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  1. lOvOl

    Maar scaling

    Seriously, in all my MAAR games I never thought of this, especially since having superheated and barbed on him as I do plus a lot of health means your illusion just softens them up if they attack it in the vanguard. Really, you just gave me another idea around your idea.
  2. lOvOl

    Maar scaling

    DST is a good item on a hard caster MAAR, the same goes with parallax because if you get tasered you still want to be able to run away long enough to be able to heal yourself back up with sap. OC of course is for sustain as you can't really rely on creator aura late game as you have too many hit points for it to be very useful except on squishies. Then again I think like impact dial or SHC because it provides gap closing ability rather than just kiting ability.
  3. lOvOl

    Sarah.Kerrigan. Public NmE

    My old build for her was pyre, lightning rod, yamato, HoM, Darwins, and Masamune. Basically, you threw down your ult, then with your 40% movement speed from HoM and Yamato plus being 45% over the attack speed cap with Yamato and Masmune's timescale bonuses you could do insane DPS (the 25% more spell damage with lightning rod and pyre adds up too). Basically it forces your enemy to either stand ground and eat your ult or else run, in which your 40% movement speed plus a boomerang to slow them down allowed you to pretty much AA to death at will any hero without super insane speed. The key was making sure you threw down your ult first before engaging and of course remember to activate bone armor. Then it was EZPZ assuming you were allowed to farm a lot in the early to mid game. With the recent changes to Kerrigan she is not as hard an AA carry but more a caster AA hero hybrid now. I would probably get a BHM on her because of her ult being so spammable, and then really not sure what else since she is much different now and can do a lot of damage with her broodlings alone so focusing last on hard AA items and more on tankiness might work well too. But I think BHM is probably a no-brainer on her due to her low cooldown abilities.
  4. lOvOl

    Maar scaling

    To do 1000 damage from one of his spells he needs to farm up a lot of items and will be pretty damn squishy as well. Of course, you can say "well he just uses sap to heal himself" and I say well just taser his butt and be done with him. Hard int MAAR is a noob way to build him and extremely easy to counter just as hard int Unix is. Now do I think he is a strong hero? Yes, but the way most people play him only scratches the surface of what makes him strong and the way most people play him only works in racking up kills against noobs (i.e. hard int). The counter to taser for MAAR is to build him tanky so he can do other things but obviously he wont be doing 1000 damage per heat wave plus or SAP with that kind of build, so that is what balances him out. For example, one guy in a game recently was playing Shadow and complaining about someone else's MAAR on the other team who was doing a hard int build and I said, just buy a fracking taser like you always should on Shadow regardless of the enemy hero composition and he would not listen and repeatedly died against A MAAR with mostly int items and barbed plating healing himself with sap after sap and then complained about MAAR some more. The problem was not that MAAR was OP or the player playing MAAR was really good, rather it was our Shadow was using a noob build that lacked a taser to kill one of the easiest heros to kill in the game when they are silenced. His other problem was he was charging straight up the middle in teamfights when he should of been pushing the side lanes where Shadow does a lot better in forcing isolated engagements since he is both efficient at clearing lanes and taking down towers. And besides MAAR's scaling has been nerfed many times. There was a time that with the right items (remember the old ihan that gave a ton of int and the 225% sap scaling) that MAAR could one shot squishy heroes with a double sap or even sometimes a single sap or a sap and one AA attack with a BHM handy. Of course taser was a ridiculous item back then as well and everyone got it so in spite of his strengths back then, many felt he was a terrible hero because of what taser did to him. Well taser may not give tons of attack speed and some weapon damage anymore and last 10 seconds with a 20 second cooldown, but it is still a super great item on AA heroes, especially against casters.
  5. lOvOl

    Boros CD build

    Been using this build for a long time and have made many posts about it here on these forums already (search if you don't believe me). The devil is in the tactics not the items in terms of making it work.
  6. lOvOl

    Boros CD build

    Going cooldown reduction on Boros is pointless unless you go all the way for permastorm because whether you have 1-2 seconds in between storms or 10 seconds in between storms, you can still be silenced during that delay. The build I use for Boros nowadays is a permastorm build with the following items: (1) Pyre - Has nothing to do with permastorm but still best standalone AA item right now and you still need it to hurt tanky heroes which your burning blade can finish off and synergizes well with since it is DoT and an omnismash does all your pyre damage immediately. Not gonna go into detail to explain why pyre works great on Boros with how he is architected, but this is the first item I get besides mineral producing items (leeching, treasure, goggles). (2) Warp Shard/SHC - You want this both as a gap closer as well as for escape. Everyone knows why this is a good item on Boros, and when converted to SHC it gives you a bit more extra cooldown (6%) which helps a bit toward permastorm capabilities. (3) Yamato Reactor - 15% cooldown reduction and 25% cooldown reduction more when it is activated (important). Also gives movement speed and attack speed for maintaining chase when AAing a target and can also be used for escape in desperate situations when the item is not on cooldown. (4) Hand of Mengsk - 15% cooldown reduction and 15% movement speed which when stacked with yamato's active gives you 40% movement speed. Also gives you just enough lifesteal that you can keep yourself healthy AAing creeps in between battles so you don't need to invest in more lifesteal and/or an organic carapace. (5) Cerebro - I usually don't get this item till the other 4 because unless you have a high attack rate to reliably proc it even with around a 50% crit chance, the permastorm effect won't do much for you because you need to essentially proc it twice while spell storm is on to get spell storm to 0 cooldown once it finishes. (6) Masamune - 15% cooldown reduction plus another 20% when at full stacks which happens very fast when HoM+Yamato is activated and you are attacking stuff. The weapon damage is not bad either but really you the most important thing about this item for boros is the cooldown reduction, movement speed, and timescale stacks. Now to engage in battle you usually will activate HoM+Yamato and then blink in with SHC into a melee and activate spell storm and pound away, then activate spell storm again and keep pounding away and when spell storm is about 2/3 done you use omnismash. You can easily teamwipe a whole team with this build if they are all clumped together and you have at least one ally keeping their attention (i.e. tank) as I have gotten plenty of ludakills this way with Boros. Anyhoo, I would not bother much with int builds on Boros because all you need to do is taser him before he storms and he can't do anything or you just wait out the 5 seconds of his storm then CC him to death. Of course with the cooldown build I have you can taser Boros as well, but the idea here is to activate HoM+Yamato and then blink in with SHC and storm on so you get first strike capability and taser won't be much of a factor due to you having another 5 seconds of spell storm pain coming around before they can disable you thanks to having a total 51% passive cooldown reduction and 45% active cooldown reduction, plus 2 procs of cerebro working in your favor of reducing the 14 second spell storm cooldown duration to 5 or 6 seconds.
  7. lOvOl

    Penthos items ideas

    Most of the discussion around these builds is pointless because once he gets a serious nerf, then we can have a good discussion as to the right balance of items on him, but until then he is very OP at the moment and just about any build will work on him. He is excessively OP in the early game especially as you can't do much against him in many lanes except hug towers and not even bother trying to farm neutrals because if he tags you, there is no escape as he starts the game with a built-in pulse hammer. And like others have said, the pyre, nitro, timesplitter, foe, stun baton combo combined with his Q and mobility pretty much permanently roots any hero he tags. No hero should have a built-in pulse hammer to start the game and when you stack it with other slows and his passive he will never do poorly unless you are playing on a very, very, very bad team. But really it is early game when laning that is the worst as if you have him and Vespus together it is pretty much impossible for another melee hero to do anything but die in lane and even ranged heroes have to judiciously hug towers. Yah there are other cheesy laning combos in the game, but penthos being quite OP at the moment synergizes extremely well with too many other heroes at the moment.
  8. lOvOl

    Darpa's a bit absurd

    He is not a noob, but I have never ever run into him in a game where he was not playing DARPA so maybe he is one of those one-hero wonders but nevertheless he is obviously experienced at that hero and usually has a positive K/D ratio in games. He is an inhauser probably only doing pubs because there are no inhause games going on at the moment from what I have heard (which is incredible because I always thought the inhausers were so fun to play with), but other than him harassing me constantly on these forums, I don't know much else about him. Just saying that to call him a noob, especially if he goes 22-1 is to say the least a little disingenous. As to the topic at hand, though DARPA can be a strong hero there are several foolproof ways of taking him down: (1) If you are going an AA build you either need super speed (HoM+Yamato activated which is what I use on heroes like Kerrigan) to catch him and kill him, or else you need to silence him with taser and have some ability to stay sticky, or else have a gap closer like SHC to blink on him when he jumps. Usually taser works the best and it should be a standard item on most agility hero builds if you ask me. I even get it on DARPA myself these days because of how powerful double silence is by engaging in this order: taser, apply vendetta stacks, tracking spider, jump, apply vendetta stacks, grenade, jump, apply vendetta stacks again and then another spider. Usually players hastily apply grenade and then try and spider their target for fear of getting countered when grenade wears off, but this double silence ensures that you don't have to worry about that and can usually get in two tracking spiders if you don't kill your target before then. I also get taser these days on Zera and Shadow because it prevents individual targets from countering with items like shrapnel cloak or else blinking away or silencing you themselves. With zera I run up to my target, taser, then phase strike, then ult so they can't do some sort of counter while I am flying in the air, and with Shadow it is usually vortex, then taser immediately once the target exits the vortex, then shade and ult. This prevents similar tactics from hosing Shadow from being employed as well. It is also extremely useful to have taser when engaging 1v2 (generally not what you want to do), and you need to finish off an injured target but have an ally of the injured target with solid stun/disable capabilities so you silence the strong hero then finish off the weak one, then either run or try and engage the strong hero. But really, trying to kill DARPA or Cyprus as an AA hero can be super frustrating if you don't have a taser so as a general rule farm one key AA item in the game like pyre or lightning rod, then farm a taser before adding more AA items to your inventory. Also, remember taser gives spell resist as well so sliptyde plus taser really does a great job at giving you awesome spell resist. (2) If you are a caster hero you either need to have enough insta burst to kill DARPA or else you need to be a caster tank with barbed plating and plenty of health so you don't instadie to AA fire in the later stages of the game when you get silenced. Otherwise you are feed. (3) If you are a weird hero like Biotron who can be exceptionally hosed by DARPA's grenade, you need a gap closer or evasion ability yourself. The Biotron build I use these days is very unorthodox and is strong on AA damage, but it does have an SHC as a gap closer. If you are hoping on scoring kills with your ult (which can be countered with explosive retrofit, speed, or superheated mantle once those items are farmed), you will need a taser. Even then I think relying on your civilians alone to do the killing is not the best way to play Biotron these days. One nice thing about Biotron's ult is that it debuffs enemy heroes so they take 40% more physical damage. Combine that with contamination shard and they take a lot of physical damage, so what I do is have an FoE for slowing, an SHC for gap closing, then AA oriented gear including contamination shard of course. Since the change to how crits work (physical damage) and their buff to 100% I have been meaning to make those last three items be Khali Blade and two arcbounds because you can think of your weapon damage as being doubled with crits and then multiplied again by 1.7 so that you in effect do 340% weapon damage with this build while the target is debuffed with shard and your ult. Anyways, I guess I have been getting off on a tangent, but the point remains you HAVE to get a taser against decent players when playing Biotron if you are playing him to score kills with your ult. If you are going hard caster Bio, well you know that build, electric mantle, sunflare, yamato, argus, nitro, and grav edge, but though fun if you get tasered yourself you are superdead.
  9. You think someone who ruined the AoS user interface by violating every user interface design principle known to man and was also intractable in its defense in spite of 90% of the people in a poll telling him that he was wrong is going to be a humble player in pub games that will not abuse his power whenever he needs his ego stroked? I mean really? And he is not the first dev to do this, as Brax used to do this all the time though he was usually more manner about the way he did things. Just in the next game you see Wrath playing in the lobby, leave like I do now and you won't run into these sort of problems.
  10. lOvOl

    Changelog v1.90 - 1.93

    ROFL! You don't even play pubs anymore I suppose because you consider yourself too 1337 for them (I play enough that I would run into you probably once every couple weeks if you did play pubs), and if you did still play pubs you would realize that the odds of ever having a 5v5 game go to its conclusion is very small due to people dropping, rage quitting, or just having to leave the average hour plus long AoS games because of other personal reasons. You might get a good 5v5 where everyone stays before either the artifact is destroyed or one team surrenders in maybe 1 out of 20 games. This is the reality so it is absolutely farcical for you to suggest the leaver bonus should be removed for the reasons you state. And even with the leaver bonus, your team has to be a bunch of complete noobs to lose 5v3 because as you well know you just need to turtle for 10 minutes and have your whole team buy some key utility items (taser, lockbox, shrap) to shut down their team and kill them off one by one. Heck in the good old days when actives had no shared internal cooldown you could do this with only one hero by just stacking tasers and/or lockboxes, but the point remains now that you and your team have to be pretty dumb to lose due to "leaver bonus". This is different than when one team has 5 to start and the other 3 and two noobs feed the other team so much that it is impossible to ever claw your way back, but in that case you could say the "better team" should win as well. All other things being equal, it is better to have teammates than not to have them. leave everyone else alone about matters that don't concern you such as the leaver's bonus which as you stated before is not relevant to inhause play. But in the meantime, keep up the trolling, I bet other pub players other than myself got a good laugh out of your comments.
  11. lOvOl

    How to own them "Op Tanks"

    The AA build for tass I have used is similar, though I think you need to look at organic or leech for sustain because later in game your W leeching off creeps is not enough to keep you viable for all the damage you will take as a semi-melee hero. I think the core of any Tass stun baton build is pyre, baton, and bandits. Been a while since I used this build because tankadar with a SHC is what I usually use, but throwing in a BHM, sliptyde, and Darwins should get you to the attack speed cap with all the agility you have while giving you good solid DPS and sustain. Only problem with that build is initiation as you don't have a lot of speed to maintain chase (sliptyde is only speed item). So replacing BHM with phantom menace might solve that problem and give you a great escape tool when combined with the speed boost of hyperarmor once you have dispatched your initial target.
  12. lOvOl

    How to own them "Op Tanks"

    If the other team goes all tanks and you are an AA hero, you just need to use some common sense by looking at the fact the only damage the tank heroes will be doing is from feedback from items like barbed and electric mantle, plus whatever their abilities do. If they have any aa gear at all themselves it will most likely be pyre which does spell damage. This means you want solid DPS, but very high spell resist and a little bit of leech (darwins suffices). At a minimum you will want taser and sliptyde on an agility AA build and if necessary get a parallax as well. Your remaining AA gear will probably be timesplitter, pyre, and darwins. Those are the exact items on an agility hero that you want to own heroes like Micro or Drake with 6k health and quite a bit of armor. Of course these heroes will have solid armor and spell resist themselves, but you still will do farm more net damage to them as their defensive gear wont be doing much to you, nor will their abilities. Of course they can get grav edge, but that item simply does not synergize well in a tank build as it gives neither health, spell resist, or armor, nor an active that does anything to make you tanky. On a strength hero doing an AA build, you will probably want electric mantle and parallax and perhaps taser too with your remaining AA gear being pyre, lightning rod and darwins and if you didnt get a taser, axe as well. If the other team is all AA heroes you may want a different build, but the way to beat tanky heroes with AA heroes 1v1 is good health, lots of spell resist, and some leech. Taser is also absolutely necessary if you are a melee AA hero against heroes like Justicar, Micro, or Drake or else you will simply get owned every time you engage them.
  13. lOvOl

    Micro.Gravitus overpowered.

    Trigger fingers do not work if Micro stuns Egon as well as his throw target. The target is already thrown by the time you have a chance to try and silence him. Plus the stun resets your targeting so you have to hit W again and then target Micro. Your only way of stopping this is very careful positioning so that you are not too far away from where Micro might blink so you can taser/silence him, but not too close so that he can stun you as well with SHC itself.
  14. lOvOl

    |O\./O| Hero

    Yah his main skill would be ruining the AoS user interface.
  15. lOvOl

    Micro.Gravitus overpowered.

    SHC stuns for 1 second and you make sure you hit more than 1 target with SHC so they don't have time to taser you before you latch and impact dial away. You have to be quick though because the keystrokes and mouse clicks are much more complex than what Micro has to do, but if you can do it, it is just as cheesy. And since parallax has a 10 second cooldown, Doom is sorta right about luck except parallax is a crap item now which is really only good against two heroes namely Rory and Raynor due to its 10 second cooldown. Maybe SHC should just have its stun removed altogether and have the stats of the item boosted a bit more or when you use the active you get a temporary 6 second timescale boost of 20%. That way at least a Micro or a Brine with SHC could be tasered by a teammate whereas now SHC is sometimes uncounterable unless you space your whole team out very carefully so the guys with the taser dont get hit by the SHC stun and the target is pulled/thrown away before you can react.