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  1. i dnt think there is any tournament next weekend
  2. so is there really a reason why u want to flob with soed all the time ? U flobing kid just runaway from mumble when i try to talk to you about it.
  3. JOHN got prolly best comp ever made
  4. this was serious thread and now u guys only trolling here. Fck me
  5. John - even when hes spectating hes best
  6. how can you vote some 1 for being best tank in the world if u didnt even watch the game? :D
  7. brb going to wash-house
  8. so who is the best player in aos?
  9. is he still mod ?
  10. im pretty sure EU > NA Also im not banned anymore :)
  11. stop sucking balls of your macho ok?
  12. its going to be a trash league because super is not in it.. and yaldi mod FTW! joke
  13. wait yaldi is moderator :D and john VITTU is also joining..