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  2. Super Creeps

    NERF THESE flobERS!!! "ahem" please. One super creep shouldn't amount to one hero. And chew threw 70% resistances.
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  4. Changelog v 2.8

    Still gain/lose rating in wtf mode. Also ultralisk has 5 scythes instead of 4. Freaky floating scythe.
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  6. Changelog v 2.8

    Cyprus buff k
  7. Changelog v 2.8

    Ok time for some review after playing on this new map version. 1) Assist are not shown in the ladeboard while playing. 2) Wtf mode need to be changed - some decent games (3vs5) turn into group rage quit. Also not giving points after such games is bad idea -when 2 guys rq near end of the game u still do not get points couse wtf mode run in. Also when u go into that mode u can use all command like: -money, -hero name_of_the_hero_to_change, -lvl 18 etc. 3) Points after enemy surrended games are not added and they are shown as if u quit game (even if u press "victory" button). 4) Khyrak animation still bugs sometimes after normal attack (good that ulti is fixed :) 5) Crystals icon is good idea but we shouldn't see if the 2 fragments of the opposite team are still up or no. It shall be same as with Ygdra or Aeon. They might still be there but u need to check it yourself by walking there (not by looking on minimap). If i find more will post it there. Unfortunately found: 6) If 1 player is kicked by beeing afk games go into wtf mode... destorying fair 4v4...
  8. Changelog v 2.8

    Some positive changes however not all are good...
  9. Yay, Electric Mantle is back!

    Can you teach me how to trigger a premature activation?
  10. Yay, Electric Mantle is back!

    Bait your opponent into activating it early, then strike!
  11. Changelog v 2.8

    YAaaaAaaaaaaSsssS! xD
  12. Yay! ..... (reads item description) ...... Holy mother of god, my rancor is gonna get murdered.
  13. Changelog v 2.8

    Game Map Info Updated Bnet Gameplay instructions. Loading Screen Updated. Talents Fixed bug that caused some talents to have missing tooltips. Fixed bug that reset talent builds every game. Runes Added Hydranium. The precious and red Hydranium crystals first spawn in jungles along with Neutral camps and then at their own 4 minute intervals. When collected, Hydranium grant the player +100/50 Minerals/XP and an additional +10/5 Minerals/XP every minute they remain uncaptured (the exact value of each crystal appears in real-time over the mineral). To collect Hydranium, left-click it when nearby to begin channeling. Hydranium is captured only at the end of the channeling period. Hydranium appears on the minimap as a red mineral deposit icon and there are a total of 4 Hydranium spawn points. WTF Mode The following conditions 2 v 4, 1 v 3, 3 v 5 will now result in the game automatically switching to WTF Mode. During WTF Mode, all remaining players gain +15 Health/Energy Regeneration, +50% Timescale, and +150% CDR. Additionally, no rating will be lost or gained for winning, losing, or leaving the game for remaining players. Auto-End Condition The following conditions 2 v 5, 1 v 4 will now result in the game ending automatically after a short grace period. All remaining players will be awarded a victory (Positive rating). Rating The rating for all players has been reset. Structures Fixed issue with Protoss Towers having a larger selection radius than what the model appears to show (this caused players to accidentally click on tower instead of units within its vicinity). Suppressors will now respawn after 9 minutes from 7. When 3 enemy suppressors are down at the same time, allied creeps gain 20% Movement Speed for that time. Items Ancient Rune Bonus Target Current Health Spell Damage increased from 12% to 12.5%. Adamantium Alloy Fixed bug that healed enemy and neutrals instead of just allied units. Electric Mantle (4600; NEW) Components: Flesh Hammer, Cybernetic Implants, Nullifier +80 Strength +20 Spell Armor [Unique - Electroreactive Plating] Taking Spell Damage grants you +3 Spell Armor for 6 seconds, stacking up to 5 times. [Active - Electric Current] For the next 5 seconds, 35% of all Spell Damage (before mitigation) is reflected back to enemies, and Single Target Spell Damage will stun the caster for 1.25 seconds and deal 100 + (35% of Incoming Damage Before Mitigation) Spell Damage. You will still receive full damage (after mitigation). Can only proc once on each enemy per cast. 75 second cooldown. Frozen Cuirass Feedback Active now has 3.5u AoE from 2.5u. Cooldown increased to 45 seconds from 30. Korhal Vanguard Active now affects Allied structures. Incisor/Pyre Pyre Unique now deals 7% Target Current Health Physical Damage from 6%. Mossberg Taser Cooldown increased to 45 seconds from 30. Shinobi Style Unique MS bonus while cloaked reduced to 8% from 15%. Spell Buffer Active now affects Allied structures. Syrus Codex Price reduced to 300 from 400. Warp Shard Price reduced to 2000 from 2500 Heroes Akasha Q - Attack range reduced from 8u to 6u. Avenger HP - Stack duration increased from 15s to 25. Boros HP - Remake (Active) Toggles between Burning Omni-Blade and Burning Salsa-Blade. Burning Omni-Blade (Passive) - Rends targets dealing (50% INT) Spell Damage over 5 seconds. Gives access to Omnislash. Burning Salsa-Blade (Passive)- Rends targets dealing (50% Weapon Damage) Physical Damage over 5 seconds. Gives access to SalsaSlash. Cyprus R - Cooldown rescaled to 150/120/90 from 130/110/90s. Darpa R - Energy cost reduced to 100 from 120. Dehaka - Fixed attack animation bug. Dustin HP - Radar is disabled for 2 seconds if Dustin has taken any damage. Geneva Q - Fixed energy cost bug. Grunty Q - Energy cost rescaled to 30/40/50/60 from 40/46/52/58. W - Energy cost reduced to 40 from 50. E - Energy cost rescaled to 90/120/150/180 from 90. - Updated sound and visuals. R - River Racer buff lasts 8/12/16s from 10s. Jakk W - Spyder Wards are now mobile and have 0.5 movement speed. King - Updated alt skin. Kuradel Q - Cooldown rescaled to 5/4/3/2 from 6/5/4/3s W- Cooldown rescaled to 20/18/16/14 from 18/17/16/15s. R- Cooldown rescaled to 120/100/80 from 120/110/100s. Khyrak - Fixed attack animation bug. HP - Remake (Open Wounds) - Khyrak’s active abilities apply ‘Bleed’ on enemies for 2 seconds. Whenever a Bleeding enemy moves, Bleed is refreshed and they take (10% Weapon Damage) + (1.5% Target Missing Health) Physical Damage per unit of distance travelled. Bleed lasts up to 6 seconds on non-Heroic units. Bleeding enemy heroes are also revealed to Khyrak and he gains 15% Movement Speed when they are revealed in this way. Nova Q - Cooldown set to 15 from 14/12/10/8. Energy cost rescaled to 70/80/90/100 from 60. Rancor - Updated skins. Raynor HP - Remake (Confident Aim) - Raynor's basic attacks, E and R abilities reduce his cooldowns by 1, 2, and 4 seconds respectively when hitting enemy heroes. This reduction is doubled to 2, 4, and 8 seconds respectively if the target enemy hero was Marked for Death. Q - Energy cost set to 75 from 60/65/70/75. W- Cooldown set to 20 from 15. E- Cooldown rescaled to 25/22/19/16 from 16/15/14/13. Energy cost increased to 80/110/140/170 from 70/90/110/140. R - Cast range rescaled from 18/22/26u to 18/24/30u. - CDR no longer reduced by 75% when hitting target Marked for Death. - Energy cost increased to 200/250/300 from 120/160/200. - Cooldown rescaled to 60/45/30. from 50/40/30. Rory HP - Remake (Whiskey Breath) - Spell damage on enemies in a 12u radius is amplified by 3-15% increasing the closer they are to Rory. Shadow Q - Energy cost rescaled to 70/100/130/160 from 70/80/90/100. R - Energy cost rescaled to 150/175/200 from 100/150/200 Tosh HP - Remake (Bounty Hunter) - Whenever an enemy hero kills an allied hero, they are marked by ‘Bounty Hunter’ for 180 seconds. Killing or Assisting in killing marked Enemy Heroes yields +10% minerals for Allied Heroes. Tosh gains +20% Minerals. Bounty Hunter mark dispels on death. W - Spectres' movement speed increased from 3.5 to 4. Vorpal - Updated alt skin. Zyrkhan HP - Remake (Charisma) - Nearby allies gain +10 Spell Armor for 5s whenever Zyrkhan is damaged. This amount is doubled during Heart of Aiur. Non-stacking. Does not apply to Zyrkhan.


    Where's everyone??
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  17. Weekly Inhouses

    Lets play today?
  18. pretty sure scv is just a fucking idiot
  19. Long Live The Clam!

    Wow UPren is alive!
  20. Creeps and pushers

    Ok seriously creep are way too powerful. Please consider nerfing them. Full build carries should not have trouble dealing with them at the 50 minute mark.
  21. Long Live The Clam!

  22. Long Live The Clam!

    I'm confused. What's the Clam?
  23. Long Live The Clam!

    Need I say more? RIP Clam! Clam! @highdrater @smorgishborg
  24. When I played, medic was int/aa, didnt know it changed so much
  25. Who, Geneva? Name: Doctor.Geneva Type: - Support
  26. Balrog was female before undergoing sex change therapy. Will that suffice? Or maybe the new Ravager hero can be female
  27. So, female tank character?
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