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  3. If only I came back haha, the true feeder. I could prob get Syrus and maybe Tax and have a true family reunion 😂 @ginosaji @smorgishborg
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  5. On EUW my nick is IamFe11 Butbe careful - me super puper noob C Zera&Fighter
  6. Isn't that description supposed to go to Fighter?
  7. There I am making one of your founders RQ during draft. LMAO.
  8. Here is a description though: Sweetest and friendliest group of gentlemen on AoS.
  9. FisssT dont need description
  10. Of course it is real talk, as real as the death penalty you speak of ever was. :)
  11. I get the sarcasm but is the last bit real talk? Funny the one post I make that is legit gets Americans triggered, but the bait gets passed over. Lol. As I told Marty long ago (before that unscrupulous individual decided to ban me) Jamal has to balance his constructive posts with the odd bit of trollin.
  12. Was there a time span when AOS have a larger player base than LoL?
  13. Yes, I am sure the death penalty is the cause of the mass exodus to Lol... We will work to improve it or remove it for next patch in order to recover that which we have lost.
  14. I guess this is why more people are playing LoL.....
  15. Don't hate on Blue Gene til you try it. It's a high risk/high reward snowball item. All the side shop 'Relic' items we plan on introducing will carry with them this "theme" if you will. Not every item we are introducing is intended for all heroes and all situations. As I said, Syrus Codex is one of those situational items that's not meant for every hero at every time. But you take the veteran talent, Hunter's Knife, and Syrus Codex for example and go kill Brax, Aeon, or Worm or do one full sweep of the jungle you will begin to understand the value and potential of the consumable. Tetra isn't what I would call a tank item, since stat-wise it can benefit all heroes. The active itself however is meant to benefit autoattackers who are not reliant on active abilities to deal their damage. It hasn't been balanced yet but note that your opponent can bait you into activating it at the wrong time, leaving you helpless for the rest of the fight. Yes, Whale Breast (much like the item's namesake) is extremely efficient. The change is meant to help junglers deal with the stronger jungle creeps. You can only carry 1 per inventory slot which means you are sacrificing the potential to carry other items at the same time. The numbers are not final. Avenger is a selfless creature that cares for his friends' wellbeing more than himself.
  16. Hard to manage that since there might not be any mineral to take.
  17. Auto surrender: nice for pubs Good terrain change for jungle Blue gene is pretty bad item for its cost Still not sure of syrus codex place in game. Seems useless and only brings incentive to be targeted while being too costly for its benefit for early game. Given the addition of space gem it is now easier than ever to increase time near exp sources, so everyone is leveling more quickly. Tetragrammaton is a tank item that is best used by late game carries and will make them unstoppable. Whale breast is most efficient item in the game now, you might as well have given every hero +10 weapon damage for first 20 minutes of game Interesting tychus rework thanks Why doesn't avenger's hp also include himself as a stack source?
  18. wtf viron nerfed in speed?!?!?!?
  19. Updated AoS 7 Beta Map and changelog. Items in red will gradually be activated in the game over the testing period before we go live. This goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway, changes listed are not final. Once again, will appreciate your support during the coming playtests.
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  21. Yes it's absolutely deranged.
  22. Read the following response: The mind of a Bronze LoL/SC2 player. To back my argument, tanks/supports traditionally farm he slowest and true they scale less with items. HOWEVER it's unfair to punish them the same as someone whose job is to literally be back line and do the damage. A penalty like mineral loss is one thing, but losing entire items is deranged.
  23. I have to say, I am not in full agreement with this death penalty idea. I know I've been hands off for a while, but what did this idea come from?
  24. Well be Op and don't die. initiate does not equal suicide.
  25. How comes only the stereotypical Americans cross over the Atlantic and visit Britain? It's always the retirees, who are a bit chubby with Hawaii shirts and sandals. Perhaps cost might be prohibitive but plenty of Europeans visit the USA and the Dollar is strong versus Sterling. I'm guessing issues fitting inside aeroplanes?
  26. You on EUW? If so what's your IGN.
  27. Yigs Q has cost % energy since its release. Which is why the heroic restores % energy. And why not play all of the games mentioned?
  28. Nah can't be bothered to make new acc again
  29. just play with me and syrus zera.....We play with my brother and his friend they pretty OP
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