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  2. Zoom out?

    If heroes are half your screen size, then there's something pretty funky going on with your computer. Either way, some time ago the game used to allow you to zoom out a little further. I wouldn't mind adding another zoom level or two
  3. Zoom out?

    Higher resolution does not equal more view space. It just means more pixels in a given area. The field of view in SC2 doesn't increase with your resolution or your monitor size. The view area is standardized by Blizzard for SC2 as a whole AFAIK. I think they did this for balance reasons to ensure all players are on equal footing. I think also game performance is negatively affected by zooming out more so that's another reason for the fixed field of view. I'm on a 27' Mac myself, so I get what you're talking about. I recommend sitting farther away from the screen.
  4. Zoom out?

    Is there a way to zoom out the game screen? I play in a 27ยด Mac, on 5 k resolution, and still heroes are almost half of my screen size. Its annoying u want to see surroundings and not being able to. In other custom games u can define the amount of zoom u wanna play with. Ty
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  6. Changelog v2.11

    For the heroic it's possible, as I don't recall either Adam or I changed it since then. For R, no that's on me.
  7. Changelog v2.11

    wait, was that a bug i made.
  8. Old Faces

    and still shit at game
  9. Why I do not play aos anymore

    How so? Reasonable. You think wards are too important due to the current number of cliffs and bushes. I welcome criticism. I tend to be quite critical myself. I can agree that I preferred the vibrancy and lack of terrain consistency found in previous maps.
  10. Old Faces

    Old enough that no one I know plays this anymore :(
  11. Why I do not play aos anymore

    What is the downside to having more jungle camps? I would argue that creeps were too weak before. But I'm willing to change my mind. I like the ability to make plays using bushes. What don't you like about having many bushes? What makes having many ramps frustrating?
  12. Why I do not play aos anymore

    To quit playing a game you have to actually have played in the first place and not just been in a perennial state of attempting to 'learn the controls'. Also I'm getting fed up of bishes complaining about the game. What's done is done boys, 6.0 you speak of was 2013 and gotta move on. Every time I hear this negativity I actually feel upset for the devs/admins who've put time and effort (free of charge) into this project for you boys to slate them at every opportunity. If I can stop BMing them at every turn, I'm sure some of you lot can grow up and appreciate what they have done too (even if you do not agree with the adjustments made to the game). After all there have been more than a handful of times Blizz have changed BNet and the game has had some game breaking bugs (which were fixed pretty quickly by the devs). Even if you think the game is in a worst state than before, it's better having a game than a broken unplayable one.
  13. Why I do not play aos anymore

    I tried AOS ver 6 And if you compare both. 6 It's much better than the new one. * The ground * The map * Mobility * * Everything. Things what I hate on the new one. - Map it's to dark. - Many camps - Creeps to strong - There is a lot of bushes - The design of the new map is very complex - Too many ramps, the same as the space to move inside the map is frustrating - Map its extremely large - Old river was more enjoyable I really appreciate the time and work on the new map but I think the course of AOS has been changing drastically. The game doesn't feel like aos anymore - Agreed with Harryhoot.
  14. Changelog v2.11

  15. Changelog v2.11

    Thanks for fixing Electric mantle, now I can KILL EVERYONE AS KITTY!!!
  16. Changelog v2.11

    Ah, that makes sense cus his ult seemed really UP. I'll probably still suck with him anyways though.
  17. Why I do not play aos anymore

    Speaking of ETAs on new heroes...
  18. Why I do not play aos anymore

    Re: Lag I can't comment because this is a fairly subjective experience, and this is a 7 year old game. I personally (and honestly) have not experienced a drop in performance (still using my old Mac). AoS had late game fps drops since before any update to the maps, but those haven't changed much since despite many attempts to find a resolution. I will say this though, many of the new assets were developed by Blizzard in the last 2 years, so you should probably upgrade your machine if you haven't already. Re: Gametime Last game we played together it lasted a long time, but that was a beta and we were finetuning a lot of things, chief among them is the creepwave damage output which affected game time. There are many reasons why games last longer than they should, and in many cases it's because of the players not the game. Re: Map/Visuals/Sound Since your time, SC2 went through 2 expansions and countless content upgrades. We wanted to take advantage of this, and polish the game. Each and every hero has unique soundsets, icons, and visual models and animations that are thematically correct and consistent associated to them now. Yes, you didn't ask for it, but you're welcome. Re: Mapsize The movement speeds of all units and heroes among other changes have been adjusted to be in proportion to the new map size. Effectively, this means the size of the map is in your head because moving about the terrain has probably never been faster (literally). Re: Elements from other MOBAs Every MOBA borrowed from other MOBAs. Elements we were inspired to use from other games were done so purposefully and always adapted to fit in with the spirit of the game as much as possible. You bring up Bounty Runes for example. One of the key reasons why Hydranium was brought into the picture is to add a point of contention early game. In the old AoS map that you so fondly prefer, we used to go to the enemy Thor, camp there and try to get a kill early. That was no different spiritually than what people are trying to do in DotA with bounty runes, and it was there in AoS before bounty runes ever became a thing in DotA. Hydranium is the new old Thor Camp. It's inevitable that we will take ideas from other MOBAs, AoS has done this from the beginning and this isn't unique to the "new direction" so I am not sure why you are painting it as such. What new elements we do decide on taking and adapting, will always be new to AoS though, and always with the intent of adding more flavor, variety, and choices for players. tldr; Karax is a snowflake. Come play I buff Psionic Q 4 u.
  19. Why I do not play aos anymore

    Interestingly enough, people also say it's a lol clone.
  20. Hi, I just want to give at least some reason for the game I played for a few years before, do not try to sway me to play this game even more I do not play this game because of current issues still existing. It turns me down that lag and long games still happen frequently right now. I can only guess the lag is worse due to added effects and just more stuff in general to the LARGE map. Oh and long games that regularly last to an hour really tires and leaves people salty. Large shi- I mean map. I don't remember people calling for a new map at all and I especially do not remember me begging adam for a newly designed map at all (although aos -> roa would be like the best thing ever). This also turns me away from playing the game because of simply learning a huge ass map to play the same game does not sit well with me and people like Apache, who has also stopped playing this game frequently, he does not like the new map at all, but I am sure that's only the beginning of the problems he sees on this map The game doesn't feel like aos anymore. The new particles and sound effects are ni- screw it, it was unnecessary in my opinion to change them as I can remember Raynor's simple "pew" sound from his ultimate and rancor and mandrake sharing the same sound effects for nukes which is simply the good part. Now the characters in aos do not feel the same to me. I'm pretty sure most of the heroes in this game still have the same sound effects they had, but something feels different enough that they are not the same heroes anymore. The game is starting to take dota's elements. Oh man, it really grinds my gears that you really took bounty runes up for contesting and those healing things on the map on each side into this game, when I think about those in the game, I believe the game might has well be called defense of the aeons. The only new hero was Karax. I know that you took a lot of time in putting all the new features in, but seriously? there is no eta on the next hero, karax also has skillsets from dota, Oracle's Q and AA's chilling touch and the rest escape me. It just feels like you are going to take your sweet time of adding dota things into the game or just taking a while to mix some dota skills into a hero. tldr, I don't like the direction of new aos
  21. Changelog v2.11

    Stukov's heroic is meant to deal bonus spell damage that scales with his current health, and his R is meant to deal spell damage that scales with maximum energy. Neither of these values were being calculated and applied due to an oversight. So his heroic was not applying the bonus spell damage all this time, and his R was only applying base damage and healing him. Now both abilities apply the proper spell damage that scales correctly. It's a fix, but you can say it is a buff as he should be noticeably better than before because of this and the change to his E.
  22. Changelog v2.11

    Looking good! Can you elaborate on the Stukov change, is this fix a nerf or a buff and how was the calculation looking prior to the adjustment?
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  24. An Open Letter to the Premades

  25. Changelog v2.11

    Nooooooooo! Now my edge is gone!
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