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  1. NotAClock

    Awesomeclock for MVP

    i approve
  2. NotAClock

    Fabrication in TI5

    I recently came across this and had to share it. http://www.twitch.tv...6302?t=4h12m45s Apparently his profile: https://osu.ppy.sh/u/dk%20phobos my profile for comparison: https://osu.ppy.sh/u/3248598
  3. NotAClock

    Noob Forum

    And I thought I was gonna read something about the forums being too noob. #drama
  4. NotAClock

    The Golden Age..

    Early 6.0 wasn't bad right when cain, nova, and starscream all came out in a week. Morning people played with EU and later in the night NA played inhouses so there were inhouses going on all day.
  5. NotAClock

    Quidditch is in love with me

    Nothing wrong with a meta imo
  6. NotAClock

    Quidditch is in love with me

    He's more accurate than I am I think but I can play faster maps.
  7. NotAClock

    Quidditch is in love with me

    So what you're saying is that you're doing what African did after his tourney? #OldHabitsDieHard
  8. NotAClock

    Balrog design debate

    I think blinks are cool and make up a lot of the cool plays you can do in mobas. I never liked the crazy expensive INT warpshard though and in hindsight I don't think warpshard should be in AoS either. I think the biggest issue with AoS is that there is a lot of heroes that feel clunky to use. The most popular heroes are the ones that respond the best which is how it is in LoL. Having random cast times and animations make you feel slow and not fun. #G+GAdvice
  9. NotAClock

    Balrog design debate

    You say Vergil takes 0 skill but then how do you explain Analog and his expertise on said hero? #Rebuttal
  10. NotAClock

    My Opinion on Current Balance: Again!

    Omnislash should do less damage but have more strikes. Like 50(+10% Weapon Damage) per strike with 16/32/64 strikes. #BetterBoros
  11. NotAClock

    I choked =(

    806/850 wtf I'm gonna cry now https://osu.ppy.sh/b/116128?m=0
  12. NotAClock

    Changelog v1.225-1.226 [Week 7]

    Would raynor ult be like, "100 to 0"?
  13. NotAClock

    Im still banned from ih

    The issue with Axis was that it was making its own inhouses with some of the mumblers which made it so the other mumble people couldn't inhouse cause the group was dying already. If I remember correctly, Axis gave points and giftcards if you had like 7 or 8 Axis people inhouse so we would lose like 2 or 3players and that was it. Not to mention those people would pick and choose who they wanted and left out new players.
  14. NotAClock

    K/D/A switch

    I think there should only be K because kills are the only thing that matters