAAAAAP, and lets face it his only ability that ACTUALLY does some sort of damage is the ult....
  10. Starcraft/ broodwar

    Wonder if AOS will be re-made on that :D
  11. Viron

    Uhhh can we make ult do true damage! Thanks
  12. AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    poor pyro and ere........that damage nerf and heal nerf to pryo, and what is the purpose of the ere nerf? IMO he was one of the more balanced hero in the game...
  13. IH now

    Wow I am on and no one is
  14. IH now

    Yay computer is fixed, guess the tournament didnt happen. RIP AOS
  15. IH now

    what is ih?