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  1. Revision

    Plz bring back old nova ult

    ya new ult is cancer, i blame whale.
  2. i empathize with you, split-push tassadar is the worst to play against.
  3. Revision

    Changelog v1.367

    best patch notes ever
  4. Revision

    Changelog v1.367

    wow cain jungle tier 1 now jesus
  5. Revision

    Changelog v1.358-1.364

    some of the skins seem pretty unrecognizable as the original character namely the toxi skin turning it into a drone and the rory skin turning it into a normal marauder. also some skins just seem visually distracting namely the nova skins where shes just flying around and the psionic skin where its constantly twirling around. skins are fun, and i think we all appreciate the effort, but when they cause in game issues it seems like a little bit of a problem. also whales kerrigan skin is the worst of them all.
  6. Revision

    AoS 2017 Terrain Preview & Feedback Thread

    The one who brought us pyro. Amen.
  7. Revision

    Who is the Best Support In the World?

    i vote for whale. goodbye.
  8. Revision


  9. Revision


    marc and texas play league all the time. they can come back and do what they want, whenever they want.
  10. Revision

    Gladiator here

  11. Revision

    Few things

    I could change some things if you guys really wanted. I agree generally with most of the things you listed but some are deeper than I want to go.
  12. Revision

    Is Kuradel balanced?

    getting a temporary int boost for killing heroes sounds really cool, trying to outfarm kuradel seems really difficult and not fun just because of the way the intelligence stat works.
  13. Revision


    i nerfed it because it was ridiculously unfun to play against