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#6 Forum Rules

Posted EKCO on 08 July 2012 - 02:40 PM

This is a forum dedicated to the continued development of a Starcraft II Mod, and is not a general gaming community.  If your post is unpleasant to the eye, you will be banned for it.

- Frequent single-word posts (spamming).
- Walls of text or incomprehensible formatting.
- Hard selling other games.
- Derailing or degrading the quality of a thread.
- Personal attacks.
- Content that would drastically increase Starcraft II's ESRB rating.
- Large images in your signature.

This is not meant to be a list of all things that will get you banned.  As a general rule of thumb, if you wouldn't do it in real life, don't do it on the forums.

For questions or inquiries regarding our policy, send a Private Message to one of the following Admins:

#4038 [Database] Gabriel.Tosh [v1.13]

Posted captcpc on 25 July 2012 - 08:11 PM


Posted Image

STR  29+5 AGI 36 + 6 INT  25 + 5

Base Health:  250 Movement Speed:  2.8Base Weapon Speed: 1.8 Attack Range:  5 Sight Range: 12

Primary Role: Pusher
Secondary Roles:  Carry, Ganker

One of the first Spectres ever produced by the Dominion, Tosh was crafted with the most unstable, untested terranize serums. As the leader of Project Shadow Blade, he eventually found motives to become opposed to his employees, turning the Spectre class into a subversive rebel group. An outcast even from mercenaries, Tosh roams the galaxy with his pirate gang and rock band “Tosh and the Screamers” to slake their thirst for terrazine.

Tosh is versatile Hero that can fill many roles as long as he has his Spectres by his side.  With a full army of Spectres, Tosh can push down towers with ease, even dealing massive amounts of True Damage to them with Mad Craving.  He is a decent ganker with the large amount of crowd control his skill Concussion provides in combination with his Spectres' Concussive Shells.  He is also a great farmer with good lane control with his Spectres' last hitting power and his Terrazine Radiation's massive AoE.  Despite filling many roles, he has very low mobility as his Spectres cannot use Transporters and have a low movespeed.

Tosh is extremely dependent on the survival and positioning of his Spectres which requires intense micro and map awareness.  He is also a positioning dependent Hero and requires some thinking ahead to make up for his low mobility.  He is recommended for Advanced players.

Posted Image Bounty HunterAbility Type:  Heroic PassiveDamage Type:  N/A Hotkey:  N/A

All allies gain a bonus +4 minerals when killing a unit that grants minerals.

Posted Image ConcussionAbility Type:  Target UnitDamage Type:  Spell Hotkey: Q
Cooldown: 16/15/14/13

Target enemy takes Spell Damage and loses Movement Speed per second for 3 seconds.  At the end of the effect, the unit is stunned for 1 second.

Level 1:  60 Energy  Deals 12 (+30% INT) Spell Damage and reduces 20% Movement Speed per second.
Level 2:  75 Energy Deals 24 (+30% INT)  Spell Damage and reduces 20% Movement Speed per second.
Level 3:  90 Energy  Deals 36 (+30% INT) Spell Damage and reduces 20% Movement Speed per second.
Level 4:  105 Energy De als 48 (+30% INT)  Spell Damage and reduces 20% Movement Speed per second.

Posted Image Rise of Da SpectreAbility Type:  PassiveDamage Type:  PhysicalHotkey: W
Cooldown: N/A

Spectres join Tosh every time he lands a killing blow on an enemy unit.  Spectres have 50+10*LVL Health, 60% Spell Resist, and can cast Concussive Round.  Concussive Rounds stun enemies in an area for 0.8 seconds.

Level 1: Deals 10 [+20% INT] Physical Damage per attack.  Maximum of 1 Spectre.
Level 2: Deals 15 [+20% INT] Physical Damage per attack.  Maximum of 2 Spectres.
Level 3: Deals 20 [+20% INT] Physical Damage per attack.  Maximum of 3 Spectres.
Level 4: Deals 25 [+20% INT] Physical Damage per attack.  Maximum of 4 Spectres.

Posted Image Terrazine RadiationAbility Type:  Target AreaDamage Type:  SpellHotkey: E
Cooldown: 18/18/18/18


Tosh throws a terrazine grenade, creating a radiation cloud that lasts for 6 seconds.  Enemies in the cloud take Spell Damage per second equal to a percentage of their Maximum Health.

Level 1: 60 Energy Deals Spell Damage equal to 4% of the enemy's Maximum Health per second.
Level 2: 80 Energy Deals Spell Damage equal to 5% of the enemy's Maximum Health per second.
Level 3: 100 Energy Deals Spell Damage equal to 6% of the enemy's Maximum Health per second.
Level 4: 120 Energy Deals Spell Damage equal to 7% of the enemy's Maximum Health per second.

Posted Image Mad CravingAbility Type:  SelfDamage Type:  TrueHotkey: R
Cooldown: 90/80/70

For 10 seconds. Tosh synchronizes with his spectres to move at a flat Movement Speed and maximize their Weapon Speed.  During this time, they deal no Physical Damage, but instead deal True Damage on attack, while Tosh deals double this amount.

Level 1: 100 Energy 3.75 Movement Speed, Spectres deal 20 True Damage on attack.
Level 2: 150 Energy 3.75 Movement Speed, Spectres deal 30 True Damage on attack.
Level 3: 200 Energy 3.75 Movement Speed, Spectres deal 40 True Damage on attack.

#20 Mumble Server

Posted EKCO on 11 July 2012 - 12:28 PM

Posted Image   Posted Image

Download Mumble: http://www.mumble.co...le-download.php

To connect to our server, follow these steps:
Server > Connect > Add New
Input a server label and your desired username under "Label" and "Username".
Input the server information below, and then hit "Ok".  You can now connect to our server using "Connect".

Server Info

- Register yourself if you don't want others to take your username.  You can do this by right clicking on your username and selecting "Register".
- If you cannot log in due to "wrong password", it's probably because someone on the server has your username.  Pick another one.

- Don't rage.
- Don't complain.
- Don't make things complicated.
- Mods can and will ban you for just about anything.
- All forum rules apply.

#47552 Mumble Attitude

Posted Soedenone on 05 February 2013 - 09:05 PM

I don't know what to say, really. A lot of you know me a rager or a flamer, but one thing I most certainly am not, is badly mannered. I don't even rage or flame that much, I think I'm generally a fairly nice guy on mumble, unlike my usual persona on this forum.

A lot of you may not care that I'm leaving, and I am not really sure I'm doing it yet, and that not what this thread is about anyway. This thread is about the current state of mumble. Not like DierDrPeppers "The New Mumble" which was about him personally, but more about the general attitude of, in my opinion, specifically EU players - but some things also carrying over to NA.

First of all I'm really disappointed to how resigned people are to things. There is so much personal flaming and bad-manner behaviour, and nobody speaks up. I understand you come on mumble to play and have fun, but you really should stand up for your fellow man sometimes, instead of never, ever doing it.
There are a couple of people doing it, but not a lot - I obviously consider myself among them, and I find that really disappointed.
In my hayday from around late 3.0 to the end of 4.0, I would rage and flame like none of you would believe, but one thing I absolutely would never do, is make things personal, carry on being a rager/flamer after games were done, or do general bad-manner things like kicking players I didn't like from lobbies I was in, or openly mistreat others for no other reasons than me being an handful.
I wouldn't dream of doing it.

In recent times I've calmed down. There are still some people considering me a "rager" simply by word of mouth, but if you really think about it, I don't rage anymore. People who played with me when I did, can attest to this. I'm sure they would attest to me being a huge flobing annoying rager, but also agree that I didn't do any of this incredibly bad manner stuff.

Secondly, and this goes for both regions, I'm really baffled at how unwilling to help the "top tier players" are. Sure, there are exceptions, and I'm not going to mention anyone in particular, like I didn't do in my previous point, but let me bring you up to speed and give you some context.

When I was playing SotIS all day in late 3.0-4.0, I would spectate games of newer players, give them help and tips. I would answer questions and even go in test-games to try different things, and explain different mechanics to newer players. This includes many of the current top players from EU - In that I've helped them in such manner.
I didn't particularly want to play with them at the time, because I knew I would get frustrated and angry during the game - but I still helped them for literally hours on end.
Some of you may just say "Well maybe you shouldn't have", "Your own fault, we don't have to", and you guys would be right. I didn't do it because I had to, but because I wanted to. I enjoyed helping the newer players, and honestly considered it my "duty" in some way, simply because I was a top player.
Bear in mind that this is not necessarily directed at all of the "top players", although most of them.

I know it's the same old song of nostalgia, and how "we used to be much nicer", in many ways similar to the old man being displeased with the newer generation - but I really have no other outlet for it than writing here.
I was just kicked out of game for no reason, so the host could invite one of his friends in my place.

I'm really tired of this amount of disrespectful behaviour, and I think it may be better to simply disassociate myself from the community, if it is only going to bring heartache like that. I invested more time and energy in this game than any current player on mumble, whether they realise it or not, and it pains me to just get shap on like this - not so much the action itself, but more the fact that nobody cares.

There is this weird "kingpin" attitude, where people are simply scared or not confident enough to stand up to the "kingpin", in this case the "top tier/most active" players.

Again, not a lot of people are around who care about me, and I honestly don't care about the majority of the players on mumble either - so most people won't care that I'm not interested in staying around, but really try to take this post more about the community attitude, than simply me not being interested in being a part of it.
I don't flame people, I don't talk about people behind their backs. I don't whine about other people, and I make sure to encourage others not to do it either. It creates a really negative atmosphere reminding me most of some inane highschool clique where people are just too insecure on their position in the hierarchy to speak up.

I mean is that really the stage we're in? Mumble isn't some huge community that can't be moderated, it isn't filled with 300 different people doing 30 different inhouse games. There are players for a maximum of 1 game at a time, 9/10 days. In other words you'll be playing with the same people over and over, so why are you burning bridges? Why are some people acting like uncaring handfuls? They should be ostracized(Speaking of DietDrPeppers thread) by the rest of the community - and they would, if the community as a whole dared to take a stand against this toxic behaviour.

Just my 2 cents,

#108499 Beta Changelogs

Posted Whale on 29 September 2014 - 10:35 AM

E - Cast time .15s -> .75s

E - Energy Cost 60/ 90/ 120/ 150 -> 60/ 75/ 90/ 105

Q - Cooldown 1s -> 2.5s
W - Cooldown 1s -> 2.5s
E - Cooldown 1s -> 2.5s
R - Duration Forever -> 30s

Sunflare Gun:
Damage: 500 -> 200 (+15% Target Maximum Health)
Timescale stolen: 15% -> 18%

Weapon Delay .15s -> .3s

Egon - abilities modified


Tentative Leo Rework

#24144 Drafting guide by Shablagoo

Posted Shab on 05 October 2012 - 10:30 AM

A Guide To Drafting, by Shablagoo

I wanted to write a guide after the tournament had ended, but didn't really have time till now.

I wanted to write something that could stay relevant for a longer period of time, so hero guides were pretty much out of the question, seeing as there are constant changes to the heroes.

This guide will contain examples from both DotA 2, and games from the tournament (not only my teams games, there is at least 1 other example I will use too).

If anything is hard to understand, feel free to ask, and I will answer as best I can.

I do not claim to be the best drafter out there, nor do I claim to have the best knowledge, but I do think I can learn away a thing or two.

I do not take any credit for the drafting done by my team in the tournament, that was a entirely a team effort.

5 October 2012 - Guide created.
5 Octrober 2012 - Hero tier list added.

What is drafting?
Drafting is the picking/banning of heroes that happens before a game starts. In AoS there is, as far as I know, two modes that uses drafting. Draft pick (or is it called captains mode?) and 2g2t (2 global bans, 2 team bans). In DotA 2 you also have 2 modes, random draft, and captains mode.

To make it easy, I will explain how draft pick was done in the tournament.
Protoss team would start, and it would go:

P=Protoss: 1st ban.
Z=Zerg: 2nd ban.
P: 3rd ban.
Z: 4th ban.

P: 1st pick.
Z: 2nd and 3rd pick.
P: 4th and 5th pick.
Z: 6th pick.

P: 5th ban.
Z: 6th ban.

P: 7th pick.
Z: 8th and 9th pick.
P: 10th pick.

So this is how the draft pick works, each hero can only be banned/picked by one team, and there are also usually some “auto banned” heroes, these are either specified by the tournament rules, or can be agreed upon by the captains before the bans (though this rarely happens in AoS). A hero can become “auto banned” for several reasons, the most common being the hero being bugged, or overpowered.  “Auto banned” heroes are, as the name says automatically banned, so that neither of the teams needs to use a ban on it, and none of the teams can pick it.

Why is drafting important?
In the game of AoS, or DotA 2, for that matter, not all heroes are of equal value. Some are stronger than others, some are more important to the team than others. Some are easier, some are harder. You get the idea, there is a lot of heroes, and they are all different, thus they are also valued differently. So why is drafting important?
Drafting is important because if two teams of equal skill go up against each other, the team with the better draft should in theory always win. Meaning that the better the teams playing each other are, the more important the draft becomes. In the tournament held in September 2012 by JustSafrican (shoutout to him, he’s a great guy!) we saw a lot of teams lose because they got out drafted. Of course individual skill also counts towards winning the game, but if you flob up at the draft, you already start the game behind.

Conclusion of hero tier list.

The idea when picking heroes is that you always want to pick heroes in the early phase of the draft that does a lot for you, and are easy to put in lanes. This way, it's harder to ban/pick heroes for the opponent that will leave you with few options. If you pick heroes that are hard to put in lanes in the early phase of the draft, the opposition can force you to have bad lanes, by taking/banning the heroes that are great in lane. Therefore, you want to pick heroes with a lot of utility early on, and heroes that doesn't have so much utility, later on in the draft.

What is your goal with the draft?
There are actually many small goals with the draft. You should have a plan for every single pick/ban in the draft, there should be some thought behind every ban/pick. Not only your own pick, you also have to try to decipher your opponents picks/bans, and foresee what they want to do with it. The goal with the draft is obviously to get the strongest possible team of 5 heroes. However, there’s a lot to take into consideration when drafting.

When picking:
You need to take into consideration what heroes your team is good with. There are also several questions you need to ask yourself.
· Can we play the hero well? Know your team.
· Does the hero fit into our composition/strategy?
· Is the hero good against their composition/strategy?
· Can we fit the hero in a lane?
· Is it a hero they might pick? And if yes, how early would they want to pick it? Know your opponents.
· If we leave the hero in the pool, and they pick it, is it replaceable?
Obviously your team needs to have someone who is able to play the hero, in order for you to pick it. The hero also needs to fit into the strategy or composition you’re aiming for; for instance, you never want a dual melee lane, as they tend to lose to most dual lanes. While I’m a fan of forcing the enemy to adopt to my draft, there are certain scenarios where you don’t pick a hero you want, because of the enemy setup, for instance Unix is a bad pick vs Erekul, Rory doesn’t fare so well against Balrog, Nova is probably not the greatest pick up vs a Rancor Raynor combination, etc. You need to be able to put the hero into a lane, in the current metagame, having strong lanes (that can push) is important, if you want to win your lane, you need strong lanes, however, sometimes you do sack laning potential, in order to get some hero that has a huge impact later on in the game.
You always have to take into consideration if the hero you want is something that they might also want. You always want to pick the heroes you want as late as possible in the draft. If you can save a pick you really want to the last pick, you do it, simply because there are probably higher tier heroes that both teams will be fighting over, I’ll come back to that later in the guide. If you know that the hero you want to pick is something that the enemy also wants to pick really early in the draft, it might be a good idea to pick it up straight away, so that you both have the hero you want, and you deny it for your enemy, it serves as an extra ban so to speak. However, it might not always be good to pick a hero early, just because you know the enemy wants it. The draft is always about getting good trades, when you pick one hero, it means you will leave open another one, it’s all about getting good trades. Therefore often times when you have 2nd pick, you want to leave open many strong heroes, so that when the opposition picks a strong hero, you can take two strong heroes, because there’s a lot of strong heroes in the pool, but I’ll come back to that later.
An example of a situation where a team pick a hero that both teams really wanted, but probably shouldn’t have picked that early is in the game between Dark Samurais and AFKBRBPP in the three way tiebreaker in the European log of the tournament (which I actually happened to cast with Marche, thanks to him for letting me on, it was fun). Both teams wanted Erekul, and in the group stage game between the two teams, AFKBRBPP had picked Erekul as the 4th pick in the draft, I know that Dark Samurais wanted to pick the hero, but didn’t expect them to pick it that early, which made them first pick it in the tiebreaker match. Leaving open Vorpal and Jax, which AFKBRBPP took in the 2nd and 3rd pick. There’s a psychology aspect here too, if you know that the opponent will pick a hero, or hero combination really early on, you might want to leave in stronger heroes, so that they get what they want, but you get a really good trade for it. I’ll come back to that later.

When banning with 1st pick:
The first banning phase is a lot about setting yourself up for a good 1st picking phase. If you have 1st pick, you generally want to leave in either only 1 strong hero, or a lot of strong heroes, so that you can get 2/3 strong heroes in your first 3 picks. However, since you don’t have the last ban of the draft, it’s really hard to leave in only 1 strong hero, and thus you usually want to leave in as many as possible. This means that your first two bans can be used on pretty much everything. The first ban of the draft is always free, meaning that you can do whatever you want with it, so you spend it as a hate ban, or a ban on a hero you really don’t want to play against, and that you don’t plan on picking yourself.
An example from the tournament would be when we (John+4) played against team Godlike, we played them twice, in the upper bracket semifinal, and in the lower bracket finals. In both games we decided to use our first ban on Garamond, it was a hero we hadn’t played a lot, we had no plans to pick it, and we knew that the NA teams liked to play it. Therefore we banned it, since we didn’t have enough experience playing against it.
The 2nd ban is always going to be situational; you will never know what to use your 2nd ban on before you see their first ban. When you see their first ban, you’ll have a better idea what to ban, since this is always situational, it’s hard to say “if they do this, ban this”, and easier to give an example, and explain the thoughts behind it, so let’s jump into another example:
The 2nd game in the finals, between our team, and team Fairly Balanced is a good example. Our first ban was Egon, the reason we banned that was simply that we were not going to first pick it, and we considered the hero extremely strong, and a hero we really didn’t want to play against. So that goes back to the “ban a hero you really don’t want to play against, and that you don’t plan on picking yourself.” Then they banned Micro. Now in the pool that was left there were heroes like Drake, Bio, Jackson, Vorpal, Vergil, all of which we considered really strong. However, now that we banned Egon, we didn’t really want to first pick drake, and we knew they had a really strong Drake player, so we decided to ban Drake. While this gives them the opportunity to ban one of the other strong heroes, leaving three strong heroes in the pool, so that they get two, and we get one, we still thought it was the best decision. They ended up banning Bio. The game can be found here (there are also replays on the forums, it’s linked at the bottom).
The 2nd ban phase is always going to be situational, and there are so many factors to take into consideration that I can only really give examples of 2nd ban phases and reasoning behind them. But I’ll go through an entire draft later, and do it then.

When banning with 2nd pick:
When you have 2nd pick, it means that the opposition has 1 pick, then you have 2. The advantages of having 2nd pick are obviously the fact that you have the 2nd and 3rd pick. You also have the last ban in both banning phases, meaning that ultimately, you’re the one deciding which heroes stay in the picking pool, and which does not. You also have the last pick before the 2nd ban phase, meaning that you can pick up a hero that can be easily countered by 1 hero, but that you can then ban, first pick does not have this luxury (however they do have the last pick of the draft). All bans/picks are always situational, but if there’s a really strong hero in the pool, then you have to make up your mind. You can give them that hero, but is the trade you get for it worth it? You always have to weight up what you give, to what you get. There is always a trade. Sometimes it makes more sense to ban the strong hero, and sometimes you want to leave it in, I’ll give an example.
In the first game in the finals of the tournament, we had 2nd pick, and we had already decided the night before to leave biotron in the pool. Biotron was by many teams considered the best first pick out there, and a crazy overpowered hero. We agreed that he was really strong, but decided that if we managed to leave in Drake, Egon and Biotron, we could get either Drake, Egon, Bio, Egon, or Drake Bio as our 2nd pick. Thus when they didn’t ban any of the heroes (they banned Vergil) we banned Mule, a hero we knew they also liked to play, that we didn’t want to face up against. They 2nd banned Micro, we decided to ban Jackson, because that would leave the pool with: Egon, Drake, Biotron, Vorpal. We knew they were going to pick up either Drake or Biotron, because we knew they liked Drake a lot. Which then meant that we were going to pick up Egon and Bio, there was no way around picking these 2 heroes for us in this scenario, meaning that Jackson would be left for them to pick up with their 2nd pick, which we didn’t want them to have. Drake plus Jackson sounded way to frightening to us. They ended up picking Drake, and we got Biotron and Egon, which we were really happy with.
So the trade in this scenario was that we gave them Drake, but got Bio and Egon in return, they also got Vorpal. It’s important to note that when you’re looking at a trade, something that looks like a good trade to you, might look like a bad trade to someone else, the most important thing is that you (and your team) feel confident with the trade you’ve done, every team out there plays better if you feel like you’ve done a good draft. And in the end, hero rating will always be subjective anyways.

Psychology and Drafting:
This is more advanced stuff, and a very small part of the drafting in AoS. In DotA 2 this kind of stuff is more relevant than in AoS. However, it isn’t nonexistent, and to ignore it would be stupid, so let’s talk a little bit about it. Psychology in drafting is all about getting into your opponents head, if you can predict what he’s going to do, or force him to do something, then you can make a plan to counter that, already before he has done it. The more information you have, the more abusive you can be in your drafting. For instance if you know for a fact that the opposition can’t play a hero at all, you can force them to use a ban on it, and if they don’t, you can pick it up really late, meaning you can pick up other heroes that they might have wanted. If you know that the opposition has a player capable of playing only two heroes, which is also two heroes they always expect to be able to pick later on in the draft, you can catch them really off guard with banning one of them, and picking the other one up early on. A similar scenario happened in game 2 of the finals in the tournament:
The first part of the draft was over, and we had picked Jackson, Vergil and Rancor. We knew the other team had a player who played a good Erekul and a good Raynor, but we also knew that his other heroes were all way worse than those two heroes. So in the 2nd ban phase, we had first ban, and we also had the first pick after the 2nd ban phase. Nor Erekul or Raynor was picked yet, we decided to ban out Erekul, both as a hateban, and because we didn’t want to play the hero, we also didn’t want to play against the hero, so it was an easy ban. Then when it got back to us again, they had obviously not banned Raynor, as it was the only hero left in the pool that the player we’re talking about could play really well. We hadn’t picked Raynor a single time in the tournament, so they probably expected in the first phase of the draft,  that they would easily be able to pick up either Raynor or Erekul later on, but when they picked their 3rd hero, we had the opportunity to deny them both, seeing as we had first pick, and ban. We decided to go with Raynor, which really threw them off. It wasn’t necessarily a great pick up, but it surprised them, and threw them off nevertheless. We won that game with several of the heroes they had ran throughout the entire tournament, we thought this would trigger them to pick those heroes really early on in the draft next game. Since we didn’t really rate them as high as they did, we decided to let them in the pool in the next draft, and decided that if they took those heroes early on, that would mean that we got a really good trade for them. They did pick up Raynor&Rancor as the 2nd and 3rd hero in the next draft, which we really didn’t mind. We ended up winning that game, and the tournament.

Drafting as Protoss:
Now I’ve pretty much gone through everything I wanted to go through, but I want to put it all together, and go through one draft from each side in the end now, so let’s start with Protoss.
The game we will be looking at is the game between our team and team Godlike, I’m sorry I’ve been using so much of our own drafts, but it really is much easier to explain my own thoughts, than to try to go into someone else’s.

First banning phase:
So with our very first ban, we could ban pretty much anything, or we could ban out something that would be a really good second pick (a hero that we didn’t want to play ourselves, but didn’t want to face). We knew they liked Mule, we hadn’t played a lot against Mule, so we decided to ban Mule. They proceeded to ban Vergil with their first ban, a hero we had beat them with before. Now the rest of the draft was pretty obvious to us. Every team that had 2nd pick had banned Bio this far, because nobody wanted to let him through the draft as he was so strong. So we expected them to ban Bio 100% of the time here. With a hero pool consisting of heroes like Micro, Jackson, Drake, Biotron (which we expected them to ban) and Egon. We decided that when they banned Bio, we wanted to pick up Drake first, leaving them a Micro+1 pick. We didn’t expect them to pick Egon with anything other than Drake, as they hadn’t played it earlier in the tournament, and it hadn’t been picked with unless it was with a Drake, at least not by other teams than us. We also expected them to pick up Micro+Drake or Drake+Egon if we left in Jackson, and took him first, both of which were really strong 2nd picks for them, so we decided to ban Jackson. However, they didn’t ban Biotron, they banned Micro, now we were really surprised, and needed to think.

First picking phase:
In the hero pool we had Biotron, Egon, Drake, Vorpal as the four strongest heroes. We knew that if we took Biotron, that would open up for Egon Drake, a combo we didn’t want to give them, but in any case, they would get a really strong 2nd pick. Seeing as the strongest hero on its own right was biotron, we decided that we needed to pick that. We already had a really bad feeling, and felt that to this point we had gotten outdrafted. However, to our surprise, they ended up taking Vorpal Drake, a mistake from them, that they also admitted afterwards, maybe whoever said it (nobody knows who called the Vorpal Drake pick for them)  didn’t expect us to pick Egon when we didn’t have drake. But our next two picks were anyways pretty obvious for us. We needed to take Egon, he was both a great combo hero with biotron, a great hero on his own, and it also denied them the possibility of picking Egon which would’ve been great with both their heroes so far. Now that we already had Biotron, we knew that there’s about one hero that goes alright against him in the middle lane, that’s Erekul, Erekul was our pick, to deny them, and also if we can have massive healing with Erekul and Egon, it will be very hard for them to ever kill us. They ended up finishing the first picking phase with a Kerrigan.

Second banning phase:
Now since we had a lot of sustain, and it would be hard for them to ever kill us, we figured out that what would be most devastating for us, is if we had to tank a Drake+Rory ultimate, since we couldn’t heal if we were stunned from Drake, thus we banned Rory. We also knew they liked running Shadow Rory lanes, and that they were pretty good with it, so there’s another good reason for banning Rory. They banned Tosh.

Second picking phase:
Left in the hero pool we had heroes like Toxi, Nova, Rancor, Raynor, Shadow, Grunty etc. A lot of situational heroes. We didn’t like to play Shadow, we needed some kind of DPS, and we decided that with our two last picks, we wanted to pick up a Grunty and a Toxi. We only had one pick however, so we needed to figure out what hero they would want to pick. We had seen them play Toxi three or four times before, so we decided to pick up that first. We also knew they liked to play with huge AoE ultimate heroes, so Toxi was an easy pick up, to deny them that. They picked up Dustin and Boros, that didn’t really change our plans, so we went with the Grunty. Obviously we had to think about good lanes before we picked our heroes, but that was already sorted. We would put Biotron mid, Egon and Grunty would go in the safe lane, Grunty with infinite mana is so strong in lane. Our last lane consisted of Toxi and Erekul, a pretty bad lane, but we decided that this was the strongest way to set up our lanes.

Conclusion of the draft:
In the first banning phase, we felt like we got outpicked, since they set themselves up for the Egon Drake pick, however, they failed hard with their first two picks, which allowed us for the stronger draft in the end. The strategy of leaving in Drake, Egon and Biotron was something we adopted and used in the finals, the next draft we’re going to look at.

Drafting as Zerg:
The next draft we’re going to look at, is our first game in the finals vs team Fairly Balanced. Sadly this game wasn’t streamed. Let’s jump right into it.

First banning phase:
They obviously started with banning, as we were Zerg. Their first ban was Vergil, a hero we had been running before. Our teams turn to ban, we had already decided to leave in Bio, Drake and Egon. We knew they liked Drake a lot, and that one of their players played a good Drake, so it would be possible that they left Bio+Egon, which was what we really wanted. So since we wanted to leave in those 3 heroes, we could ban pretty much anything. We decided to ban Mule, the reasoning has been mentioned heaps of time earlier in the guide. Their next ban was Micro, and now we needed to think. There were 4-5 really strong heroes in the pool, Drake, Bio, Jackson, Vorpal, Egon. We decided that regardless what they first picked, we would need to leave Jackson to their 2nd pick. We didn’t want to do that, so we banned it.

First picking phase:
They decided to first pick Drake, we got Egon and Biotron, a trade we were really happy with. Their 2nd and 3rd pick ended up being Rancor and Darpa, leaving us with Erekul. We picked Erekul to deny it for them, since it’s really strong against Bio, and since it’s really good with Egon, given the crazy amount of sustain and healing you have.

Second banning phase:
They banned Tosh, a hero we actually really wanted this game, they had done their research. We decided to ban Rory again, for the same reason as we did vs team Godlike, it’s hard to outheal the tower of doom from Rory, combine it with a Drake ultimate, and game is hard.

Second picking phase:
They first picked either Raynor or Boros, it doesn’t really matter which one of them it was, as we already had a plan of what we were going to pick. We wanted to pick Tosh, but since it was banned we decided to pick Grunty as our carry. We had already had a lot of success with Grunty, and our other hero was unix, since unix+biotron could push the long lane so hard VS a possible Rancor Raynor combo. Egon Erekul was also a great combo That can’t ever lose a lane.

Conclusion of the draft:
We felt like we outdrafted them really hard. We have Egon for sick sustain, Erekul for more sustain, Grunty as our dps, getting healed by both Egon and Grunty, Unix and Biotron winning us the early game singlehandedly. Easy Aeons and Leviathans through Bio, Egon and Unix.

Most replays should be here: http://www.aeonofsto...-replay-thread/

Drafting is mostly about knowing your opponents, but there's also some basic stuff that you need to know, this guide is pretty basic, since it's hard, if not impossible to write an in-depth guide about drafting, I hope it will help someone at least, and open some eyes, maybe give some other ideas than the ones you already had. Regardless I think most people will benefit from reading it, even though it's very basic. Once I put in the hero tier list, it might be easier to get everything, as I can put a lot of information about where to pick/ban certain heroes from a theory craft point of view (where we don't take into consideration who we're playing against).

Tl;dr: Read the flobing guide.

#84069 Shadow guide ( due to the high amount of requests)

Posted John on 27 November 2013 - 12:19 PM

Alright, being a pubstar and all, I'll tell you how it's done, read the following ( extremely carefully. You might as well do it a few times as you won't have to spend more time looking for another guide. You simply wont find another guide being as effective as this one).

YOU ARE SHADOW, Rambo of sotis,  you don't need a team. Obviously the best player in the team goes shadow, and to reach ur max potential as the best player, with the best character, you will take the most skill required task, AKA the jungle.

As you will have a significant much higher income due to your competence of last hitting neutrals,  you open up with hunters-->machette--> culling--> lethal--> axe. This will not only allow you to farm neutrals in a second, it will also allow dominate the mid game in damage output as well as the rest of the game.

Don't bother with nonsense like shinobi and phase cloak for obvious reasons ( You have shade, vortex and a passive that nullifies the use of that item) Just go with the open I suggested, then work on a  galactic defender / cont shard

Now for the less obvious stuff, how it's done:

You may think a real pro goes haste or some other clown build? This isn't the case, GO 2,4,0 talent because that's what a man gets, we aren't going to play the usual puss-style shadow here.

Fortify is what the pros put on there shadow.

The way you is that you man up, not like the usual retarded shadow that runs in with haste and dies 1 vs 5. Instead you do a man, like a real fking gangster. This doesn't mean that you aren't going to do the standard pub shap where you go in 1 against 5, because that's actually exactly what we are going to do here, but with style:

Throw down a vortex on the least retarded opponent in enemy team, as he might scan you or w.e. at the same time you throw down ur ulti, take out a couple preferably stunners, use your vortex again on whoever is the biggest threat to cancel your luda while you pick off another guy. Once you are low hp ( the lower longer you can wait the better) activate ur galactic AND fortify and just take a piss the remaining heroes while you basically sit there with another ulti in terms of time and armour + spell resistance higher than starscream and drake have combined.

Now if you were up against some trashtalking little *, you hit the pause button and ask him / them  to uninstall the game. ( this last step is situational while the other steps are mandatory)


EDIT: Adjusted item build into and attached a replay.

Hunters--> machette, --> Lost treasure --> Stun knife ---> pyre --> galectic ( Galectic is ur core item and I wouldn't recommend going up against more than 2 people at a time until you have it.)
Next up is explosive --> eternity --> time splitter --> Shadowmourne. (Note this is the standard build that will work in 9/10 games without having to adapt it).

The replay is a random pub, partly premade, Knowing that one of the guys in the premade plays shadow more frequent than SUPERMANA I decide to show how it's done properly.


Might not be the funniest to watch but it has a few amusing moments. Let's get some more shadows into pubgames!

#5 Donations

Posted EKCO on 08 July 2012 - 06:14 AM


100% of your donations are used to upgrade and maintain the forums and chat server.

Posted Image

When Donating:
- Include your forum email or account in the donation message.
- If you haven't recieved your forum rank yet, send us a PM reminding us to check for you.  Include your email.
- Tell us why you're donating.

Donation tiers:
10$ - "+1 Donor" forum rank.
Posted Image
25$ - "+2 Donor" forum rank.
Posted Image
50$ - "+3 Donor" forum rank.
Posted Image
99$ - "+4 Donor" forum rank.
Posted Image
1000$ - If you ever come to Connecticut or New York, I will bake you a f@$king cake.

For every 4$ donated, you can reserve a private channel for you and you friends on our mumble server for 1 month.  Compared to renting it on your own, Mumble would charge you about 6$/mo.

#99258 One guide to rule them all - your ultimate guide to success in Inhouses

Posted TungVu on 23 April 2014 - 07:19 AM

So hello guys,

A few times a year, I take it upon myself the task of enlightening others who are still wandering in the dark. And this is one of those times.

So you want to beat certain players who like think they are the shap. Ok I get what you mean, SLP right. No problem, here is how it can be done:

First, of course, you have to find a group of 5 players who are talkative and hot-tempered. Skill doesn't matter because frankly, SLP doesn't have much anyway. Now once you found your soul mates, you make them come to mumble and all of u join in the same channel. This is the tricky part because since they are hot-tempered, they are not likely to listen to you ordering them around. I said I will give you a guide to success, I never said it would be easy. So yell at them, curse them, do whatever you like to remind them that the common enemy is still out there. Onward to the ban pick phase, actually, skip it, it doesn't matter. Pick whatever you like but I would advise some lame combo that can provoke the shap out of ppl when they face it. Back in 4.0 it was the ghost raynor BS that my homies Brew and Soed like to run. Real homo. At the start of the game, challenge the enemy team to fight you at your tower. Since the members you selected are talkative and hot tempered, they should be able to convince the enemy team to do so, be it by sweet talking or provocation. If they can't then you have chosen the wrong ppl. You deserve to lose. After they fight you at your tower and lose (if they win then you should quit AoS and play Dota, its a much easier game), use the lame combos to provoke them further. Poke them every time they take damage or miss a last hit. By mid game, the game should be pretty much over but if its not, we still have one last secret strategy. All 5 of you should alt-tab and invade the other team's mumble channel and harass them literally. You have to let them know you mean it. Not only do you harass them in game but you are not shy to harass them in their OWN mumble channel either. They will be intimidated, thinking of how long before you come to their home and rape them IRL. I expect surrender within 1 min.

Ok guys, that's it for now. You can thank me by liking this post. If it reaches 50 likes, I might consider writing another guide.

#36058 Amusing lol/SC2 Comparison

Posted Quistmann on 03 December 2012 - 01:17 PM

I found this while surfing the SC2 forums and thought it was fairly amusing :)


#108162 Wrath and Whale onboard AoS Development!

Posted RedHydra on 26 September 2014 - 04:41 AM

I am pleased to announce that Wrath and Whale will be joining us for the ongoing development of Aeon of Storms.

Wrath will again be handling systems, Whale will be handling game design, and EKCO will be handling creative direction.  Look forward to more frequent content updates, because they're coming!

Also, we're 3 months late but, AoS / SotIS is 4 years 3 months old today!
Posted Image

#49294 Funny AOS memes

Posted residente on 15 February 2013 - 02:53 PM

AoS developing

Posted Image

#33997 Is there a sentiment in Mumble that this game is LoL+? (v1.60+)

Posted EKCO on 23 November 2012 - 08:28 AM

I'm a little offended that the entire process behind our development is being called "chintzy".  That undermines all the work and effort we've put into a project that has very much become a part of our lives.

The direction of the game, is to improve game elements.  If we feel that an element of the game is incomplete and loosely tied together, we spend weeks putting together ideas for how it can be improved, and they are not always obvious.  If our conclusion happens to be similar to what a well-funded team of designers have come up with, I can take a little pride in that because I know we've been addressing similar problems.  That being said, AoS is nothing if not a unique evolution of our industry counterparts.

We started out with inspirations from DotA, then we learned a bit from LoL, a smidge from Tianyijue, HoN, Smite, Fat Princess, WoW, Guild Wars, any game we've played, we add to our portfolio of inspirations, because as designers, it's our objective to learn new methods, and understand evolving concepts.  What, you want a design that is literally "without inspiration" ?

We could keep the same old formula we had at the very beginning, where players one-shot each other and cyprus teleports in with an army of marines that immediately wipe out your entire team.  Or where once a single barrack is destroyed, people immediately leave the game because the advantage is so overwhelming that it becomes anti-fun.  Where's the ambition in that? Keeping sideshops is considered creativity? The original map design and layout was 90% modeled after DotA, sideshops, pools, towers, bounties, experience, lanes, and all.  Where's the creativity in that?

If anything, the map currently differs more from it's industry counterparts than it ever has.  Each element is designed with clear purpose.

Every change we've made is in response to community concerns and part of a process in which we take into consideration specific game elements to come up with the best possible design, as opposed to flat-out mimicking elements from DotA.  Some of those have aligned with LoL because the developers at Riot have done a spectacular job in general - just because they came up with a great solution doesn't mean it's absolutely off-limits.  What would we be left with if our entire design process was "anything that other games don't do" ? We'd be left with nothing!

Being unique for the sake of being unique is a gross oversimplification of the design process, and is clearly not the philosophy by which you want something to be developed.  Making a game unique is not hard.  

The balance of hope, stress, enjoyment, and anticipation is not a simple one.  It evolves out of community input.  It's not like things are balanced or adjusted without reason.  If you wanted the game to stay the way it always was, then you're essentially asking me to completely ignore all the community input we've received in the past 3 years of constant development.

I understand you have some concerns about a few changes.  Maybe you didn't quite follow the change to transporters, or the barracks, or to neutral camps, or denies.  The forums are an avenue for discussion on this matter, and given a logically sound case, there's no reason for us to not reconsider.  Unlike other developers, we're actually accessible to the public.  We just ask that you not use cheap reasoning to justify a game element, or fall back on attacking us for being too similar to one game or another.  Rather, elaborate on problems you see with specific changes, weigh the pros and cons of each change, and understand that we're always thinking about these things too.

#103910 Game Balancer Resignation

Posted highdrater on 21 June 2014 - 06:02 AM

I'll try to keep this short and sweet.

I put way too much time and effort into trying to keep this game from becoming so one dimensional to simply receive so much flobing bullsh1t.  It blows my mind how the same group of kids troll the shap out the community and stir up every thread.  I apologize to the people who actually appreciated my efforts and as for the trolls & whiney retards (obvious as to who you are) - suck my d1ck.

I'll still be very active and more than willing to contribute my opinion to any kind of game balance or game design when asked for, but I definitely will not be wasting my damn time consulting with the community, writing changelogs, and pushing ekco and red to approve and implement them.

All you guys (specifically the select few of EU complainers) who haven't felt apart of the game design .. now its your time to step up or well remain poons.

I love AOS and will support it for life, but not enough to drive myself mad.  Agree or disagree, here's the changelog of what I had left to be done to possibly be used as a basis of design for future balance:


Note: Red and Ekco do put alot of time in this game, but I was unable to make changes myself so maybe I wasn't the best fit for the balance position even if I was one of the more knowledgeable players.  Cheers to you two.

#99296 Changelog v1.182-1.184

Posted AtomiK on 23 April 2014 - 07:14 PM


- Spell Damage reduced to 5% from 6%
- Spell Damage reduced to 3% from 4%
- Spell Damage reduced to 3% from 4%

-Resist calculator damage changed to stop when under 2% health, from when under 20 health. (An attempt to reduce/fix ghost kills)


Shadow Vortex
- Added a 1s delay

Unix Marines
- Infested Marine eggs are no longer invulnerable

Searing Concoction
- Energy cost increased to 65/70/75/80 from 40.

- True Damage reduced to 12/15/18/21% Max HP from 12/19/25/30% Max HP
- Bleed Duration reduced to 4/5/6/7s from 7/8/9/10s
- Now transient
- Bleed Duration reduced to 6/8/10s from 6/10/14s
-Fixed bug where Khyrak would inherently have level 1 without leveling it
- INT scaling on Tooltip corrected (showed 20%, was 30%)
- Fixed bug where units could be hit more than once from one cast

+6 base weapon damage.

Caustic Salve
- Heal reduced to 15/30/45/60(+5%INT) per second from 20/40/60/80(+5%INT) per second

Surgical Strike
- Cooldown reduced to 22/20/18/16 from 28/24/20/16
- Energy Cost reduced to 120/130/140/150 from 140/160/180/200
Optical Flare
- Energy Cost reduced to 60/80/100/120 from 60/90/120/150
- Duration increased to 2s from 1.5s
Jaws of Life
- Duration increased to 3s from 2.75s

- Auras' duration last 10s after deployed from 15s

- Spell Damage increased to 40/60/80(+15%INT) from 30/50/70(+10%INT)
- Updated tooltips using new standard

Hive Master
- Reduced infested civilians slow to 5% from 15%, now stacking up to 6 times from 1.

- Corrected values on health increase to 100/200/300 from 200/350/500

- Cooldown changed to 20/18/16/14s from 18s
Sonic Screech
- Cooldown changed to 21/18/15/12s from 22/20/18/16s

Brownstone Totem
- Now deals 50% damage to Non-Heroic units from 100%
- Updated Tooltips using new standard

Planar Void
- Cooldowns on tooltips corrected

Feeding Frenzy
- MS buff reduced to 20/30/40% from 30/45/60%

-Deactivates if damage would cause self kill

- +7 base weapon damage
- Base weapon speed decreased to 1.82 from 1.9

Field Engineer
- Fixed bug where Summers would inherently have level 1 without leveling it


Phase Cloak
-Cooldown increased to 35s from 20s

Hand of Mengsk:
- Time Scale increased to 7% from 3%, now Unique.

Silver Soul
-Now transient (using doesn't interrupt commands)

Chilling Artifact
- Creep MS reduction reduced to 50% from 70%

Explosive Retrofit
- Now deals 25% Weapon Damage to Non-Heroic Units, down from 60%. Damage against other units remains the same.

#1125 [Database] Hero List

Posted Public on 15 July 2012 - 04:40 PM

[1.47] Fine.Brine[1.10*] Micro.Gravitus[1.10*] Infernal.Mandrake[1.28*] Sarah.Kerrigan
[1.10*] Ironhide.Cain[1.47] Omega.Starscream[1.47] BioTron.Tyrannitus[1.47] Chuck.TBone
[1.47] Balrog.Brutalizer[1.47] Tychus.Findlay[1.47] Lord.Zyrkhan[1.47] Vorpal.Valedict
[1.47] Marine.King[] Justicar.Akasha
[1.89] Voltron.Leo[1.89] Shadow.Geminus[1.89] Geminus.Boros[1.47] Prelate.Zeratul
[1.90] Vagabond.Darpa[1.89] Tiberius.Rancor[] Toximancer.Vespus[] EnTaro.Tassadar
[] Molgloo.Grunty[] Vergil.Nerazim[] Terra.Nova[1.13] Gabriel.Tosh
[1.92] Rory.Swann [1.89] Egon.Stetmann [] Hybrid.MAAR [] Subterran.Unix
[] Dustin.Brawler [] Erekul.Sartonis [WIP] Jim.Raynor [] Garamond.Singsprocket
[] System.Cyprus [] Roulette.Jackson [] Queen.Imperius [1.16]Null.Disruptor
[] Jakk.Summers
*Data confirmed to be inaccurate in the current version

#108249 Changelog v1.205-1.218 [Patch Revivals]

Posted Whale on 27 September 2014 - 09:31 AM

Changelog v1.216-1.218 - 9/30/2014

Game Sys
  • Fixed Lethal Barb applying on Crit
  • Fixed Projectile Disjointment... maybe
  • The Large Neutral creep in each camp now drops a Health Pickup on death. Pickup heals a hero for up to 75 HP (25 + 10% Missing) and 75 En (10 + 10% Missing)
  • Fixed Yamato CDR was giving 20% instead of 15%
  • Fixed Timesplitter giving .15 Mvspd instead of .08
  • Fixed Tooltips on Multiple Other Items
  • Team Gold Income per Second 10 -> 8
  • Passively generates 1 orb every 10s -> 20s. May have up to 5 -> 7 orbs. Now gains an orb on last hit.
  • Q Cost 2 Orbs
  • Fixed E Dmg again... E CD 10s -> 5s. E Range 8 -> 9
  • R Cost 3 Orbs
  • Fixed Q Glitching out
  • Fixed W stacking to 10x. Fixed W Dmg dealing Old Values as well...
  • Fixed R Tooltip
  • Q Scaling 70/80/90/100% -> 100/110/120/130%
  • W bounces require vision of unit
  • R Cost 60/70/80 -> 30 + 5 %Max En
  • R CD 2/1.5/1s -> 2s
  • R Dmg 70/130/190 -> 70/140/210
  • R Amp per hit 20% -> 25%
  • E converted to Spell Armor
  • R converted to Armor and Spell Armor
  • Q converted to Armor and Spell Armor
  • No longer requires vision of area he tries to throw to
  • No longer requires vision of area he tries to nuke
  • Bola CD increased 20/18/16/14 -> 26/24/22/20. Bola CD is halved if it hits a unit.
  • Omnislash Cooldown Reduced by 0.5 seconds every time Boros auto-attacks.
  • Q Dmg 20 + 9% -> 20 + 18% Wpn Dmg
Changelog v1.214-1.215 - 9/29/2014


Changelog v1.208-v1.213 - 9/28/2014


Changelog v1.206-1.207


Changelog v1.205


#79444 Heart of the Swarm Hero Competition

Posted EKCO on 28 October 2013 - 03:04 AM

This is the official thread for the HotS Hero Competition.  Submission thread will be locked on December 17th, 2013.  Winners will be announced two weeks from then.

- 3 individuals will be selected to have their winning design implemented along with our HotS release.

Winners will ALSO receive:
- A copy of Legacy of the Void when it comes out on release day.
- An in-game yellow player tag reading "AoS Character Designer".

Grand Prize Winner will ALSO recieve:
- Grand Prize winner will receive a Legacy of the Void Collector's Edition instead of the regular edition.
- A custom skin for their design that only activates on their account.

The list of available models can be found here (credits to Residente): http://s1308.photobu...library/?page=1
Your design should use one of the models in the link above, with the exception of Primal Kerrigan and Dehaka.

Go crazy! It shouldn't matter whether or not you think it's possible for us to implement your design.  If the concept is fun and interesting, we'll try our best to implement the idea.  On the other hand, do bear in mind the physical limits of space and time.
PROTIP:  Simplify and refine your designs.  If your skill can't be explained in a sentence that anyone can memorize, you can probably afford to further simplify the effect.

Download the attached excel and take a snapshot of your inputs.  Make sure this snapshot is at the head of your submission.
Posted Image

Then, use Cronos' format, found here (credits to Eliwan and Cronos): http://www.aeonofsto...estion-formats/

Post a link to your design on this thread: http://www.aeonofsto...ead/#entry79978
Your post should just be a link, followed by a 2-3 sentence abstract of your underlying idea, archetype, and what makes the design fun to play!

Q: Will the HotS release mean that I will need HotS to play AoS?
A: You can still play AoS if you have a friend with HotS via the Spawning feature, or you can buy HotS.  Add friends in-game that have HotS so you can piggyback if you really don't want to spend that extra $.

Q: Will the HotS release split the community?
A: No.

Q: Who will be judging the contest?
A: To be announced.

Q: Can i use my old designs or does it have to be a new one?
A: The design should make use of models from HotS.  Given that requirement, everything is fair game.

Q: How will my submission be judged?
A: Formatting, clarity, brevity, all help to convey your idea.  The better we understand your idea, the more likely your underlying design will shine through.  If we had trouble reading your submission, it will most likely not be taken seriously.

Attached Files

#64733 Explorer Reporting (New Hero!)

Posted RedHydra on 07 June 2013 - 12:27 AM

Aeon of Storms v1.110 brings Greelus Humankind to the battlefield! We invite all players to test the new Hero by joining the Mumble Community and playtesting multiple games with us!
If you don't have Mumble (1.2.4), here's the link to download & connect:

"Ah, greetings command."

- Greelus deploys a beacon at his current location.  Activating Bionavigate within 25 seconds will teleport him to the beacon's location.
Posted Image

- Target enemy is Slowed by 60%, and regains their speed over 3/4/5/6 seconds.  During this time, enemies  in a 3-unit radius around the target take 20/35/50/65 (+20% INT) Spell Damage per second.
Posted Image

Energy Soak
- For 6 seconds, Greelus leeches 40/60/80/100 Energy per second from enemies in a 4-unit radius, gaining Shields and Energy each equal to 50% of the Energy leeched.  The Shields last 6 seconds before dissipating.
Posted Image

Silencer Drone
- Greelus deploys a swarm of 1/2/3/4 Silencer Drones, each with 1 Health and Spell Immunity.  The drones follow a target unit for up to 6 seconds.  Every second, each drone deals 20 Spell Damage to 3 nearby enemy units and Silences them for 1.5 seconds.
Posted Image

Mass Contamination
- [3 Charges] Greelus deploys a pod full of toxic gas at target location, lasting 6 seconds.  Enemies in the gas lose 6 Sight Range and take 40/70/100 (+30% INT) Spell Damage per second.  Effect does not stack.
Posted Image

Images represent a hero currently in development.

#58780 who is winning broken tier

Posted Whale on 21 April 2013 - 02:48 AM