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  1. On EUW my nick is IamFe11 Butbe careful - me super puper noob C Zera&Fighter
  2. Just noob like you cant be teacher)))
  3. OH teach me play overatch - I noob
  4. Mother, pls tell them, they will rage about it so much if you don't....
  5. Lets play today evening 10 PST )))
  6. I am not ginger lul)))
  7. I am crying when imagive new ere with adamantium alloy - unstoppable
  8. no lol all EU dead we cant do ih but there are enough ppl
  9. jax not techies, summers is more like mobile ranged int/dps , his mines ez to detect, the are just for a little control with slows and to see enemies moves (in theory where players play perfect)
  10. lol tonn ppl online, 14 at aos chat (who definetly can play ih) and cant just make ih cause to lazy to come in lobby and w8 a bit
  11. wow,srsly?are you sure?
  12. Pls do something about him, he had left 6 games in a row cause of rage. I don't want to play stupid disbalanced cause of smb rq, that is boolshap, playing 4 v 5 or 5 v 4 is shap and bonus doenst matter some heroes like unix or cyprys become better when smb leaves, and heroes like vergil and pyro becomes worser - that bad so also ppl started kicking me cuase if me leave out of game 4 v 5 like what the flob
  13. It would but nobody just do it that's what I am talking about even if you ask ppl for something now they like cant read lot of ppl who play regularry don't want to share their thoughts, suggestions and ideas about game process in entire game when you ask ppl to get rune and cau all the game and only dps karax got cauterizer as 5th item (vs 5 heroes with heals)- it sucks when there are 2 dps carrys and nobody gets coa - it sucks when there are pyro,toxi,grunty,summers in enemy team and nobody have silversoul - it sucks tosh - eternal,ere - frozen and etc these are the plays, mb hard to somebody - ok but having just a normal heroes is musthave thing isn't it? if choosing role is to hard control over ppl what about typing in the load screen about it? like " Guys, talk with your team to coordinate picking heroes, buying support items, getting lanes and jungles, going bosses and teamfights. Listen to each other "
  14. There are a lot of games where there is no supports and tanks at all in one team and second team has cool hero setup with all different types of dmg,initiators and etc when I pick hero I usually tell team what I am going to be doing : tanking or playing spell dmg carry unfortunately ppl don't do the same itwould be cool to have something like role separation in start of game I don't mean to separate like who go top who mid who bot I mean that in every team there should be spell dmg carry physical dmg carry tank and support (hate dps karaxes) what about be4 ppl starts to pick heroes they are picking the role they wanna play so there should be at least 1 person for every role and one role will have 2 players team will be better balanced and game will be more interesting and thre will no be any games where there is no dps so ppl cant push or get boss or there is no tank to casters and shadow just comes and rekt them all or there is no support so you as Kerrigan cant carry the game cause you don't have debuffs,armor,heals and stuns to fight vs enemy dps's what do you guys think about it?
  15. actually unseenable mines not the way to solve his problems ts stil tkes a lot of cerources so mining good makes enemies lose money regularry that's the real point that makes the balance if ther will be no way to conter mines then it will be impossible to play around them actually there is one - remember the positions he mines and then bait him but its pretty hard in pubs cause ppl still cant stop feeding, no use of talking about coordination and conterplayes ppl still cant notice about hunt ult through all map , don't think they will ping mines