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  1. Revision


    ill try that out, still think corona is ass tho
  2. Revision


    its impossible to know for sure since ive only played pubs, but it seems to me any auto attack champ has an easier time accruing farm simply by the items that are in the game. there are so many auto attack items that increase damage vs creeps. this game has denying, how is a caster supposed to keep up with these champs?
  3. Revision


    an aoe teamfight mage with trash early game should always outdamage a single target splitpusher late game... i have no idea what drugs u guys are on. this game makes no sense anymore.
  4. Revision

    anyone here

    the whole point of ih is draft pick
  5. Revision


    u realize theres an item that gives 100% spell immunity and debuff immunity for 8 seconds. what are even talking about late game shes good. also debuff immunity removes all stacks of ur passive. she was designed as a late game int carry, but now shes fully countered by a single item, a multitude of heroes who have debuff immunity, and any early game champion. champ is trash.
  6. Revision

    anyone here

    do IH still happen?
  7. Revision


    played corona today, 100% useless champ. u cant add debuff immunity willy nilly into the game if u have champs that rely solely on stacking. i agree the energy costs are ridiculous and im not only talking about int champs, even though it affects them the most. 200 energy for an ultimate when i only have 400 base energy? why
  8. Revision

    Plz bring back old nova ult

    ya new ult is cancer, i blame whale.
  9. i empathize with you, split-push tassadar is the worst to play against.
  10. Revision

    Changelog v1.367

    best patch notes ever
  11. Revision

    Changelog v1.367

    wow cain jungle tier 1 now jesus
  12. Revision

    Changelog v1.358-1.364

    some of the skins seem pretty unrecognizable as the original character namely the toxi skin turning it into a drone and the rory skin turning it into a normal marauder. also some skins just seem visually distracting namely the nova skins where shes just flying around and the psionic skin where its constantly twirling around. skins are fun, and i think we all appreciate the effort, but when they cause in game issues it seems like a little bit of a problem. also whales kerrigan skin is the worst of them all.
  13. Revision

    AoS 2017 Terrain Preview & Feedback Thread

    The one who brought us pyro. Amen.
  14. Revision

    Who is the Best Support In the World?

    i vote for whale. goodbye.
  15. Revision