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  1. There I am making one of your founders RQ during draft. LMAO.
  2. I get the sarcasm but is the last bit real talk? Funny the one post I make that is legit gets Americans triggered, but the bait gets passed over. Lol. As I told Marty long ago (before that unscrupulous individual decided to ban me) Jamal has to balance his constructive posts with the odd bit of trollin.
  3. Read the following response: The mind of a Bronze LoL/SC2 player. To back my argument, tanks/supports traditionally farm he slowest and true they scale less with items. HOWEVER it's unfair to punish them the same as someone whose job is to literally be back line and do the damage. A penalty like mineral loss is one thing, but losing entire items is deranged.
  4. How comes only the stereotypical Americans cross over the Atlantic and visit Britain? It's always the retirees, who are a bit chubby with Hawaii shirts and sandals. Perhaps cost might be prohibitive but plenty of Europeans visit the USA and the Dollar is strong versus Sterling. I'm guessing issues fitting inside aeroplanes?
  5. You on EUW? If so what's your IGN.
  6. Today I played my first full game in months. Decided to come up with some quick feedback: The players are trash/borderline demented. Absolute lack of team play in pub games. This is nothing new but the game gave me a headache. It felt lonely; literally nothing was going on all game. No motivation towards objectives. Dustin/Erekul just held off for days. Super minions should be stronger and more effective at pushing. A few balance issues. Now that I don't play I can be honest. WTF is up with Darpa's silence? The thing lasts for days. Ultimate abilities are also on a very small CD. Paradoxically LoL has ults with higher CDs but there is so much more action.. People play like cucks. I blame the death penalty. In the back of everyones minds they think: I can go in but if I die I may lose my best item..This puts off tanks going in. Disproportionately harming people are meant to initiate makes the game very stale. The playerbase is Bronze (LoL skill level) in their mindset/mechanics. I saw people with such low CS. No one is willing to group until 1 hour in and people refuse to turret dive. There is no 4 man diving bot lane. No co-ordination. The colour scheme makes you tired. A long game really feels a slog when you see brown/grey everywhere. It's also not symmetrical and I struggled to differentiate the cliffs. Teleport scrolls seem too cheap. That is all. Otherwise game looks alright. Shame bronzors (not even lying here) are the new balance 'gurus'. Heck I prefer that idiot in a condom factory balancing..
  7. I'm complaining
  8. Thanks Jessika for that answer. Is this change not popular? Seeing at it has been coded by a Bronze LoL player I can understand the frustration higher skill EU players feel from a concept based entirely on RNG. Bit like the balance here. Hehe.
  9. Added Feature Death Penalty - Every death has a 5% chance of destroying one item within inventory. (stacks up to 15% for consecutive deaths) What constitutes a consecutive death? Was going to post in the changelog thread but seeing as it is an old one I would be bumping an out of date changelog. Salam Jamal
  10. Check my location then ask her you (fake) Korean nab
  11. Also would like to see who has viewed my profile.
  12. Classic EU bro. You think one post is going to change a mentality that has been going on for at least half a decade? LEL. Don't get me started on those who refuse to leave a 5v1 cus 'pub-rating' while 9 people wait in a lobby *cough*Spooky*cough*.
  13. A lot of people with mental/physical retardation play MOBAs. Much of them frequent low ELO. Just look at LoL - anyone in Bronze/Silver is worse than a bunch of people who have no arms and play with their feet. Let that sink in. Surely not all of them are just stupid? I read a report which said a lot are kids/have problems. I think LOVEYOURSELF likely has something has some kind of disorder. If he is reading; Jamal is willing to help you! I prescribe new activities instead of finding enjoyment from others displeasure. I myself recommend fapping - although with no arms this is difficult. It cums with plenty of health benefits and dat dere dopamine release. Source: Ejaculation Frequency and Risk of Prostate Cancer: Updated Results with an Additional Decade of Follow-up (European Urology). But seriously dude LoveYourself/PSYCHO time to grow up bae. Even I have changed with time; been 5 years since I terrorised with BM and flair. At least go troll a community which is more active.
  14. The 'upgrade' to the forums has lost a lot of previous functions; such as signatures friends list list of staff list of most popular posts most users online counter Any of these going to be re implemented?
  15. Why does everyone seem to love Discord? Not just because AoS has transfered, but because almost everyone I took to is sucking its schlong. What happend to Mumble/Vent/TS? Seems like no one even uses Vent anymore. Discord just seems messy to me and effort to learn.