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  1. Here is a description though: Sweetest and friendliest group of gentlemen on AoS.
  2. Of course it is real talk, as real as the death penalty you speak of ever was. :)
  3. Yes, I am sure the death penalty is the cause of the mass exodus to Lol... We will work to improve it or remove it for next patch in order to recover that which we have lost.
  4. Don't hate on Blue Gene til you try it. It's a high risk/high reward snowball item. All the side shop 'Relic' items we plan on introducing will carry with them this "theme" if you will. Not every item we are introducing is intended for all heroes and all situations. As I said, Syrus Codex is one of those situational items that's not meant for every hero at every time. But you take the veteran talent, Hunter's Knife, and Syrus Codex for example and go kill Brax, Aeon, or Worm or do one full sweep of the jungle you will begin to understand the value and potential of the consumable. Tetra isn't what I would call a tank item, since stat-wise it can benefit all heroes. The active itself however is meant to benefit autoattackers who are not reliant on active abilities to deal their damage. It hasn't been balanced yet but note that your opponent can bait you into activating it at the wrong time, leaving you helpless for the rest of the fight. Yes, Whale Breast (much like the item's namesake) is extremely efficient. The change is meant to help junglers deal with the stronger jungle creeps. You can only carry 1 per inventory slot which means you are sacrificing the potential to carry other items at the same time. The numbers are not final. Avenger is a selfless creature that cares for his friends' wellbeing more than himself.
  5. Updated AoS 7 Beta Map and changelog. Items in red will gradually be activated in the game over the testing period before we go live. This goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway, changes listed are not final. Once again, will appreciate your support during the coming playtests.
  6. Yes it's absolutely deranged.
  7. Go to the LoL forums you traitors! :(
  8. All players who are not you are likely trash/borderline demented. Welcome to the online gaming universe. Find friends, and play together. Blame the players, not the game. We're not LoL though, nor do we strive to be like it. Or Dota for that matter. We're little bit of both, but more than the sum of our parts. We're AoS dammit! Balance is always fluctuating anyway. Darpa will get what's coming for him eventually. Sigh. SCV look what you have done? Blame the players, not the game. We still have excellent players. Depends on when you're playing. Um... Brown/Gray? What are your graphic settings? And which cliffs as this matter was resolved more or less, or should've been? Lastly, the universe is not symmetrical. Symmetry is overrated. Indulge in the imperfections we offer. Noted. Who are these shameful bronzers who are the new balance gurus? Cuz I have a fancy big red star next to my ingame name. >_>
  9. The new Q allows him to play out the rest of his kit from a safer distance. He shouldn't need to escape anymore because your positioning during laning or team fights should adapt to these changes. But fair points about energy. Buffing his energy cost to what it was is too easy a way out though, because I said I am trying to keep damage output and energy cost/risks to be proportionate for all heroes. Would you be content with buffing his potential energy gain from his heroic? This would make it more purposeful within his kit and incentivize good W's and R's. We'll try different things and hopefully you will come to terms with Yig 7. For now and until next patch is out though, please consider purchasing Scavenger's Veil, Hive Symbiosis, and Symphonic Seed on Yig. Also using each faction's Imperial Sanctum in the Forests.
  10. You're not doing the math right my dear. Buffs His Q's damage was increased 60/100/140/180 + (30% INT) from 55/85/115/145 + (20% INT). His Q cast range was increased by 100%. Q has 3 charges now and you can now actually apply max stacks of Q on enemies more easily. Yig has a new alt OP skin. Nerfs Cooldown was increased to 15 at all levels from 5/4/3/2. Projectile speed reduced. Higher skill ceiling? (Um...) Generally, all heroes had their energy costs increased. I don't think Yig was one of them. This isn't a nerf in anyway, it's a change to the way you manage your energy, as the tools to replenish your energy are more immediately available to you than ever before. If anything, the changes were meant to further cement his role as a support. His damage was not buffed so he can become a caster, it was buffed to be in proportion with the energy cost. Q is still all about the slow and self heal, but requiring better targeting from an optionally safer distance.
  11. Potentially. But no one complained about it impacting the quality of their game play so far so I am going to assume everyone is having a blast. xD
  12. Yeah the 6th inventory slot has been buggy with consumables for several patches now. Not sure yet what is causing it, but we'll figure it out. You mean you can see the animation effect through the fog? And welcome back!
  13. My bad. I should've mentioned it ingame rather than just changelogs. The hero is already getting some nice tweaks next patch, and will be sure to include this. Thanks for bringing it up.
  14. I have no idea what you're talking about Fell...