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  3. This build work #confirm. Great work explaining. Much appreciate ^^
  4. EnTaro.Tassadar Introduction The hero is like chass, easy to understand the core idea but hard to master.Tass has always been considered broken and for good reason. This hero offers unitily. Has self sufficient heal, slows and huge damage potential depending on the item choice. Hence he can be played as any role (Tank, Support, SustainedDPS, Burst). The main focus of this guide is to show, on how to become an burst monster who has nearly the movespeed of riverbuffed Grunty and damage potential of a full Cyprus combo. On a side note, I will state how to play him as a hard support/tank. It will take some time to master this hero but dont resign my dear AOS friends if you fail after a a few tries. It took me quite some time to stop being a complete feeder aswell. Talents Our main damage comes as spelldamage and hence cunning is probably one of the more important talents you just HAVE to take along with Fitness and Prodigy. About the other 4 talents one could always argue. I will state the best practice for me. I usually strugge more with physical damage, so I tend to take integrity. Bottom line, I think that this does depend highly on personal preference. [Mights - Cunning - Fury] [Fitness - Integrity/Discipline] [Prodigy - Swiftness] Playstyle [SpellDamageBurster] This playstyle is the most fun for me, as it is very rewarding. Lategame you can basicly 1v3 or even 1v4 against certain compositions. Your main goal is to become 6 slotted around 60 min. If the games goes your way it is possible to reach that point on min 40 or around 80 if it goes really bad. Basicly think of yourself as a ticking timebomb. If the enemy team manages to shut you down enough you and your team are probably doomed, if they dont it´s a freewin[Antimage from Dota is a solid analogy i think]. Your huge adantage in the farm department comes with the clone ability[V]. Upon purchasing lighting rod you basicly can clear 2 camps at the same moment rather efficient in time and resources. You run into the least risk by putting ur clone onto a lane , where you know the enemies are not and hopefully wont show up in the near future. Meanwhile you farm the jungle with your real hero. The diffictulty with that approach is to not feed away your clone all the time and manage to lasthit all the creepwave on the splitpush, while maintaning an overview of your alies and real hero. All of that can only be achieved through practice and practice only. Usually if you are up against some decent players they will suprise your clone and get free cash, and a lot in that. Further they will try to ward your and their jungle area and just suprise you out of nowhere. You have to manage your time really well if you want to win that minigame of cat and mouse. Another strategy, a decent enemy team will try, is to just group up and fight their way into your t3s by exploiting the fact that it is a 4v5 while you farm. I try to solve this problem by splitpusing with my clone or farming jungle with him and position my real hero near my alies. If I can farm with the real hero its great! Well if not, then it still just has to be, since thats the only way to drag out the game long enough. Now you just try to defend the tower and save your alies by swapping them, if they get in danger of death. After a while the enemy team usually give up on the idea and go back to farming. Thats the moment where you do the exact same. Exactly how the saying goes, don´t fix it if it ain´t broken, you just repeat that till you are strong enough to man fight all of them. Of coure you could just teamfight with your team and try to win that way up from early/midgame. That is a legit strategy aswell and depends only on personal preference. I do enjoy the feeling of beeing OP. When you just fight the whole enemy team alone and they cant do anything but run in each direction. Or to just solo level 3 boss in 7 seconds like its nothing. You can even fight any tower including the t3´s 1v1 and win it. I admit you have to micro a bit to do all of that and it takes a bit of time, but its possible. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Tank/HardSupport] As promised above I will sketch the idea of a tank/hard support playstyle. The idea is to slow the enemy in lane with both clone and real hero(chain them with perfect timing if possible), so the dps that you babysit can harass or in the best case kill the enemy. After you reached level 6 you should try to slow down enemies with your ult or even more importantly save your alies who are in trouble. Basicly its always worth sacrifice yourself for your carry if you are an support. I even often do that when i play Tass as a carry, but lets not talk about these moments of shame. The main focus of this guide is the carry playstyle, hence I will write the item build and talents in a short manner . Transport is just a must in my opinion for a support. The other talent points i would invest into the defence tree. Core Items in no paricular order(I´m not good with names, so sorry for that) : Superheated Mantle Ethernal Drive The warding Item Healing Item Taser Impact Dial Chilling Situational Nitrogen Lockbox ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Build With this build and yamato on, you melt anything lategame. When I say anything, I really mean ANYTHING. Akasha , Drake, LZ, Nova, Jax, Shadow, Dustin - doesnt mather. My Personal Item progression in 70% of the games played: (IHAN) -> Lighting Rod -> Gravity Edge -> Twin Paradox(small part of Yamato) -> Sliptide -> Nitrogen -> Yamato -> Phantom Manace -> Cerebro Picture/Reason to buy said Item: IHAN : Helps in lane! Lighting Rod : You want to get Cerebro lategame anyway and it is one of the best tools to farm on tass Twin Paradox : Gives you the badly needed Timescale to escape ganks and get to alies quicker who need to be swaped Nitrogen : Increses your kite potential even further Phantom Manace : Huge Damage boost! And gives you even more MS and chase potential Cerebro : Damage Boost( Upgrade from Lighting Rod) Yamato : Give spelldamage amplification( Upgrade from Twin Paradox ) Gravity Edge : SpellArmor penetration and MS bonus are exactly what you want. The enemies will likely stack a lot of Spellarmor by midgame Sliptide : Give you alot of Attackspeed, around 110 extra Spelldamage per attack lategame and alot of Movespeed to chase. Further you get a nice Spellarmor boost on attack! First I rush IHAN, as it helps me a lot with sustainability. That item is not needed but I still always rush it as i personally prefer to. Feel free to leave it out if you confinced you can manage without. Right after I go into Lighting Rod. That item is really good for your farm speed. At this point everything depends on the enemy team and what you think you need more at that exactl moment. I myself usually go into Gravity Edge right after because it gives you a huge damage boost on all your abilities and enables you to chase better with the unique MS + the SpellArmor penetration isnt wrong to have. The most important thing is , to not get Nitrogen(I do not count IHAN) as second item , as it will slow down your farm the most in comparison to all the other items listed above. No mather what second item you bought I think its essential to get Twin Paradox now, since you get uncatchable with it beeing active and it helps you farm a LOT. Now it is a good moment to get the XelNaga Curiass(The small part of Phantom Manace). With that in your hands you really shouldnt die anymore unless you make a big misplay. After you got that you either complete all the Items that are still incomplete or you get Sliptide/ Nitrogen. That depends on what you think you need first. This varies in all of my games. If you want to teamfight earlier I recommend Nitrogen - if you want to have better solokill potential I think Phantom Manace is a good choice - if there is an enemy dustin ruining my day I tend to rush sliptide at that point. Your SKILLS/ Skillorder Energy Rake - Q This is your main tool to farm the whole game. It has huge AOE and really solid scaling. Lategame you do around 522 Spelldamage. Soul Drain - W With this ability you can quickly heal urself up in the lane, slow down your enemies so your alies can catch up and help you escape(clone slows the ganker and you run away with the real hero). Lategame this ability deal around 300 damage per second and heals you for the same amount, while slowing down the enemy by 50 %(only MS). Hyper Armor - E This ability alows you to be selfefficient in lane and jungle. Further it gives you the chance to escape potential ganks and catch oppoennts of guard while ganking yourself. Lategame this ability grants you around 1,3 k Shields on a low CD with all the CD reduction items you have and the Prodigy talent. Aether Swap - R Well thats your main damage source. And on the same note a saviour for your alies. This ability does HUGE damage with the right items and slow down enemies hit in an aoe. Damage is approximatly around 2k in an aoe with full built. [Keep in mind that all the calculated numbers are approximate and correct while having no Clone. Not acounted are Spell Penetration, Yamato, Cunning Talent, Cerebro, Phatom Manace, Sliptide, BossBuff. Further, consider that enemy Spellarmor has to be aplied aswell] Well, I do not have the exact numbers with all the buffs. But what I can tell from experience is that with Yamato on, any non tank dies from ult and one AA. A really hardcore tank will die from around 4 AA. That sound a lot, but the enemies are slowed from your ult + Nitro and you have nearly the Movespeed [ Tass with Yamato and MS items and E active : 6.4 || Grunty with Yamato and MS Items on river : 8.4 ] of Grunty in river at that point. Not to mention, you did hit the Attackspeed Cap of 0,42. Any time Yamato/ult is of CD you go in and kill whoever you see. If you happen to be in a competent team, just ask your tank to kamikaze and swap him in the right moment. Another important thing to understand, is the skill order. Depending on the enemy you face in lane, it is smarter to max out either Q or E. If you think you can kill him , you should go for max Q. If you think the laning might get rather ruff you max out E. Better safe than sorry! I personally do not like to jungle on tass from level 1, but if you do you should get a point in Q and one in E. And after just max out Q. In any case I usually get 1 point in W and leave it at that untill level 16(do stats instead/ if you did leave out IHAN it would be smart to max it earlier). [as a support you should consider maxing out W first and taking E along with it] Usually you see rage quits left and right after 2 or 3 teamwipes. Enjoy the Monsterkills! Cheers
  5. How does one find a game around here?

    alex left aos like 1.5 years ago cause sucking dicks godlike just came from army and now we play with him a bit, but I don't lik playing aos now cuase of lags (not cause disbalance, low average lvl of players and 4-5 more other troubles)
  6. What up babes?... Russian still bad? AceSpade and his girlfriend alexversky? :D
  7. Earlier
  8. How does one find a game around here?

    We dooont need new heroes, we need balaaaaaaaaaaance
  9. Just Thought on Op Heroes

    Great analysis and points! What's your AOS in-game name if I may be so bold to ask?
  10. How does one find a game around here?

    Hope for talandar or xelnaga xd
  11. Just Thought on Op Heroes

    gara - nerf that nitro stacking onto his tower making perm debuf on enemy.
  12. How does one find a game around here?

    It's been only a month Fell, lol. Working on it. There might be a new hero in the next patch, so be patient please. :)
  13. How does one find a game around here?

    Make balance fixes pleas No changes for long time. Also u nerfed narud - hero that is pretty stupid to play in world of lag
  14. Just Thought on Op Heroes

    Fire worm: As pointed out previously the boss can be killed by a lot of heroes early on. However melee heroes that picks up a hunters hatchet as first item are the once that excels when it comes down to the fire worm. Assuming you have some idea of what you are doing and aren't completely smashed in the laning phase you'll have enough money for the hatchet around lvl 5-7. But as the boss only buffs 1 player is this really a big issue? If it is I'd suggest throwing down a ward or two around the boss. 60 / 120 minerals sounds like a fair investment to me when it comes to shutting down enemy jungle, not to mention you'll have an excellent chance to kill 2 birds with one stone ( enemy toon + boss when he attempts it). Balance suggestion, the lvl 1 fire worm dies to quick for people to react, so increase it's hp and decrease it's damage and people who actually warded might have a fair chance to prevent it. Jakk is a retard toon, designed for noobs to kill other noobs. Anyone who isn't mentally challenged won't run around careless on places where Jakk has been seen the last 5-10 minutes. Really the guy becomes utterly useless when someone invests into an Elixir. Jakk is by far the cheapest hero in the game to shut down, not to mention you are likely to get the money back you spent on the elixir by killing his mines. Balance suggestion: Revert back to the old Jakk who was more fun to play as and against + wasn't useless as soon as someone picked up an elixir. Tassadar: Barely played, and even less frequent by anyone good, yet strong. Balance suggestion: Don't allow the clone to be more than X units away from the real Tassadar. Having 2 heroes to farm with / splittpushing 2 lanes at the same time is just stupid and the reason he snowballs so heavy that his clone single handedly shaps on people. Penthos, Early game hero with really easy snowballing potential. Perhaps super heated mantle is to strong in general, nevertheless it's the only item this toon needs to become an early game monster, wrecking anything he swings by. Karak, the only reason this toon doesn't get more complains is because he's barely played due to being a support. Anyway let's just put it this way: if any burst / dps was half as broken as this flober the few remaining people would have uninstalled starcraft by now. Balance suggestion: Remove from game Corona, Not sure whenever or not it was intended but the toon does to much damage without items allowing it to spend money on things that makes it easy build up stacks / dodge enemies while still diminishing out insane amounts of damage. Balance suggestion: Decrease base damage and increase scaling.
  15. Just Thought on Op Heroes

    haha i dont play kitty, but im sure you're telling the truth
  16. Just Thought on Op Heroes

    boii please. With a half decent start kitty can solo worm right as it spawns. (hes not the only one who could do that last I played)
  17. How does one find a game around here?

  18. How does one find a game around here?

    Hey Mom I didn't see this post since you didn't quote me :( Of course the link has expired again. Could you send me a private message or quote me so I'm able to get in time with the notification? Or PM it to me on Discord. residente#8107 I appreaciate it.
  19. Just Thought on Op Heroes

    Proximity Mines are better for mining jungle areas and using in the bushes (everything but the lanes). They also slow and don't scale as well into the late game, but are very strong before level 11 when stacked (5+ can kill most heroes early game). After that you can use them singularly to slow down enemies chasing you. E mines along with Spyder Wards also can offer some solid map awareness when used individually and when spaced correctly. Remote mines are better at guarding lanes/towers and key points like bosses because they are much stronger and more precise for AOE kills (proximity mines tend to mostly kill solo targets because they all trigger at once when an enemy is nearby) . Their damage also scales very well with INT late game. Remote Mines can't be triggered by minions or by single enemies. This fact makes them valuable because you have that level of control and you can always deny them. You can't deny Proximity Mines which are a huge economical risk when the enemy gets TS. These subtle differences between them means that they are functionally very unique once you get passed the obvious "mines = boom" thing.
  20. Just Thought on Op Heroes

    I love to play jakk but hate jakk on my team, too much of a risk pick ingame. If bad teammate plays jakk he just feeds them minerals. If opposing team picks Dustin his mines are just a liability. You know the sign of a bad jakk? When ts comes on the field they are suddenly useless. Or they spend 5 minutes jacking off in a bush hopping someone will walk into the mines when they could just farm an equivalent mineral amount in 1 minute. There is too much overlap between his e mines and his R mines. Don't they basically serve the same purpose? don't get me wrong Jakk isn't UP
  21. Just Thought on Op Heroes

    I can't get off feeling of misundearstanding. By "invis player activate bombs" - I mean invisible hero going onto mines still get affected by them. I thought that bombs should be activated only if visible unit go into them. Also it is like you have 2 ways: To ward every single bush/ enemy high ground in game loosing mass minerals on it... Get ts and pray for no bombs from lowerground -> highground... Both of this solution include mass mineral spending which early game can be game losing moment... It is not like he is op same way as tass etc, it's just freakin annoying that you have no way to escape if you meet his bombs by accident...
  22. Changelog v 2.8-2.10

    planned.. it's been that way for a long time
  23. Just Thought on Op Heroes

    Eye of Narud + Infrared Goggles Or pick heroes that have minions and trigger the proximity mines for free. Or just pick Dustin and turn him into a third wheel. I understand that Jakk is frustrating to deal with in pubs, and he may get some tweaks soon, but the game can't be balanced around pubs. Against a competent team, Jakk can be rendered completely useless. All his active abilities but one are negated by truesight. He falls off late game, especially if he doesn't nab first blood. Anyway, this thread has some good thoughts for next patch.
  24. Just Thought on Op Heroes

    Actually that's the main point of playing around it - place wards. When last time u saw smb placing wards? ppl think that it is too expensive and doesn't cost it (when have no normal farm ) summers is not op or even good, just players to bad (and I hate damn lag)
  25. Changelog v 2.8-2.10

    I eventually could get a couple matches in NA. Can't believe how dead the game is considering how good it is and how many years it has been in development. RIP.
  26. Just Thought on Op Heroes

    Jack- invis player activate bombs, also there should be any option to kill bombs in bushes or on high ground (without ward)
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