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  1. Yeah your right Whale. Well normally lot of us are online and active playing at 8:30 - 9:00 pm Central US. I supose (NA) I don't know if people from EU server play hots. I heard most of them play dota or LoL.
  2. Looks like I touch ur feelings Young man. I know true hurts and more when someone like you try to feel someone import here. You can be developer or w/e u call urself mother or homoguy Whatever.. Yo maybe use ur worker account and put something like (haha) maybe that helps you to think and feel a bit better. Anyway I am not here to teach lessons to a child who thinks she's a woman and who does not have self-esteem. Peace
  3. Oh really ? Ok, let me tell you something kid. 1 Im asking to people who I played from 2013 to 2015. I don't even know who you are, are you a girl or a man ? GG 2. You talk about Hots is the bottom of the barrel as far as the moba experience. ( Ok let me tell you something big boi, It's a game who some people who played AOS enjoy). So, MAYBE It's not a bad game for some people right? If u make me compare HOTS with the new AOS for sure I will say HOTS its much, MUCH, BUT MUCH, better than the new version of AOS ( yeah im talking about ur map re design everything, so you better stay quiet). 3. You can give your opinion go ahead. But Im not even comparing the moba's game WTF ?. 4. I just want to meet some old faces who I and other guys enjoyed playing some IH games on NA on AOS every single night. 5. Who is Worker ( Some fake account do you use mother to get likes or some love here on AOS forums ?) Please don't embarras yourself. Peace.
  4. It would be nice to play with both of you and listen Whale and his op bm Again! GG Well the only way I can convince you It's trying to play one game! Yesterday we had like 4 IH HYLY ITS LIKE OLD DAYS LPFB ( LAST PICK FIRST BLOOD) GG!
  5. Hi everyone It's been a long time. I just wanted to see how many people still alive here. I guess not to many looks like! Well Idk if people still playing AOS or not. I just want to say thanks to everyone on the paste few years I enjoyed games and for real sometimes rage. I will remember a few names like: the unique rory (mvp nemesis flawless victory) - DavidChan(master of pendant LZ and tank boros wtf stop overwatch) - Adam (broken as always using some hacks and always saying: blackxion thats a bad idea this comp sucks but i dc lets do it) - Blacknoobxion (The guy who demote my win streak and make fun comps and always blaming DREX - knowed by many people like skydie 2.0 or MR. October gg) - I would say . a lot of names from NA on 2013 to 2015 for me was an a great era. missing the PCOBRA - M82 - XOFS - EXILE - UFAM ( all fam clans that they made gg) - FOOD - AOS - HCF - HFP - SLP - SKYNA - CLAM - ROYAL - CORE - DARKNA - IGUNSI - 5003 - and many more. I dont remember more clans lol but anyway! Yesterday we been playing some games and talking with a few AOS players from NA about the AOS and yeah of course the DRAFT MODE that never appear GG. anyway if some people still here and want to play IN HOUUUUUUSE ? You can find a lot of us on HOTS ( You can find the mighty one feeder and still not that great but much better on hots - HYLY gg) Biggest Laggers and mvps on NA ( Ryuuk and DREX) - (Mighty Lolita aka MINIDREX smurf op and best healer picking free heroes! specially picking that midget chromite!) with a new computer! - Master of Feed and best hammer and butcher player ( PureCheese) - Greatest splitpusher and always taking a smoke break (Roonaldo) - A guy who made a tournament and one of the most gentlement person and feeder on AOS and HOTS the rich boy! (Iscariot) - Mighty suicide player and the guy who made one of the most momorable clans on AOS (FOOD Bambie ''Choibao'') - The mighty one support on AOS and HOTS but cannot make DREX survive on a team fight (JAYSI) - One of the best players and pubstomp and leader of R0YAL clan on AOS ( FANTOMAS aka Papanash) - Master of rage and troll but know he grow a bit ( Harryhoot) - one of the greatest boros on 2014 but he sucks a bit on HOTS lol ( BossMamba) - Newest lagger on HOTS and play every hero ( DanTheMan aka Edward) - He's unknown but many people but play every hero good the mighty (NoPantaloons) - AND MANY MORE ( im done typing gg) If any of you guys play hots pm me or any of them - We try to play everynight ( ofc cause of work) - GG PEACE- EU is invited too But not sure if u can switch server on this game or lag like crazy ? but you guys are invited too. WITH LOVE GANDALF AKA DREX GG.
  6. You called, you Got It. GG
  7. Ok, got it! Check ur mail SCV. Thanks!
  8. How Can I post Poster on big Screen ? GG I mean right here!!
  9. I just saw the message. Yeah I can help with the graphic. I would like to be a moderator too if you agree.
  10. DREX

    Changelog v1.358-1.364

    Agreed about queen more buff.
  11. DREX


    Black is just ragin because I rape him 2 times with the same item foe on NA server and he was leo. GG
  12. DREX

    IH now

    Where is the IH ? GG
  13. DREX

    Inhouse Replays

    I Blame black for pick first MK! GGGGGGGGGG