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  1. Always appreciate a bug report. Fix'd.
  2. General feedback

    I have to say, I am not in full agreement with this death penalty idea. I know I've been hands off for a while, but what did this idea come from?
  3. New Chat Server

    I didn't know what the link was. If anyone prefers we use that one, let me know and I'll update the links.
  4. New Chat Server

    Mumble server has been taken down. For chat, please use the following Discord address: https://discord.gg/QgfKb4J
  5. Bot Flooding

    Due to bot flooding, I am deleting all accounts with 0 posts. If you've been lurking all these years, you will need to create a new account.
  6. Adda here again?need smth t block thm/.

    Need to purge old directories. They will slip through from time to time.
  7. Discord hype

    a) it's feature-rich. b) it's free.
  8. Forum Update + Discord

    Forums updated. There are some formatting issues with old tables, much to my dismay. I will be investigating resolutions to this problem, but I can't promise anything. In addition, we will be using Discord going forward.
  9. New forums are ridiculously sexy

    Unfortunately, the new site is not localized for Your mum.
  10. Boros the buster of all the magic heroes

    If I recall, back in SOTIS days, when activated, Spell Storm was also cast on nearby allies. By that frame of reference, it's already been nerfed to 33% of it's original power. ORIGINAL POWERRRRRR That being said, a 50% nerf to effectiveness is rather stark, especially without compensation. At the same time, full negation is an unfun mechanic. Maybe Spell Resist that diminishes over time to smooth out the effectivity curve so that well-timed Spell Storms are both rewarding and well-respected? Could be worth looking at. I love your avatar.
  11. New forums are ridiculously sexy

    Forum back-end is in the process of reformatting old data. Don't panic about tables or BBCode, they will be restored once the update is fully complete.
  12. New forums are ridiculously sexy

    Still a work in progress. Updates pending.
  13. Account Registration

    This forum has been temporarily switched to invite-only. This change will last until security upgrades are in place and functional. TO APPLY FOR AN ACCOUNT: Send an email to aosdonations@gmail.com with your desired account name. You will be given an account and a password in a few days time.
  14. Forum Upkeep

    We'll keep both until at least the license runs out. We're paid up until 9/18/2017.
  15. Forum Upkeep

    Thanks for the donates, you guys rock. I'm leaning towards Discord for it's better tech, accessibility, and current popularity. It'll also make it easier for people to join the community as a general hangout. I also have sentimental attachments to Mumble, but Discord seems like the more logical choice when I'm not wearing the rose-tinted glasses. That, and I feel like our mumble service providers are charging more than they should for the level of service provided, considering the wealth of less expensive alternatives (Discord being free). Mumble is currently $55/yr for a 15 person server. It also doesn't look like Mumble's tech has tangibly improved since it's inception. Discord, due to it's rising popularity, is in active development: https://blog.discordapp.com/shhh-its-a-secret-d1550c6a3f6b#.dpj5qw47p