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  1. Hi guys :( you don't play anymore Jaysi? Shame... ;-( Do IH still occur as frequently as it used to? Looking to download SC2 again tomorrow~
  2. What was your old IGN? I don't recognise 'Mother'
  3. So what's new guys? Been away give or take 3 years? Ahahahahah... Game still active as it was? Anyone I would recognise still play? Grunty yet to get a buff?
  4. As a self-proclaimed god at Nova 8 months ago, I approve of this guide.
  5. Enough. Take a few days off. User was banned for this post.
  6. New Mods Please
  7. He called all his devs a character(seven deadly sins) from FMA
  8. Congratulations! and Welcome to the forums
  9. Bowl of Cereal
  10. You can play Vergil and I will play Tass I will show you it doesn't work
  11. of HYLY's love
  13. Can we request a different color name? I would like pink... We should complete some together next time
  14. Like Moo's singing.
  15. Vergil does not counter Tass because you build tanks with burst int and Vergil gets one shot